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2023 Webster County Football Schedule

08/25 Richwood | VIEW

09/01 @ Williamstown | VIEW

09/08 Tygart Valley | VIEW

09/15 @ Tyler Consolidated | VIEW

09/22 South Harrison | VIEW

10/06 St. Marys | VIEW

10/13 Gilmer County | VIEW

10/20 @ Wahama | VIEW

10/27 @ Calhoun County | VIEW

11/03 Wirt County | VIEW

2022 Recap

Webster County’s 2022 football season came to a close with a final record of 4-6, a result that fell short of the team’s aspirations. While the season had its fair share of struggles, there were moments of strength and resilience that showcased the team’s potential.

The beginning of the season started on a promising note for Webster County. The players displayed great enthusiasm and determination, winning their opening games with commendable performances. Their strong start fueled hopes for a successful campaign, as they showcased a cohesive unit that was ready to compete.

However, the middle of the season proved to be a challenging period for the team. They encountered some formidable opponents and struggled to maintain their early momentum. Injuries and fatigue may have played a role, as the team faced difficulties in executing their game plan effectively. This stretch of the season tested the players’ resolve and highlighted areas that needed improvement.

One of the toughest setbacks of the season came in a crucial matchup against Gilmer County. Webster County fought valiantly, but ultimately fell short, depriving them of a chance to achieve a .500 record.

On the offensive side, Webster County averaged 13 points per game. While this may seem modest, it’s important to consider the challenges they faced throughout the season. They gave up an average of 33 points per game, indicating areas for improvement in their defensive strategies. Tightening up their defense and reducing points conceded will likely be a focus for the team moving forward.

As the 2022 season concludes, the Webster County football team can reflect on the lessons learned and use them as stepping stones for future success. With a strong start and a promising finish, they have the foundation to build upon.


2023 Outlook

The Webster County football team, led by head coach Eddie Williams, is gearing up for an exciting and promising season as they look to build on the progress made last year. With a young core that gained valuable experience, the team is now ready to take the field with a more seasoned and explosive roster. The return of 20 starters coupled with key additions and improvements bode well for their upcoming campaign.

One of the team’s biggest strengths lies in their explosive skill players. Led by a stable of talented running backs, the offense aims to utilize their speed and agility to create havoc for opposing defenses. Players like Zach McCourt and Isaac Cutlip will be key contributors, utilizing their vision and elusiveness to break free and make big plays on the ground. The wide receiver duo of Rayden Triplett and Kyle McMillion will provide additional firepower, stretching the field and posing a constant threat to defenses.

However, the success of the skill players will heavily rely on the performance of the offensive line. Webster County has made significant improvements in this area, paving the way for their talented running backs to shine. Anchored by the reliable and sturdy Noah Clutter and Mike Ferguson, the offensive line will be instrumental in protecting the quarterback and creating running lanes for the backs.

On the defensive side of the ball, linebackers Bryson Lee and Adrian Ramsey will lead the charge. Their speed and tenacity will be crucial in stopping opposing offenses and creating turnovers. Additionally, defensive end Austin Pauley will bring his disruptive presence to the line, applying constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Excitement is building in Webster County not only for the talented players on the field but also for the new weight room renovations that are set to enhance the team’s training regimen. The updated facilities will provide the athletes with top-of-the-line equipment and resources to further improve their strength and conditioning, giving them a competitive edge.

With a strong mix of experience and youthful exuberance, the Webster County football team is poised for success in the upcoming season. Coach Eddie Williams and his staff have created a winning culture, instilling confidence in their players to perform at their best. As the team takes the field this fall, fans can expect a thrilling and competitive brand of football, powered by explosive skill players and a much-improved line.

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2023 Webster County Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • County: WEBSTER
  • Superintendent: JOSEPH ARBOGAST
  • Principal: GABE MARKLE
  • Athletic Director: SHARON BAIRD
  • Head Coach: EDDIE WILLIAMS
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : JEREMY PYLE
  • Cheerleading Coaches:
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: HIGHLANDERS
  • Band Director: TABITHA COCKRUM
  • Team Doctor:
  • Statistician:
  • Video:
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    1 WR/QB/DB Tommy Cochran 11 5’9 135

    2 WR/RB/DB Eli Amos 9 5’8 145

    3 QB/DB Isaac Snyder 11 5’11 155

    5 WR/DB Grant Treadway 11 5’11 160

    9 QB/RB/LB Zach McCourt 12 5’11 185

    10 WR/DB William Delaney 9 6’0 145

    11 RB/DB Issac Cutlip 11 5’7 155

    13 WR/LB Kaleb Amos 11 5’10 170

    20 TE/LB Sammy Vanover 11 5’8 170

    21 WR/LB Rayden Triplett 12 6’4 165

    22 RB/DL Bryson Lee 12 5’9 155

    24 WR/DB Mylo Rivera 11 5’8 180

    25 WR/DB Adrian Ramsey 10 5’10 175

    30 RB/LB Jack Cochran 10 5’5 165

    31 WR/DB Kyle McMillion 12 6’5 165

    40 RB/LB Austin Pauley 10 5’10 200

    50 OL/DL Noah Clutter 12 5’10 200

    56 OL/DL Eric Weaver 12 5’11 210

    60 OL/DL Isaiah Green 12 5’9 235

    61 OL/DL Isaac Treadway 11 5’11 215

    62 OL/DL Josh Wolverton 11 5’11 195

    63 OL/DL Perry Knight 12 5’10 185

    72 OL/DL Jackie Ferguson 11 5’10 175

    75 OL/DL Kenneth Kronenburg 10 5’7 230

    77 OL/DL Michael Ferguson 12 5’10 270