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2023 Ripley Football Schedule

08/25 @ Brooke | VIEW

09/01 Buckhannon-Upshur | VIEW

09/08 @ Lincoln County | VIEW

09/15 @ Marietta (OH) | VIEW

09/22 Oak Hill | VIEW

09/29 Roane County | VIEW

10/06 St. Albans | VIEW

10/13 Greenbrier East | VIEW

10/20 @ Shady Spring | VIEW

10/27 @ Point Pleasant | VIEW

2022 Recap

The 2022 Ripley Vikings football team demonstrated resilience and determination throughout their challenging season, finishing with a record of 3-7. While the final tally may not reflect their true potential, the Vikings managed to secure impressive victories over Lincoln County, St. Albans, and Shady Spring, showcasing their ability to compete against formidable opponents.

Despite a 15 points-per-game scoring average, the Vikings faced a tough hurdle on the defensive front, allowing an average of 30 points per game. Nevertheless, their unwavering spirit and several close losses against Buckhannon-Upshur, Marietta OH, and Point Pleasant underscored their ability to challenge stronger adversaries.

One of the most memorable moments of the season came when the Vikings clashed with Lincoln County, securing a well-earned victory. Another noteworthy triumph came against St. Albans, a program from the MSAC. The Vikings’ offense rose to the occasion, capitalizing on every opportunity presented to them. Their strategic play-calling and disciplined execution allowed them to secure a memorable victory, earning the respect of fans and opponents alike. Shady Spring proved to be another tough competitor for the Vikings. However, their determined efforts and relentless pursuit of victory allowed them to overcome the odds and secure a hard-fought win. This match highlighted the Vikings’ tenacity and ability to persevere under pressure, cementing their reputation as a team that never backs down.

Although their season concluded with a 3-7 record, the Vikings’ valiant performances against stronger opponents showcased their true potential. Despite the challenges they faced, the team consistently displayed their passion for the sport and a desire to improve.

The Ripley community can remain proud of their dedicated athletes, who, despite the odds, showcased resilience and sportsmanship throughout the 2022 season. As the offseason approaches, the Vikings will regroup, refine their skills, and prepare to embark on a new campaign, driven by their unwavering determination to rise above expectations and leave their mark on the football field.


2023 Outlook

Heading into the upcoming 2023 football season, the Ripley Vikings, led by Head Coach Steve Sayre in his fourth year with the program, are determined to bounce back after a challenging 3-7 campaign last year. With a strong roster comprising talented players and a renewed sense of determination, the Vikings are ready to leave their mark on the gridiron.

One of the key figures for the Vikings will be quarterback Virgil Myers, a seasoned senior, whose experience and leadership will be instrumental in guiding the team’s offensive efforts. Myers has shown great potential in the past and is expected to take charge of the Vikings’ passing game, connecting with skilled wide receiver Parker Boyd. Boyd’s speed and agility make him a potent threat in the receiving corps, capable of making big plays downfield.

The offensive line will rely on the expertise of senior Bradley Anderson to anchor the front. Anderson’s strength and technique will be crucial in creating openings for running back Aydin Domico. Domico, another senior, possesses the speed and vision necessary to exploit any gaps and break through the opposing defense.

On the defensive side of the ball, linebackers Collen Moore and Noah Casto will lead the charge. Both seniors, Moore and Casto bring a tenacious attitude and a knack for reading plays, making them formidable forces against the run. Their tackling prowess will be vital in stifling opposing offenses and turning the tide in favor of the Vikings.

Another player to watch is versatile athlete Tyson Pritt, who will feature at both quarterback and safety. Pritt’s ability to contribute on both sides of the ball adds an element of surprise and flexibility to the Vikings’ game plan. His speed and agility make him a threat in the open field, and his presence on defense will bolster the secondary.

The Vikings’ schedule for the 2023 season will feature several high-stakes matchups. Rivalry games against Oak Hill, St. Albans, and Shady Spring will undoubtedly generate intense excitement among the team and the community alike. These games will serve as critical tests for the Vikings, offering them opportunities to prove their mettle against formidable opponents.

As the 2023 football season approaches, the Ripley Vikings, under the guidance of Coach Steve Sayre, have their sights set on redemption. With a talented roster led by experienced seniors and promising underclassmen, the Vikings aim to transform their disappointing previous season into a triumphant campaign. Fans eagerly anticipate the kickoff, hoping to witness the Vikings’ resurgence and the exciting football they are capable of producing.

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2023 Ripley Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AAA
  • City: Ripley
  • County: Jackson
  • Superintendent: William Hosaflook
  • Principal: Luke Swiney
  • Assistant Principal: Jeff Banton, Jeff Haskins
  • Athletic Director: Steven Lough, LAT, ATC
  • Head Coach: Stephen Sayre
  • Assistant Coaches: Shane Casto, Ed Smolder, Bradley Knotts, William Smithson, Dan Starcher, Luke Hall
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Steve Lough, LAT ATC, Kelly Fluty, MPT, LAT ATC, Student Aides: Abby Eastman, Jillyanne Butler, Mya Phalen, Zoe Baldwin, Macie Boggess, Aubree Brabham
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Rikki Thompson
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Vikings
  • Band Director: Randall MIller, Hilary Groves
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers:
  • Statistician: Brian Johnson
  • Video: Mountain Top Media
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    2 SE/DB Noah Casto 11 5’10 160

    3 RB/DB Chris Jenkins 11 6’0 165

    4 SE/DB Kyndyll Butler 9 5’6 120

    5 SE/DB Conner Casto 12 6’3 160

    6 SE/DB Ryan Campbell 10 5’10 145

    7 SE/DB Parker Boyd 12 6’3 155

    9 TE/DE Carter Neal 10 6’6 210

    10 SE/DB Caleb Parsons 10 5’9 150

    11 QB/LB Tyson Pritt 11 6’0 180

    12 RB/DB Mason Philyaw 10 5’8 140

    15 SE/LB Jamie Shinn 10 6’0 175

    17 K/P Devin Rader 11 6’0 150

    18 QB/DB Jackson Moore 9 5’10 150

    20 RB/DB Aydin Domico 12 5’6 150

    22 K Mason Gandee 11 5’9 150

    23 SE/DB Connor Pritt 10 5’10 150

    26 RB/DB Peyton Keller 9 5’7 160

    27 RB/DB Parker Keller 9 5’7 150

    28 RB/LB Michael Vaughn 11 5’11 180

    30 RB CJ Harper 12 5’9 160

    31 RB/DB Elijah Huffman 9 5’11 155

    32 SE/DB Wyatt Oakes 9 5’11 140

    33 SE/DB Trey Adkins 10 5’6 145

    34 RB/DB Avery Kay 9 5’5 120

    45 TE/DE Cooper Merritt 10 6’0 190

    46 SE/DB Cooper Eastman 9 5’10 135

    50 OL/LB Collen Moore 12 5’10 180

    51 OL/DL Brandon Angel 11 5’10 192

    53 OL/LB Mason Fluty 12 5’10 230

    54 OL/DL Luke Lowry 12 6’0 250

    55 OL/DL Ryan Dawson 9 6’0 200

    56 OL/DL Ian King 9 5’11 230

    57 OL/DL Chase Rhodes 9 5’9 175

    60 OL/DL Nikolas Meredith 10 6’0 290

    62 OL/DL Bradley Anderson 12 6’0 250

    63 OL/DL Noah Hall 11 6’1 230

    65 OL Dylan Martin 11 5’10 230

    66 OL/DL Noah Freshour 9 6’3 260

    67 OL/DL Asher Nelson 10 5’11 275

    68 OL/LB Jackson Stover 10 5’9 170

    73 OL/DL Zander Stalnaker 11 6’0 220

    74 OL/DL Gavon Hamon 9 5’11 200

    77 OL/DL Ryan Greathouse 11 6’1 260

    78 OL/DL Ryan Burdette 10 6’5 320

    79 OL/DL Freddie Stevens 12 6’2 230

    81 SE/DB William McCoy 9 5’9 140

    89 TE/DE Parker Smith 9 5’11 163