Down below is our catalogue of magazines. There is the first-of-its-kind 2018 C&C Prep Football Preview and the 2019 C&C Prep Football Review. Both are available for physical order or digital download! Follow the directions to below to purchase. Thank you for the support!


If there are errors in players no longer on the team, inaccurate information, name spellings, or anything you believe could be fixed for when the physical copies roll in, please email!  Thank you!


If you or your family have an issue with purchasing the magazine, please contact your coach to speak to us.  We will certify the situation, and act accordingly.  Thank you!

How to download?

We are using to distribute our magazine. Once you download it, it is your’s forever.  You will only have one download per purchase so make sure it is on the device you want.  You will click the link below for the magazine you want, and it will take you to a place to fill out your card information.  You can use PayPal if you have it, if not, a debit/credit card still works.  Be patient and do not click off as you follow the instructions.  On a computer, if it does not automatically download, check your confirmation email to download the file.  On a phone, it should give you ability to download the file, and it will store in your iBooks app (Apple) or MY Files-Internet Storage (Android).  If you purchase an issue, and it does not download- please email us at so we can refund you, and/or resend you the PDF.What’s the difference between magazines?All three issues are the same except the cover and one exclusive article about the cover team.  All three editions include the same articles, info, and 116 teams of every class, otherwise.

2021 WV Prep Football Insider

Physical + Digital $59.99

Digital Only $19.99

2020 WV Prep Football Insider

Physical + Digital $39.99

Digital Only $9.99

2019 WV Prep Football Insider

Physical + Digital $39.99

Digital Only $9.99

2018 WV Prep Football Insider

Physical + Digital $39.99

Digital Only $9.99

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