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2023 Robert C. Byrd Football Schedule

08/25 @ Keyser | VIEW

09/01 @ Fairmont Sr. | VIEW

09/15 @ Preston | VIEW

09/22 Bridgeport | VIEW

09/29 @ Oak Glen | VIEW

10/06 Lincoln | VIEW

10/13 @ Philip Barbour | VIEW

10/20 @ Point Pleasant | VIEW

10/27 Liberty Harrison | VIEW

11/03 Elkins | VIEW

2022 Recap

In a season marked by perseverance and determination, the Robert C. Byrd Eagles’ football team soared to new heights, culminating in a triumphant finish to their 2022 campaign. After a slow start that saw them with a 2-5 record, the team rallied together, winning their final three games to finish the season with a respectable 5-5 record. The Eagles’ remarkable turnaround showcased their resilience and ability to overcome adversity.

One of the standout victories of the season came in the form of a thrilling 19-16 triumph over the Point Pleasant squad. The Eagles showcased their mettle in a hard-fought battle, demonstrating their ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most. This victory not only served as a turning point for the team’s season but also showcased their potential for greatness.

Although two closely contested matchups against Keyser and Lincoln ultimately kept the Eagles out of the playoffs, the team’s growth throughout the season was evident. The close margins of these games highlighted the Eagles’ ability to compete with some of the toughest opponents in their division.

Offensively, the Robert C. Byrd Eagles proved to be a formidable force, averaging an impressive 27 points per game. Their ability to put points on the board showcased the talent and determination of the team’s offensive unit. Defensively, the Eagles held their own, surrendering an average of 26 points per game. While there may have been moments when the defense was tested, the team’s ability to limit opponents’ scoring opportunities was crucial to their success.

As the players and coaching staff reflect on the season, they can take pride in their achievements and draw inspiration from the adversity they overcame. The 2022 Robert C. Byrd Eagles’ football team will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for future generations, leaving a lasting legacy of determination and grit.


2023 Outlook


As summer comes to a close, the anticipation for the upcoming football season is reaching its peak in the community of Robert C. Byrd. With key players like running back Latrell Jones, wide receiver Rylan Rock, and offensive lineman Trevor Dean leading the charge, the Eagles are set to soar to new heights this fall. Under the guidance of their new head coach, Austin Scott, a long-time assistant at the school, the team is preparing for an exciting and competitive season.

Coach Austin Scott, a familiar face to the Robert C. Byrd Eagles, brings a wealth of experience to the helm. Having served in various positions such as Defensive Coordinator and Strength & Conditioning staff, Scott is well-equipped to lead the team and build upon the program’s success.

The Eagles will face a challenging start to their campaign, with three out of their first four games against tough opponents: Keyser, Fairmont Sr., and Bridgeport. These early tests will undoubtedly gauge the team’s resilience and set the tone for the rest of the season. The players, coaches, and fans are eager to witness the Eagles’ determination and skill as they face these formidable adversaries.

One player who is expected to make a significant impact on the field is running back Latrell Jones. Known for his explosive speed and agility, Jones has the ability to break through defensive lines and make game-changing plays. His athleticism and versatility will undoubtedly keep the opposing defenses on their toes.

Wide receiver Rylan Rock is another player to watch out for this season. With his exceptional route-running and strong hands, Rock has the potential to become a reliable target for the Eagles’ quarterback. His ability to make acrobatic catches in tight coverage will undoubtedly provide the team with valuable scoring opportunities.

On the offensive line, Trevor Dean will play a pivotal role in protecting the quarterback and opening up running lanes for Jones. Dean’s strength, technique, and football IQ make him a vital asset to the team’s success. His leadership and experience will undoubtedly inspire his fellow linemen and contribute to the team’s overall cohesiveness.

Looking ahead to the later part of the season, the Eagles’ matchup against Point Pleasant could be a determining factor in their playoff fate. A victory in this game would not only boost their chances of securing a playoff spot but also serve as a testament to their growth and potential as a team.

With a new head coach and a talented roster of players, the Robert C. Byrd Eagles are gearing up for an exciting and promising 2023 football season. The community eagerly awaits the team’s performance on the field, hopeful for a memorable journey filled with thrilling victories and rewarding achievements.

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