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Down below is our compilation of the top football talent in the state of West Virginia currently from classes 2020-2022. We have listed some of the top recruits who have already including our offseason rankings of our top 10s per each position. Our best thing to offer is our 2019 scouting sheets which are divided into three sections: Offensive Skill (QBs, RBs, WRs), Linemen (OL, DL, Combos), and Defensive Skill (LB, DB, Specialists). Scroll down to know more.

Top 25 Big Boards 3.0

2019 C&C Scout Sheets

What am I buying (and why?)

The scout sheet features nearly 100 of the tops quarterbacks, runningbacks, and wide receivers returning for the 2019 season. We have organized them with simple metrics and our only personal scouting was a chip-system in which we explain in the PDF. There is no write-ups- strictly a spreadsheet of the top players in the state with their information. Also, we have including each player’s highlight film hyperlinked in (if one was available). So, why are we charging $7.99 to the public? Within the next month, as we polish this group, we are also going to ask for other info from players (that won’t be publicly viewable). Once we believe we have everything ready to go, we are sending this amazing set of info to as many colleges near and fear on all levels as we can. They will be able to scout the Mountain State quickly with convenient metrics, easy access to highlight film, and hopefully player’s direct contact information.

Download the 2019 C&C Offensive Skill Scout Sheet for $7.99

Download the 2019 C&C Linemen & Combo Scout Sheet for $7.99

Download the 2019 C&C Defensive Skill & Specialist Scout Sheet for $7.99

For players not on it…

First off, we have moved several players to one primary position based on their ability. Example: a first team all-state runningback might have a better chance at a higher level as a defensive back. Come to us if you are worried we completely left you out- most likely, you will be on the other side of the ball or moved to a Combo (college fullback, tight end, H-back type). There is a possibility we saw your film and either decided there was not enough substance, not enough film, or some fault that avoided you from being placed on it. If we put 1000 players on the list, no one truly gets looked at. Saying this, there might be film we have not seen. Come to us, and if we are proven enough we will update you onto the sheet or place you on a supplemental list we are creating that includes players who narrowly missed.

College and high school coaches…

If you would like a PDF copy of this before we do our mass sending, we will absolutely do so- just email us at, and we will send it for free. It will not include contact information. We will resend you the updated one when it comes. For high school coaches, as said above, if you would like to gain permission for your players on the list and send us their contact info that works as well. Also, if you think we have mistakenly missed or chipped a player- we will hear you out.