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2023 St. Marys Football Schedule

08/25 @ Doddridge County | VIEW

09/01 @ Oak Glen | VIEW

09/14 Wirt County | VIEW

09/22 Calhoun County | VIEW

09/29 Williamstown | VIEW

10/06 @ Webster County | VIEW

10/13 Magnolia | VIEW

10/20 @ Ritchie County | VIEW

10/27 Tyler Consolidated | VIEW

11/03 @ Ravenswood | VIEW

2022 Recap

St. Marys High School’s football team completed the 2022 season with a commendable record of 7-4, leaving a lasting impact on their fans and the local community. Though their playoff journey ended prematurely in the first round, the team’s performance showcased their potential and left room for optimism in the seasons to come.

The St. Marys offense was a force to be reckoned with, averaging an impressive 36 points per game. Led by their talented quarterback and a strong offensive line, the team exhibited skillful execution and a well-coordinated attack. Their ability to consistently put points on the board was a testament to their offensive prowess and determined spirit.

On the defensive end, the St. Marys team held their ground, allowing an average of 22 points per game. The defensive unit demonstrated commendable discipline and determination, making it difficult for opponents to penetrate their lines and find the end zone. With a solid defensive foundation, St. Marys exhibited the ability to hold their own against formidable offenses.

Throughout the season, the St. Marys football team secured several notable victories, including impressive wins over South Harrison and East Hardy. These victories showcased the team’s resilience and ability to rise to the occasion against tough opponents. These wins undoubtedly bolstered the team’s confidence and helped establish their presence as a formidable force in their division.

While the team’s 7-4 record reflects a successful season overall, it’s worth noting that their losses were to formidable opponents. Top teams like Roane County, Williamstown, and Wahama provided stiff competition for St. Marys, and their encounters served as valuable learning experiences for the team. These challenging matchups tested the team’s mettle and pushed them to grow and improve throughout the season.

The St. Marys community can take pride in the team’s accomplishments and look forward to more thrilling moments on the field. As the players continue to develop their skills and grow as a cohesive unit, there is every reason to believe that the St. Marys football team will make even greater strides in the years to come.


2023 Outlook

As the summer heat settles in, anticipation for the upcoming football season grows in the town of St. Marys. The St. Marys football team, under the guidance of the esteemed head coach Jodi Mote, is set to hit the field once again, ready to showcase their resilience, hard work, and determination. Although the team only has four returning starters from last year’s squad, their commitment to growth and development promises an exciting season ahead.

The returning starters, linebacker Josiah Demoss, defensive lineman Broderick Ross, and running back Logan Eddy, will serve as key anchors for the team. Their experience and leadership will be invaluable in nurturing the younger players and helping them adapt to the demands of varsity football. Demoss’s tenacity on defense, Ross’s strength in the trenches, and Eddy’s elusiveness in the backfield are set to make a significant impact this fall.

While the team faces the challenge of having a relatively young roster, St. Marys football has always been characterized by its ability to develop talent quickly. With a strong emphasis on player growth, the coaching staff has a proven track record of nurturing young athletes into formidable competitors. The team’s determination and work ethic, coupled with Coach Mote’s guidance, will undoubtedly contribute to their rapid progress.

However, the road to success won’t be an easy one for St. Marys. The schedule for the upcoming season boasts several formidable opponents, including showdowns against Doddridge County, Williamstown, and Tyler Consolidated. These teams have consistently been powerhouses in the region, making each match-up a test of the St. Marys’ team’s mettle. Nevertheless, with their never-say-die attitude, the St. Marys football players are eager to embrace these challenges head-on.

As the summer winds down and the first whistle blows, the St. Marys football team is ready to step onto the field and leave their mark on the 2023 season. Led by the seasoned coaching prowess of Jodi Mote and supported by their core of talented returners, the team’s focus on growth and development promises an exciting journey for players and fans alike.

As the St. Marys community rallies behind their beloved team, the atmosphere at each game will undoubtedly be electric, filled with anticipation and pride. So grab your jerseys, paint your faces, and get ready to witness the indomitable spirit of the St. Marys football team as they rise to the challenge and make their mark in the 2023 season.

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2023 St. Marys Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • City: St. Marys
  • County: Pleasants
  • Superintendent: Mike Wells
  • Principal: Lori Barnhart
  • Assistant Principal: Amanda Mote
  • Athletic Director: Howard Meeks II
  • Head Coach: Jodi Mote
  • Assistant Coaches: Zach Davis, Camaron Lancaster, Jay Powell, and J.D. Smith
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Tanner Bleakley and Jim Rubenstein
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Head Coach Jody Bullman, Assistant Coach Deena Miller
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Blue Devils
  • Band Director: Bridgette Bowen-Casto
  • Team Doctor: Dr. Heather Straight
  • Managers: Kyle Cunningham, Jaden Jones, Austin Satterfield, Tristan Glover, Jeremy Jones, Noah Mote, Silas Smith, Liam Davis
  • Statistician: Shawn Girard, Corey Girard, Duane Davis
  • Video: Mariah Evans, Connor Lancaster, Dave Powell, Michael Simonton
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    1/4 RB/DB Eli Cox 10 5’10 140

    11/5 QB/DB Jeremiah DeMoss 9 5’10 145

    13/64 FB/G/LB Sam Miller 12 5’9 185

    16/18 R/DB Isaac Kimball 9 5’9 135

    2 R/LB Derek Mason 9 5’7 135

    3 R/QB/LB Josiah DeMoss 12 5’10 200

    33/5 OL/FB/LB William Carr 12 5’9 155

    6 R/LB Brayden Davis 11 5’10 150

    8 FB/LB Jay Mote 11 5’9 170

    12 QB/DB Ryan Kent 11 5’9 155

    14 R/DE Jude Bills 9 5’11 150

    15 R/DB Kaige Winland 10 5’7 120

    19 R/DB Shane Moran 12 5’10 160

    20 RB/LB Ashton Boron 12 5’8 155

    21 R/DB Chris Andrew 12 5’7 135

    24 RB/DB Logan Eddy 11 5’7 130

    36 R/DB Wyatt Colvin 12 5’7 150

    40 R/LB Tyler Dalrymple 9 6′ 175

    42 TE/DE Carson Wyborney 12 6’2 210

    44 R/DB Jake DeLancey 12 5’10 170

    50 OL/LB Kayden Lambert 10 5’7 185

    52 OL/DE Eli Wilson 10 6′ 185

    55 OL/DL Dru Binegar 9 5’4 220

    59 R/LB Jacob Andrew 10 5’6 135

    60/58 OL/DL Ean Kimball 12 5’9 175

    65 OL/DL Kaden Danielson 12 6′ 240

    69 OL/DE Owen Lundy 12 6’1 190

    7/31 R/LB Nick Kimball 12 6′ 145

    71 OL/DL Ty Watkins 12 5’11 255

    72 OL/DL Conner Maston 9 5’9 380

    72 OL/DL Deion Mosley 9 6’3 396

    74 OL/DE Gregory Jemison 9 5’11 176

    75 OL/DL Tyler Niemczyk 11 5’10 210

    76 OL/DL Jace Larsen 10 6’3 193

    77 OL/DL Ben Wagstaff 12 6′ 260

    79 OL/DL Nicholas Barker 11 6’2 250

    80 R/DB Mason Eisenbarth 9 5’9 120

    82 R/DE Angelus Palata 10 6′ 169

    88 TE/DE Brodrick Rice 11 6’2 190