Top 5 AAA Combos (TE/HB) in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions. Some of the names to be ranked on upcoming boards are: Kam Shallis (Martinsburg) and Landyn Reppert (Bridgeport)

Honorable Mention

47 – Caysen Lanza (Jefferson) 2022

48 – Phil Reed (Bridgeport) 2023

55 – Nathan Lhotsky (Bridgeport) 2023

5. Jackson Fetty

Fetty will make the transition to the fullback role for the powerful Scarlet Knight offense as a senior. Over the past two seasons he has contributed as a pounding runningback and solid defender. He has a great athletic foundation that has had muscle and size thrown on it the past two off-seasons. Though his feature this year will most likely be piercing fullback bellies, he has a toolkit for much more.

4. Michael Lunsford

Lunsford’s film was exceptional for a freshman. At 6’3″ 240 pounds, he already possesses next-level size. It doesn’t appear to be baby fat either as he not only held his own on the front line but was driving defenders back and into the dirt. He didn’t have a lot of opportunities to showcase some variability in the receiving game but his blocking tape alone lands him an incredibly high 2024 rating. Lunsford is must a watch prospect moving forward.

3. Cole Petry

Tight end excellence at Spring Valley is beginning to rival their offensive line. Used much like an extended tackle, Petry was a sufficient blocker for the Timberwolf offense. He has great length, moves well, and has taken advantage of the weightroom. He really dominates defensive ends and tackles while blocking. He checks many of the boxes for a scholarship-worthy tight end and the offers should reflect that soon enough.

2. Jacob Barrick

Barrick, a former Spring Mills Cardinal, was not able to play in 2020 but that has not stopped him from putting up practice tape to complement his noteworthy sophomore film. He is expected to have a huge senior season. Up to 6’4 220 pounds, he already has some legitimate athleticism for that size- probably the fastest tight end in AAA. Much like a receiver, he isn’t just a big body but knows how to make plays after the catch. This unique blend has garnered him several Division I offers already.

1. Corbin Page

Page has been at it for several years now. No other player in West Virginia has his pure length, strength, and associated athleticism. He is a pure threat receiving and a matchup nightmare for either smaller defensive backs or slower linebackers. It is no surprise he racked up plenty of high-level offers before committing to West Virginia University. He can be that perfect modern-day tight end option on the next level but will first dominate yet again with the highest C&C rating awarded so far in 2021.

Keep An Eye Out

Bridgeport has a trio of combo-type players all worthy of note: 6’4 tight end Nathan Lhotsky (2023), darting fullback Phil Reed (2023), and an impressive overall athlete in Aidan Sparks (2024). Cabell Midland also adds another to their own trio with rising junior Isaiah Hagley (2023). Dakoma Neal (2023) will be a well-served blocker on the front for Morgantown and Capital’s Zashawn Davis (2023) is an interesting two-way FB/LB that should continue to improve.

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