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2023 Shady Spring Football Schedule

08/25 Roane County | VIEW

09/01 Nicholas County | VIEW

09/08 Summers County | VIEW

09/15 @ Independence | VIEW

09/22 @ Pikeview | VIEW

09/29 @ Greenbrier West | VIEW

10/06 @ Man | VIEW

10/13 Wyoming East | VIEW

10/20 Ripley | VIEW

10/27 @ Liberty Raleigh | VIEW

2022 Recap

In the face of adversity and tough competition, the Shady Spring Tigers football team showcased resilience and determination throughout the 2022 season. Despite finishing with a 3-7 record, the Tigers fought valiantly in every game, leaving a mark with impressive victories and a close loss that exemplified their tenacity.

Offensively, the Tigers displayed an ability to put points on the board, averaging 21 points per game. Led by a hardworking and dedicated roster, they demonstrated an offensive prowess that often made them a formidable opponent.  Defensively, the Tigers had a challenging season, conceding an average of 34 points per game. Despite this, they showed flashes of brilliance and resilience on the field.

Among the standout moments of the season were the Tigers’ three significant wins over Summers County, Pikeview, and Liberty Raleigh. These victories highlighted the team’s ability to rise to the occasion and overcome challenging opponents. Each win required the Tigers to showcase their skills, discipline, and a unified team effort.

The narrow 28-26 loss to Ripley proved to be a heartbreaker for the Tigers. However, it also showcased the team’s ability to compete at a high level, even against tough adversaries. The close margin of defeat demonstrated the Tigers’ fighting spirit and resilience, leaving them with valuable lessons to carry forward into future seasons.

Overall, the 2022 season for the Shady Spring Tigers football team was marked by ups and downs. While their record may not reflect the team’s true potential, their three significant victories and close contests highlighted their determination to compete at a high level. With a solid foundation in place, the Tigers have the opportunity to build upon their experiences and work towards a successful future.



2023 Outlook


The Shady Spring Tigers are ready to take the field and make their mark in the upcoming 2023 football season. Led by the experienced head coach, Vince Culicerto, the team is determined to bounce back from a disappointing 3-7 record last year and showcase their true potential. With an action-packed schedule ahead and a roster filled with talented players, the Tigers are eager to prove their mettle on the gridiron.

The season kicks off with two tough encounters against Roane County and Nicholas County. These early matchups will test the Tigers’ resilience and set the tone for the rest of their campaign. A strong start against formidable opponents will undoubtedly bolster the team’s confidence and lay the foundation for a successful season.

As the Tigers push through the schedule, they will face crucial matchups against Wyoming East, Ripley, and Liberty Raleigh towards the end of the season. These games will prove pivotal in determining the team’s playoff aspirations, and the Tigers will be aiming to secure victories against these tough opponents.

On the field, the Tigers boast a talented roster, featuring standout players in key positions. Tim Powers, a dynamic defensive back, possesses good speed and agility, making him a formidable force in disrupting opposing passing plays. His ability to read plays and make crucial interceptions will be crucial to the Tigers’ defensive success.

Leading the offensive charge is quarterback Brady Green, a poised and intelligent player who possesses both accuracy and arm strength. Green’s ability to command the field and make precise throws will be vital in keeping the Tigers’ offense firing on all cylinders. With his leadership and playmaking abilities, Green is poised to make a significant impact this fall.

In the trenches, offensive lineman Jonathan Cantley provides a strong and reliable presence. Cantley’s exceptional blocking skills and physicality will create opportunities for the Tigers’ running backs and protect Green in the pocket. His contributions will be instrumental in the team’s offensive success.

With a determined coach at the helm and a talented roster of players, the Shady Spring Tigers are poised to roar back onto the scene in the 2023 football season. Their journey begins with a challenging schedule, but with a renewed sense of purpose and key players like Tim Powers, Brady Green, and Jonathan Cantley leading the way, the Tigers are ready to leave their mark on the gridiron and reclaim their position as a formidable force in West Virginia high school football.

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