Top 5 AA/A Offensive Linemen in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions.

Honorable Mention

48 – Gavin Bell (Ritchie County) 2022

48 – Gabe Keech (Poca) 2022

54 – Colton Melrose (Williamstown) 2022

5. Myles Rice

Rice was a Top 20 offensive lineman going into 2020 and certainly helped solidify his high ranking. He checks the boxes for being attractively sized at 6’4″ and 270 pounds. Based on film, his run blocking is much further along than his pass blocking which is normal. He shows good aggression and the strength to finish blocks. Like most young and build lineman, he just needs to continue to get more flexible, quicker, and better conditioned.

4. Hayden Bozich

Bozich looks awesome on paper with a scaling 6’6″ height and thick, non-fatty, build. Linsly has proven to have well-coached linemen in the past and Bozich is benefitting from this discipline. With some developed technique, he definitely utilizes his blessed size and strength. As will be a theme with most his size, overall explosion and foot speed is the name of the game in terms of getting better.

3. Logan Isom

Once again, another very interesting prospect based off next level size mixed with signs of competence on the line. Isom is not just long in height but also with his wingspan. He has that build that appears rather skinny but is truly pushing towards 300 pounds (something modern tackles strive for). The athleticism is there, technique well-along, and the ability to dominantly finish blocks is what remains to be shown. Isom will only be a junior in 2021.

2. Caleb Allawat

Allawat has consistently maintained a high standing in our rankings since his sophomore year. Though he is not as blessed with his height, he is still 6’2″ and built in the weightroom. He has been Nitro’s captain upfront for some time now and this is due to an incredibly aggressive play style. Allawat correctly uses strength and technique to punish defenders and really make his side of the line priority for the offense. He will definitely end up with some opportunities to play in college.

1. Darius Hubbard Jr.

Hubbard continues a developing Polar Bear linemen tradition. His playstyle, however, is much different compared to the towering top men of the past. At guard, Hubbard really owns the line with his speed and ferocity. He is arguably the best interior linemen in the entire state regardless of class. He explodes off the ball, aggressively attacks the line, and gets up field. A shoe-in for our #1 linemen in AA and A.

Keep An Eye Out

Wyoming East has two very young and big prospects to take note of with Charlie Stewart (2023) and Blake Cook (2023). Their mix of weight and power should be exciting to watch the next two seasons. Linsly’s Amir Hodzic (2022) has a powerlifting frame and should cement an always stout Cadet line. Weir’s Cameron Jones (2023) is a 6’7 prospect that could make some huge leaps in play as a junior.

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