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2023 Trinity Football Schedule

08/25 @ Paden City | VIEW

09/08 Bridgeport (OH) | VIEW

09/15 @ Hancock (MD) | VIEW

09/22 Petersburg | VIEW

09/29 Calhoun County | VIEW

10/06 @ Mt. View | VIEW

10/13 @ Clear Springs (MD) | VIEW

10/20 Tygart Valley | VIEW

10/27 @ Hundred | VIEW

11/03 Madonna | VIEW

2022 Recap

The 2022 Trinity Football team had a season of ups and downs, finishing with a respectable 6-4 record. The team’s offensive prowess was evident, averaging an impressive 34 points per game. However, their defensive efforts fell slightly short, allowing an average of 22 points per game. Let’s delve into the highs and lows of the Trinity Football team’s performance this season.

The team started the season with a bang, winning five out of their first six games. Their offense clicked seamlessly, with dynamic plays and a strong passing game. Trinity consistently put up impressive point totals, leaving opposing defenses struggling to keep up.

On the defensive side, the team showcased moments of brilliance, but inconsistency plagued their efforts. While they were able to stifle opponents in some games, there were instances where their defense struggled to contain high-powered offenses.

As the season progressed, the Trinity Football team faced tougher opponents, leading to a challenging final stretch. Unfortunately, the team faltered in those crucial games, finishing with a disappointing 1-3 record down the stretch. Their offensive firepower remained impressive, but the defense seemed to wear down against formidable opponents, struggling to make crucial stops when it mattered most.

Despite their late-season struggles, the Trinity Football team should be commended for their overall performance. A 6-4 record demonstrates their competitiveness and ability to compete against formidable opponents. The offensive unit deserves special recognition for their consistent scoring, demonstrating their potential to dominate games.

In conclusion, the 2022 Trinity Football team had a season that displayed great potential but ultimately fell short. Their strong start and offensive firepower highlighted their abilities, but the late-season struggles revealed areas for improvement. With the right adjustments and continued dedication, Trinity can set their sights on an even more successful season in the future.


2023 Outlook

Trinity High School’s football team is gearing up for an exciting new season, marked by a change in leadership. Jason White takes the helm as the head coach, making him the fourth coach in as many years for the program. Despite a respectable 6-4 record last year, the team is eager to build upon their success and strive for even greater achievements.

One advantage for the Trinity Warriors this season is their favorable schedule. The team has key matchups against formidable opponents such as Petersburg and Mount View, offering an opportunity to prove themselves against strong competition. These games will serve as important tests of the team’s progress and their ability to rise to the occasion under their new coach.

When it comes to key players, all eyes will be on Caleb Parks, a talented offensive lineman. Parks possesses the strength, agility, and technical skills to dominate the line of scrimmage, providing a solid foundation for Trinity’s offense. His ability to protect the quarterback and create running lanes will be crucial to the team’s success this fall.

On the defensive side, linebacker Josh Jorge will be a force to be reckoned with. Known for his speed and hard-hitting tackles, Jorge has the ability to disrupt opposing offenses and make crucial stops. With his leadership skills and game awareness, he is an essential asset for the Trinity defense, and his performance will greatly impact the team’s overall success.

In the passing game, wide receiver Parker Hopkins will be a key player to watch. Hopkins’ exceptional route-running ability and reliable hands make him a go-to target for Trinity’s quarterbacks. His explosiveness and knack for making big plays will undoubtedly put pressure on opposing defenses, providing valuable scoring opportunities for the team.

As the 2023 season approaches, Trinity High School’s football team is filled with anticipation and hope for a successful campaign under Coach Jason White. With a favorable schedule and a roster of talented players, including Caleb Parks, Josh Jorge, and Parker Hopkins, Trinity has all the ingredients necessary to take the next step and establish themselves as a competitive force. The players and coaching staff are determined to make a lasting impression, and fans can look forward to an exciting season filled with thrilling moments on the gridiron.

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