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2023 Point Pleasant Football Schedule

08/25 Greenbrier East | VIEW

09/01 Gallia Academy (OH) | VIEW

09/15 @ Scott | VIEW

09/22 @ Warren Local (OH) | VIEW

09/29 @ Fort Frye (OH) | VIEW

10/06 Mingo Central | VIEW

10/13 Marietta (OH) | VIEW

10/20 Robert C. Byrd | VIEW

10/27 Ripley | VIEW

11/03 @ Winfield | VIEW

2022 Recap

The Point Pleasant football team of 2022 left a mark on the gridiron, showcasing their potential despite narrowly missing out on a playoff berth. With a record of 5-5, the team’s alternating wins and losses throughout the season highlighted their ability to compete with formidable opponents. However, three closely contested defeats to Gallia Academy, Scott, and Robert C. Byrd proved to be the determining factors that kept them out of the playoffs.

One notable aspect of the Point Pleasant team was their youth. Despite their relative inexperience, the players demonstrated impressive skill and determination, setting the stage for future success. With every game, they grew more cohesive as a unit, showing great promise for the seasons to come.

Offensively, Point Pleasant displayed an impressive scoring prowess, averaging 28 points per game. Their ability to put points on the board showcased the team’s offensive depth and talent. Whether through explosive plays or methodical drives, they consistently found ways to challenge opposing defenses.

On the defensive end, Point Pleasant proved themselves to be a formidable force. They allowed an average of 19 points per game, showcasing their ability to stifle opponents and keep games within reach. Their defensive unit exhibited discipline and tenacity, working in tandem to shut down opposing offenses and create opportunities for their own team.

Despite their commendable performance, the Point Pleasant team faced disappointment when they fell short of the playoffs. Despite being ranked highly in the Coalfields & Co Formula’s, the team lacked the necessary playoff points to secure a spot. They were the highest rated team to not make the playoffs. Nevertheless, the team’s overall performance did not go unnoticed, earning them respect and admiration from both their opponents and supporters.

In conclusion, the Point Pleasant football team of 2022 showcased their talent and resilience throughout the season, alternating wins and losses. Although they narrowly missed out on the playoffs due to three close defeats, their impressive offensive output and defensive capabilities set the stage for a bright future. With the experience gained from last year, the team is primed to make a strong comeback and solidify their position among the top contenders in their league.


2023 Outlook

As the fall season approaches, football fans in Point Pleasant are eagerly anticipating the return of their beloved team. Led by the experienced David Darst, the 2023 Point Pleasant football team is set to make a significant impact on the gridiron. With an impressive 21 starters returning from last season, the squad is primed to take the field with confidence and determination.

One of the key strengths of this year’s team lies in its exceptional lineup of impact players. Linebacker Dylan Keefer brings his relentless pursuit and strong tackling skills, while offensive lineman Kolton Weaver provides stability and protection for the team’s offensive unit. On the defensive side of the ball, cornerback Andrew Schoon showcases his speed and agility, while wide receiver Dawson Rollins adds a dynamic threat to the passing game. Defensive lineman Cole Miller and linebacker Conner Hatten further bolster the team’s defensive prowess, making them a formidable force to reckon with.

However, it’s not just the impact players who make this team noteworthy. Point Pleasant’s roster is teeming with talent and potential. Linebacker Nate Nentz, running back Brody Bowen, and quarterback Jason Hughes exhibit great promise, offering versatility and skill in their respective positions. Defensive lineman Logan Higginbotham and offensive lineman Connor Buckle contribute to the team’s strength in the trenches, while running back Caden Hill and placekicker Alex Shrader provide additional depth and scoring opportunities. Wide receiver Reece Hunt adds to the team’s offensive arsenal with his reliable hands and playmaking ability.

While the 2023 Point Pleasant football team faces a challenging schedule, their wealth of experience will serve as a significant advantage. With the majority of their starters returning, the players have developed a strong chemistry and understanding of each other’s abilities, which will be vital in overcoming tough opponents. Their dedication and hard work during the offseason have undoubtedly prepared them for the battles that lie ahead.

As the season unfolds, football enthusiasts would be wise to keep an eye on Point Pleasant. Though they may be considered a sleeper team, this underdog squad has the potential to surprise opponents and make their mark on the field. With an experienced roster, a talented coaching staff, and the determination to succeed, the Point Pleasant football team is poised for a powerful and memorable season.

As the countdown to kickoff begins, the anticipation and excitement among Point Pleasant fans continue to build. With their favorite team on the cusp of greatness, supporters eagerly await the opportunity to cheer on the 2023 Point Pleasant football team as they aim for victory and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming fall season.

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2023 Point Pleasant Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AA
  • City: Point Pleasant
  • County: MASON
  • Superintendent: Tim Hardesty
  • Principal: William Cottrill
  • Assistant Principal: Kent Price, James Higginbotham, Chris Odell, DeHainaut
  • Athletic Director: Kent Price
  • Head Coach: David Darst
  • Assistant Coaches: Terry Rollins, James Higginbotham, BJ Grady Dave Withrow , Tracy McCormick , Matt Cottrill, Chris Odell, Jack Cullen
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Nate Chapman
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Cathy Fisher
  • Cheerleaders: Addison Snyder,Aliya Peck, Allison Crawford, Callee Fowler, Erin Dabney, Grace Thompson, Kaylie Joslin, Khloie Peck, Kinsey Taylor, McKenna Richards, Olivia Stanley, Savannah Siders, Morgan Johnson, Caitlyn Durst, Karsyn Lewis, Taylor Hacker, Celena Brown, Azzuria Russell, Shayla Snead
  • Nickname: BIG BLACKS
  • Band Director: Ben Loudin
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers:
  • Statistician: Jeremy Bryant, Chris Payne
  • Video: Andy Layton
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    2 WR/DB Anthony Marrero 10 5’8 145

    3 WR/DB Jordan Elliott 12 5’8 150

    6 QB/DE Parker Boles 10 5’10 155

    8 RB/DB Caden Hill 10 6’1 180

    9 RB/DB Jarius Robinson 9 5’9 160

    10 WR/DB Max Egger 10 5’6 135

    11 QB/DB Andrew Schoon 12 5’8 128

    13 QB/DB Austin Keefer 9 5’9 140

    14 QB/LB Nathan Bentz 12 5’9 155

    15 WR/DB Braxton Whittington 10 5’10 150

    16 QB/DB Jason Hughes 12 6’0 145

    16 RB/DB Hayden Hunt 9 5’9 155

    17 RB/LB Conner Hatten 11 5’11 185

    18 WR/DB Braxton Bauer 9 5’7 125

    19 QB/DB Asher Robinson 11 5’10 170

    19 QB/DB Quinlan Jones 10 6’1 168

    21 RB/DB Landon Long 10 5’7 140

    22 WR/DB Wyatt Meadows 9 5’9 150

    24 PK Alex Shrader 11 5’10 150

    25 WR/DB Brandon Black 10 5’7 135

    26 WR/DB Reece Hunt 11 5’11 140

    27 QB/DB Dawson Rollins 12 6’0 155

    28 WR/DB Branson Rollins 10 5’10 155

    32 RB/DB Brady Bowen 10 5’9 160

    32 RB/LB Isaiah Leport 9 5’10 165

    39 WR/DB Kaeda Gibbs 10 5’7 140

    44 FB/LB Ethan Jordan 12 5’10 145

    45 RB/LB Tristan Rainey 12 5’9 170

    45 TE/DE Gage McCoy 10 6’2 180

    46 WR/DB Isaiah Brown 9 6’0 150

    47 WR/DE Andrew Whittington 10 5’8 145

    52 OL/DL Dylan Keefer 12 5’9 210

    54 OL/DL Cole Miller 12 6’2 210

    55 OL/DL Brody Pearson 11 6’2 215

    55 Trenton Harmon 11

    57 OL/DL Garrett Turley 12 6’3 220

    58 OL/DL Hunter Lucas 10 5’10 165

    59 OL/DL Gavin Massie 10 6’0 185

    63 OL/DL Matthew Shull 10 6’1 285

    64 OL/LB Thomas Mcgraw 11 5’8 175

    66 OL/DL Hayden Moorehouse 10 5’11 190

    68 OL/DL Caleb Jones 11 5’10 220

    68 OL/DL Baine Grimm 10 6’0 190

    69 OL/DL Gage Devault 10 6’2 185

    70 OL/DL Logan Higginbotham 12 6’1 186

    72 OL/DL Scottie Snead 9 6’0 230

    73 OL/DL Conner Buckle 11 6’2 224

    73 OL/DL Owen Lamber 9 6’1 275

    74 OL/DL Kolten Weaver 12 6’1 255

    75 OL/DL Jared Robinson 10 5’10 165

    76 OL/DL Hunter Raike 9 6’5 295

    77 OL/DL Landon Warner 9 5’5 195

    78 OL/DL Josh Chapman 12 6’5 255

    79 OL/DL Robbie Hall 12 5’10 207

    88 TE/DE Owen Pursley 9 6’1 225