2023 Wirt County Football


2023 Wirt County Football Schedule

08/25 @ South Harrison | VIEW

09/01 @ Magnolia | VIEW

09/08 Williamstown | VIEW

09/14 @ St. Marys | VIEW

09/29 Wahama | VIEW

10/06 Tyler Consolidated | VIEW

10/13 @ Calhoun County | VIEW

10/20 @ Gilmer County | VIEW

10/27 @ Weirton Madonna | VIEW

11/03 @ Webster County | VIEW

2022 Recap


The Wirt County Tigers, a local high school football team, are gearing up for the upcoming 2023 season with high expectations and hopes of making a playoff run. Head Coach Jason Hickman is optimistic about their chances, citing the valuable experience gained by several key players during the previous year’s campaign.

The Tigers’ 2022 season saw them finish with a respectable 6-4 record, demonstrating their potential for success on the field. The team started the season on a strong note, securing an impressive 53-8 victory against Calhoun County at their home stadium, Wilson-Eismon Field in Elizabeth. This win set the tone for the Tigers’ season, as they continued to dominate their opponents.

Throughout the season, the Tigers displayed their offensive prowess, overpowering their rivals and racking up significant scores. Notable victories included a commanding 68-0 win against Magnolia and a convincing 60-6 triumph over Gilmer County. The team’s offensive stars, RB Chase Lowe, RB/WR/QB Channing Lowe, and QB Tyler Smith, showcased their skills and played crucial roles in the Tigers’ success.

However, the season wasn’t without its challenges, as the Tigers faced some tough opponents and suffered a few setbacks. Despite their best efforts, they suffered defeats against Doddridge County, St. Marys, Wahama, and Ritchie County. Nevertheless, the team bounced back with a hard-fought 34-21 victory over Madonna, closing out the regular season on a positive note.

2023 Outlook


Looking ahead to the 2023 season, the Tigers will rely on a group of talented players to lead the team to success. While the team captains will not be chosen until Fall camp, several impact players are already making their mark.

Chase Lowe, a senior running back, is expected to make significant contributions with his explosive speed and agility. His versatility and ability to excel in different positions make him a valuable asset for the Tigers. Channing Lowe, also a senior, brings versatility to the team, capable of playing as a running back, wide receiver, or even taking snaps at quarterback. His versatility and athleticism will keep opposing defenses on their toes.

Sophomore quarterback Tyler Smith, despite his young age, has shown tremendous promise and is poised to make a considerable impact. His growth and development in the offseason will be critical for the Tigers’ success. Junior wide receiver Brody Ewing will provide a reliable target for Smith, utilizing his speed and hands to make crucial plays. Kolton Toler, a junior, will anchor the offensive and defensive lines, using his strength and technique to control the trenches.

Expectations for the 2023 Season

Coach Jason Hickman is enthusiastic about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season. With 11 starters returning from the previous year, the Tigers have a solid foundation to build upon. Reflecting on their 6-4 record from last season, Hickman believes that the experience gained by the players will serve as a stepping stone towards greater achievements in 2023.

“We hope to continue to build off of what we accomplished last season and make a playoff run,” expressed Coach Hickman, showcasing the team’s ambition and hunger for success. With a combination of experienced players and emerging talents, the Tigers aim to showcase their growth and compete at the highest level.

The Wirt County Tigers are eagerly preparing for the 2023 season, dedicating themselves to rigorous training and refining their strategies. Football fans in Elizabeth and surrounding areas eagerly anticipate the team’s performance as they set their sights on a playoff berth. The Tigers’ journey promises to be filled with excitement.

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2023 Wirt County Football Roster

# Name Pos. Gr. Ht. Wt.
1 Brody Ewing WR, DB So. 5’7″ 155
2 Zay Fasogbon WR, CB Jr. 5’10” 140
3 Deshawn Middleton WR, FS Sr. 5’10” 165
4 Chase Lowe RB, WR Jr. 5’10” 175
5 Channing Lowe QB, OLB Jr. 5’10” 180
6 Cole Wager WR, LB Sr. 5’8″ 145
8 Jake Moore TE, LB Fr. 5’6″ 146
9 Easton Wyer WR, LB Fr. 6’3″ 185
10 Randy Harris RB, LB Jr. 5’10” 165
11 Porter Goodwin WR, DB So. 5’8″ 140
12 Memphis Keaton TE, LB So. 5’9″ 165
14 Brandon Richards QB, DB Sr. 5’10” 130
15 Tyler Smith QB, DB Fr. 6’0″ 135
17 Isaiah Sampson WR, DB So. 5’4″ 110
18 Alex Bevel WR, DB Fr. 5’6″ 140
21 Xavier Wells WR, DB Fr. 5’3″ 105
23 Braylan Dawson WR, FS Fr. 5’8″ 125
24 Brodie Goodwin WR, DB Fr. 5’1″ 90
26 Drake Taylor WR, DB So. 5’8″ 130
28 Steven Parsons WR, DB Sr. 5’10” 150
29 Grant Boyce RB, OLB Fr. 5’3″ 0
29 Grant Boyce RB, OLB Fr. 0
30 Anthony Morgan RB, LB Fr. 5’7″ 150
35 Cole Winnell ATH, LB, K Sr. 6’0″ 0
50 Holden Siers OL, DL So. 5’7″ 215
51 Colin Hudnall OL, DL So. 5’11” 253
52 Kolton Toler OL, LB So. 5’10” 251
53 Trevor Jones OL, DL So. 5’7″ 0
55 Landon Casto OL, DL So. 5’9″ 170
56 Clayton Mills OL, DL So. 5’7″ 202
57 Grady McFee OL, DL Sr. 5’11” 190
59 Dallas Pigott III OL, DL Jr. 6’0″ 196
60 Lucas Pahl OL, DL Fr. 5’5″ 202
61 Evan Mcclung OL, DL So. 5’5″ 150
64 Cole Roberts OL, DL Jr. 5’10” 0
65 Ryan Goodnight OL, DL Sr. 6’0″ 220
66 Braden Whipkey OL, DL Fr. 6’5″ 240
69 Chase Parsons OL, LB Jr. 5’8″ 0
77 Mike Miller Jr. 0
79 Logan Sitckle OL, DL Fr. 6’2″ 270
Staff Position
Eric Cheeseman Assistant Coach
Jason Hickman Head Coach
Aaron Hill Assistant Coach
Scotty Lowe Assistant Coach
Ben Moore Assistant Coach
Joe Villers Assistant Coach