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2023 Van Football Schedule

08/25 @ Meadow Bridge | VIEW

09/01 @ Wyoming East | VIEW

09/08 Hurley (VA) | VIEW

09/14 @ Tolsia | VIEW

09/22 River View | VIEW

09/30 @ Paden City | VIEW

10/13 Sherman | VIEW

10/20 Beallsville (OH) | VIEW

10/27 Buffalo | VIEW

11/03 @ Tug Valley | VIEW

2022 Recap

Van was buzzing with excitement during the 2022 football season as its beloved Bulldogs embarked on a remarkable journey. The team’s undefeated regular season, with a stellar 10-0 record, captivated the community and brought a sense of pride to their fans. Despite a disappointing loss in the first round of the playoffs, the Bulldogs’ extraordinary performance will be remembered as a magical run.

Led by a talented group of players and a dedicated coaching staff, the Van Bulldogs showcased their dominance on both sides of the field. The team’s high-powered offense consistently scored an impressive average of 40 points per game, thrilling fans with their explosive plays and strategic execution. The Bulldogs’ dynamic offense was complemented by a sturdy defense that allowed an average of just 16 points per game, effectively shutting down opponents.

Throughout the regular season, the Bulldogs faced formidable adversaries, including Pikeview, Mount View, and Tug Valley. These games proved to be crucial tests for the team’s resilience and determination. However, the Bulldogs rose to the challenge, securing decisive victories over their rivals. These wins not only demonstrated the team’s skill and unity but also solidified their status as a formidable force in the region.

Unfortunately, despite their impressive regular season performance, the Bulldogs were unable to carry their success into the playoffs. In a tough first-round matchup, the team encountered a formidable opponent that proved to be their downfall. While the loss was undoubtedly disheartening, it does not diminish the accomplishments and memories created during their memorable regular season.

The 2022 Van Bulldogs football team will be forever remembered as a remarkable force on the field, igniting the spirits of their fans and uniting the community. Their undefeated regular season and explosive offensive prowess highlighted the exceptional talent and dedication of the players and coaching staff. Although their playoff journey ended prematurely, the Bulldogs’ magical run will remain etched in the hearts of the Van community, serving as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the team and the power of unity.


2023 Outlook

The Van Bulldogs football team is gearing up for another exciting season as they aim to build upon their remarkable performance in 2022, where they achieved an undefeated record. With Head Coach Mark Agosti at the helm, the Bulldogs are determined to maintain their dominance and make a lasting impact on the gridiron.

After their stellar run last year, expectations are soaring high for the Bulldogs, and they have the talent to back it up. Leading the charge for Van this season will be defensive back Gavin Branham, and defensive lineman Dalton Kessinger. These standout players have already shown their mettle on the field and will play vital roles in the team’s pursuit of continued success.

On the defensive side of the ball, Gavin Branham is a tenacious defensive back who possesses a keen sense of anticipation. With his remarkable agility and instinctive play, Branham has the ability to shut down opposing receivers and disrupt passing plays. His presence in the secondary will be crucial in preventing big plays and forcing turnovers.

Dalton Kessinger, a dominant force on the defensive line, brings strength and power to the Bulldogs’ defense. With his good size and technique, Kessinger consistently puts pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback. His ability to disrupt the running game and penetrate the offensive line will be instrumental in stifling opponents’ offensive strategies.

The Bulldogs’ schedule for the upcoming season features several key matchups that will test their mettle. Two games that are particularly circled on their calendar are clashes against Tug Valley and Wyoming East. These highly anticipated contests will showcase the Bulldogs’ ability to rise to the occasion and solidify their standing as a force to be reckoned with in the region.

As the 2023 football season approaches, the Van Bulldogs are ready to leave a lasting impression once again. With an impressive roster led by Gavin Branham, and Dalton Kessinger, they possess the necessary talent and determination to conquer any challenge that comes their way. Bulldogs fans can look forward to thrilling games and a team that is poised to make their mark on the field.

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