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2023 Tygarts Valley Football Schedule

08/25 Valley Wetzel | VIEW

09/01 @ Tucker County | VIEW

09/08 @ Webster County | VIEW

09/15 @ East Hardy | VIEW

09/22 Clay-Battelle | VIEW

09/29 Richwood | VIEW

10/06 @ Pendleton County | VIEW

10/13 Doddridge County | VIEW

10/20 @ Trinity | VIEW

10/27 Pocahontas County | VIEW

2022 Recap

Tygarts Valley High School’s football team faced an uphill battle during the 2022 season, as they fielded a very young roster that struggled to find their footing on the gridiron. The team’s 0-10 record was undoubtedly disappointing, but their determination and perseverance deserve commendation.

Offensively, the Tygarts Valley team faced significant challenges, averaging only 6 points per game. Inexperience and a lack of cohesion were evident throughout the season, with the young players grappling to find their rhythm on the field. However, it’s important to note that the team showed glimpses of potential in their two closely contested games.

One of the highlights of the season was a hard-fought game against Webster County, which ended in a 20-6 loss for Tygarts Valley. Despite the final score, the team’s defense showcased their ability to keep the opposition in check, displaying commendable determination and resilience. The offensive unit managed to find the end zone once, giving hope for future growth and development.

Another notable game was against Richwood, where Tygarts Valley once again fell short with a 20-6 loss. The team’s competitive spirit was on full display, demonstrating their ability to stay in the game until the very end. Although the result may not have been ideal, the players’ perseverance and commitment should be acknowledged.

Defensively, the team faced significant challenges, allowing an average of 41 points per game. The young players struggled to contain opposing offenses, often overwhelmed by more experienced teams. However, this season can serve as a valuable learning experience for the defensive unit, providing an opportunity for growth and improvement in the coming years.

While the 2022 season may not have yielded the desired outcomes for the Tygarts Valley football team, it is crucial to recognize the potential of this young roster. With time, experience, and continued dedication, the team has a strong foundation to build upon. The lessons learned from this challenging season will undoubtedly fuel their determination to succeed in the future.

In conclusion, the 2022 Tygarts Valley football team faced an uphill battle with a young and inexperienced roster. Despite their 0-10 record and challenging statistics, the team displayed resilience and determination throughout the season. The close games against Webster County and Richwood demonstrate their potential for growth and improvement in the coming years. With continued growth and continued commitment, Tygarts Valley has the opportunity to bounce back and achieve success in future seasons.

2023 Outlook

After a challenging season in 2022, where the Tygarts Valley Bulldogs football team suffered a disappointing 0-10 record, Head Coach Rodney Bright is determined to turn the tide and lead his team to success in the upcoming fall season. With a roster that shows promise and a renewed sense of determination, the Bulldogs are eager to make a comeback.

One player to keep an eye on this season is defensive lineman Seth Currence. Known for his incredible strength and agility, Currence has consistently demonstrated his ability to disrupt opposing offenses. His impressive skill set and leadership on the field make him a vital asset to the Bulldogs’ defensive line, and Coach Bright has high expectations for his performance this year.

In the backfield, running back Nate Hulver is set to showcase his speed and elusiveness. Despite the team’s struggles last season, Hulver proved to be a bright spot with his explosive runs and ability to find the end zone. As the Bulldogs’ primary offensive weapon, Hulver’s versatility and playmaking abilities will be crucial to the team’s success.

On the offensive line, Gavin Martin stands out as a key contributor. Martin’s exceptional size and technique provide a solid foundation for the Bulldogs’ offensive strategies. His ability to create running lanes and protect the quarterback will be instrumental in improving the team’s overall offensive production.

The Bulldogs will face a familiar schedule this year, identical to the one in 2022. This includes challenging matchups against East Hardy, Tucker County, and Doddridge County, all of which have historically been strong competitors. These games will undoubtedly test the Bulldogs’ mettle and serve as a gauge of their progress under Coach Bright’s leadership.

However, there are also opportunities for the Bulldogs to measure their growth against teams such as Valley-Wetzel, Richwood, and Trinity. These games will provide valuable insights into the team’s development and serve as important benchmarks for the season.

With Coach Bright’s guidance and the talent present within the team, the Tygarts Valley Bulldogs are poised for a comeback. The players have embraced the challenges ahead and are focused on improving both individually and as a team. Their unwavering determination and commitment to success will undoubtedly fuel their resurgence on the gridiron.

As the 2023 season approaches, the Bulldogs and their dedicated fanbase eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness the team’s growth and triumph. With DL Seth Currence disrupting opposing offenses, RB Nate Hulver making explosive plays, and OL Gavin Martin anchoring the offensive line, the Tygarts Valley Bulldogs are ready to face their adversaries head-on. Coach Rodney Bright’s vision and the team’s unwavering spirit set the stage for an exciting and promising football season in Tygarts Valley.

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