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2023 Winfield Football Schedule

08/25 @ Hurricane | VIEW

09/01 Herbert Hoover | VIEW

09/08 @ Chapmanville | VIEW

09/15 Wayne | VIEW

09/22 @ Logan | VIEW

10/06 @ Poca | VIEW

10/13 Sissonville | VIEW

10/20 Nitro | VIEW

10/27 @ Scott | VIEW

11/03 Point Pleasant | VIEW

2022 Recap

The 2022 football season proved to be a memorable one for the Winfield Generals, who showcased their talent and determination on the gridiron. With a remarkable 10-2 record, an incredible 10-game winning streak, and an average of 40 points per game, the Generals established themselves as one of the top teams in the state. Although their playoff run was cut short in a heart-wrenching defeat to Herbert Hoover, their overall performance left an indelible mark on the season.

Throughout the season, the Winfield Generals exhibited a relentless offensive attack, overpowering their opponents and amassing an impressive number of points. In five separate games, they demonstrated their offensive prowess by scoring 40 or more points, a testament to their ability to execute their game plan efficiently. Led by their skilled coaching staff, the Generals’ offense orchestrated remarkable drives, showcasing a balanced and explosive attack that kept opposing defenses on their toes.

However, the true strength of the Generals lay not only in their offensive firepower but also in their resolute defensive unit. Throughout the season, Winfield’s defense proved to be formidable, allowing an average of only 14 points per game. The defensive squad, marked by their disciplined play and cohesive teamwork, consistently stifled opposing offenses and provided a solid foundation for the team’s success.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the season was the Generals’ impressive 10-game winning streak, an exceptional feat that showcased their resilience and determination. Week after week, they faced formidable opponents, yet emerged victorious, displaying a commendable consistency and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their remarkable performance during this stretch firmly established the Winfield Generals as a force to be reckoned with in their conference and the state.

Unfortunately, the team’s journey in the playoffs was cut short in a nail-biting game against Herbert Hoover. In a tightly contested battle, the Generals fell just short of victory, losing by a mere point, 27-26. Although the loss was undoubtedly disappointing, it should not overshadow the tremendous achievements and accomplishments of the team throughout the season.

The Winfield Generals’ 2022 football season will be remembered as a period of great triumphs and exceptional performances. With their explosive offense, steadfast defense, and an unwavering commitment to success, the Generals established themselves as one of the top teams in the state. While their playoff run ended earlier than desired, their impressive 10-2 record, accompanied by their 10-game winning streak, will be etched in the memories of fans and opponents alike. As the community looks toward the future, there is no doubt that the Winfield Generals will continue to thrive and leave a lasting impact on the football landscape.


2023 Outlook

As the highly anticipated 2023 high school football season approaches, the Winfield Generals are ready to carry on the momentum from their impressive previous year. Under the leadership of head coach Eddie Smolder, the team is determined to build upon their successes and showcase their talent on the field. Although they face the challenge of having only six returning starters, the Generals boast a roster filled with players who possess invaluable experience and immense potential.

One key figure to watch on the offensive line is Caleb Kuhl. Known for his exceptional blocking skills and dedication to the team’s success, Kuhl’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping the Generals’ offense. His ability to create running lanes and protect the quarterback will be crucial in the team’s overall performance.

At fullback, Jayce Miller stands out as a reliable and powerful force. Miller’s experience and physicality make him an essential component of the Generals’ ground game. His ability to clear paths for the running backs and contribute as a receiver out of the backfield adds versatility to the team’s offensive strategy.

Speaking of running backs, Kjuan Pierson is set to make a significant impact this season. With his explosive speed and elusive running style, Pierson has proven to be a dynamic playmaker on the field.

On the defensive side of the ball, Toby Laugherty and Tre Tanner are expected to excel in their roles as defensive backs. Laugherty’s exceptional coverage skills and Tanner’s ability to read opposing offenses will play a crucial role in shutting down opponents’ passing attacks.

Under center, quarterback Chase Massey will be orchestrating the Generals’ offense. Massey’s poise and decision-making abilities have earned him the trust of his teammates and coaches alike. With a strong arm and the capability to extend plays with his legs, Massey brings versatility and leadership to the team.

Matthew Daly, Aiden Hernandez, and Caden Cunningham also merit attention for their contributions to the team. Daly’s ball-hawking skills and Hernandez’s reliable hands make them valuable assets in the defensive backfield and wide receiver corps, respectively. Cunningham’s tenacity and athleticism as a linebacker will undoubtedly impact the Generals’ defensive performance.

With the combined efforts of these key players and the dedication of the entire team, the Winfield Generals are poised for another impressive season. Football enthusiasts in the community eagerly await the kickoff, ready to rally behind their beloved team as they strive for glory on the gridiron.

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