2023 Wirt County Football


2023 Wirt County Football Schedule

08/25 @ South Harrison | VIEW

09/01 @ Magnolia | VIEW

09/08 Williamstown | VIEW

09/14 @ St. Marys | VIEW

09/29 Wahama | VIEW

10/06 Tyler Consolidated | VIEW

10/13 @ Calhoun County | VIEW

10/20 @ Gilmer County | VIEW

10/27 @ Weirton Madonna | VIEW

11/03 @ Webster County | VIEW

2022 Recap

Wirt County’s 2022 football season was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, leaving fans both exhilarated and disappointed. With a strong start, a mid-season slump, and a valiant finish, the team showcased their potential but fell just short of the playoffs. The team’s explosive offense, coupled with a solid defense, made for an exciting season of gridiron action.

The Wirt County football team burst out of the gates, capturing the attention of fans and opponents alike with an impressive 4-0 record. During this early stretch, the team’s offense seemed unstoppable, scoring 50+ points in each of the first four games. Their ability to light up the scoreboard showcased a formidable offensive unit that struck fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

However, the team’s mid-season struggles led to a frustrating four-game losing streak, placing their playoff hopes in jeopardy. Despite their best efforts, the team faced tough competition and came up short in these challenging matchups. This mid-season skid exposed some areas for improvement and highlighted the importance of consistency and resilience.

In a testament to their determination, the Wirt County football team rallied in the latter part of the season, clinching two more victories to finish with a respectable 6-4 record. Their ability to bounce back and finish strong demonstrated the team’s resolve and refusal to let setbacks define their season.

Statistically, the team’s offense proved to be their greatest asset throughout the year. Averaging an impressive 35 points per game, they showcased their ability to consistently put points on the board.

Defensively, the team held their own, surrendering an average of 18 points per game. While there were moments when the defense faced challenges, they showcased their ability to make crucial stops and keep their opponents’ scoring in check. With a solid defensive foundation, the team displayed the potential to build a formidable unit in future seasons.

Although Wirt County narrowly missed out on a playoff berth, their 2022 football season was filled with excitement and promise. The team’s explosive offense, coupled with their solid defense, provided fans with thrilling moments and highlights. With the experience gained from this season, the Wirt County football team is poised to build upon their successes and come back stronger in future campaigns.

2023 Outlook

The Wirt County football team is gearing up for an exciting and promising season in 2023. With the return of 11 starters and a group of experienced players from last season, the team is poised to make a strong impact on the field. Led by Coach Jason Hickman, who is entering his fifth season, the Tigers are determined to make this their best year yet and make a run for the playoffs.

One key player to watch this season is running back Chase Lowe. Lowe has proven himself as a dynamic and explosive player, capable of making big plays and gaining crucial yardage. With his speed and agility, he will undoubtedly be a vital asset to the team’s offensive strategy, providing a consistent ground attack and keeping opposing defenses on their toes.

Another player who will be instrumental in Wirt County’s success is ATH  Channing Lowe. Known for his versatility and athleticism, Lowe is a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. Whether it’s making impactful plays as a receiver, cornerback, or returning kicks, his contributions will play a significant role in the team’s overall performance.

At the quarterback position, Tyler Smith will be leading the offense. With a season of experience under his belt, Smith has developed into a poised and confident leader on the field. His ability to make accurate throws and read defenses will be crucial in driving the team’s passing game and orchestrating successful drives down the field.

Wide receiver Brody Ewing is another player to keep an eye on this season. Ewing’s speed and sure hands make him a reliable target for Smith in the passing game. His ability to create separation from defenders and make contested catches will undoubtedly provide the offense with a much-needed spark.

On the offensive line, Kolton Toler will be a key component of Wirt County’s success. Toler’s strength and technique make him a formidable presence in the trenches, providing protection for Smith and creating running lanes for Lowe. His consistent performance will be essential in maintaining offensive balance and sustaining drives.

With a strong group of impact players and a determined coach, the 2023 Wirt County football team has the potential to achieve great things. Coach Jason Hickman’s experience and leadership, combined with the talent and dedication of the returning starters and experienced players, set the stage for an exciting and competitive season. As the Tigers prepare to take the field, the goal of making a run for the playoffs looms large. With hard work, determination, and a collective drive for success, Wirt County is primed to make their mark on the football field this fall.

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2023 Wirt County Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • City: Elizabeth
  • County: Wirt
  • Superintendent: John McKown
  • Principal: Dottie Smith
  • Assistant Principal: Dr. Robert Blake
  • Athletic Director: Eric Cheeseman
  • Head Coach: Jason Hickman
  • Assistant Coaches: Ben Moore, Scotty Lowe, Joe Villers, Cam Nelson, Trent Hardbarger
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Aaron Hill
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Candace Hardbarger
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Tigers
  • Band Director: Sarah French
  • Team Doctor: Dr. Jordan Beckett
  • Managers: Ryan Campbell
  • Statistician:
  • Video: Buddy Winnell
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    1 WR/RB/DB Brody Ewing 11 5’6 160

    2 RB/LB Peyton Dye 9 5’9 150

    4 RB/LB Chase Lowe 12 5’10 190

    5 QB/LB Channing Lowe 12 5’10 190

    6 WR/DB Alex Murray 9 5’5 118

    8 QB/WR/LB Jakob Moore 10 5’8 160

    9 WR/DB Alex Modesitt 9 5’10 160

    11 WR/DB Porter Goodwin 11 5’8 140

    12 TE/LB Memphis Keaton 11 6’0 164

    15 QB/DB Tyler Smith 10 6’1 150

    17 WR/DB Isaiah Sampson 11 5’5 130

    23 WR/DB Braylan Dawson 10 5’8 135

    29 WR/DB Emmett Paxton 9 5’5 142

    30 RB/LB Anthony Morgan 10 5’5 175

    50 OL/DL Holden Siers 11 5’7 230

    51 OL/DL Colin Hudnall 11 6’0 253

    52 OL/LB Kolton Toler 11 5’11 280

    56 OL/DL Clayton Mills 11 5’9 170

    57 OL/DL Chace Toney 9 5’10 190

    60 OL/DL Lucas Pahl 10 5’6 230

    61 OL/DL Evan McClung 11 5’5 150

    64 OL/DL Frank Bolek 9 5’5 166

    66 OL/DL Braden Whipkey 10 6’5 260

    69 OL/LB Chase Parsons 12 5’10 205

    72 OL/DL Caiden Stilgenbauer 10 5’6 183

    77 OL/DL Michael Miller 12 5’8 220

    78 OL/DL Trevor Jones 11 5’7 240

    79 OL/DL Logan Stickle 10 6’2 270