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2023 Parkersburg Football Schedule

08/25 @ St. Albans | VIEW

09/01 @ Riverside | VIEW

09/08 @ South Charleston | VIEW

09/15 Parkersburg South | VIEW

09/22 Cabell Midland | VIEW

09/29 George Washington | VIEW

10/13 Huntington | VIEW

10/20 Capital | VIEW

10/27 @ Spring Valley | VIEW

11/03 @ Musselman | VIEW

2022 Recap

The 2022 football season brought a fresh start for the Parkersburg Big Reds as they embarked on their journey under the leadership of new head coach Matt Kimes. While the team’s 4-6 record may not reflect an overwhelmingly successful campaign, the season was filled with moments of promise and marked the beginning of a new era for the Big Reds.

Ups and Downs

Throughout the season, the Parkersburg Big Reds showcased glimpses of their potential, securing four notable victories over Capital, South Charleston, Riverside, and St. Albans. These wins demonstrated the team’s ability to rise to the occasion and perform at a high level when it mattered most. They proved that under Coach Kimes’ guidance, the Big Reds new culture was taking and growth was occurring. One area of concern for the team was their defensive performance. While the offense managed to score an average of 27 points per game, the defense struggled, allowing an average of 32 points per game.

Promising Outlook

Despite the setbacks faced by the Parkersburg Big Reds, the 2022 season provided a solid foundation for future growth and success. Under Coach Kimes’ leadership, the team displayed a competitive spirit and the ability to secure crucial victories. The ups and downs experienced throughout the year will serve as valuable lessons that the team can build upon in the coming seasons.



The 2022 Parkersburg Big Reds season marked the start of a promising new era under the leadership of head coach Matt Kimes. Despite finishing the season with a 4-6 record, the team showed flashes of brilliance in their victories over Capital, South Charleston, Riverside, and St. Albans. While defensive challenges persisted, the season laid the groundwork for growth and improvement. With Coach Kimes at the helm, the Parkersburg Big Reds can look forward to a future filled with opportunities to refine their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

2023 Outlook

As the Parkersburg Big Reds football team gears up for the 2023 season, there is an air of excitement and anticipation surrounding the program. With the second year of Coach Matt Kimes’ era underway, the team is eager to showcase the major growth they have been working towards both on and off the field. The recent upgrades to the facilities, including the remodeled locker room and weight room, have provided a boost to the team’s morale and motivation.

Returning to the field with a wealth of experience, the Big Reds boast an impressive lineup of 13 starters. These players have honed their skills and developed a deep understanding of the system, providing a strong foundation for the team’s success. With their sights set on greatness, the Big Reds are poised to make waves in the 2023 season.

One of the key players to watch is quarterback David Parsons. Parsons possesses excellent leadership qualities and a strong arm, making him a formidable force on the field. With his ability to read defenses and make accurate passes, he is expected to lead the team’s offense effectively.

Wide receiver, defensive back, and kicker Casey Stanley is another player to keep an eye on. Stanley’s versatility and athleticism allow him to contribute on multiple fronts. Whether it’s making clutch catches as a receiver, locking down opposing receivers in the defensive backfield, or providing reliable kicking, Stanley is a valuable asset to the team.

Andrew Stalnaker, a wide receiver and strong safety, brings his speed and agility to both offense and defense. Stalnaker’s ability to stretch the field as a receiver and deliver bone-crushing hits on defense make him a dynamic player to watch out for.

Matthew Stalnaker, a tight end and linebacker, is a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. With his size, strength, and football IQ, Stalnaker can dominate as a receiver and provide crucial stops on defense. His presence on the field will undoubtedly make an impact for the Big Reds.

Anthony Ice, another wide receiver, adds depth to the team’s offensive arsenal. Ice’s reliable hands and route-running ability make him a valuable target for Parsons. His contributions in the passing game will be instrumental in the team’s offensive success.

Beyond these key players, the Big Reds have a roster filled with promising athletes. Caleb Norman and Jake Bauman, offensive and defensive tackles respectively, anchor the line of scrimmage with their size and strength. Their ability to create holes for the running game and disrupt opposing offenses will be vital to the team’s success.

Eli Bauman, a tight end and linebacker, brings versatility and toughness to the team. Bauman’s ability to make plays in both the passing and running game, along with his tenacity on defense, makes him a valuable asset.

Jakob Shelton, Zane Lewis, Cyrus Backus, Ethan Jones, and Sylas Cheuvront, all contributing in various positions on offense and defense, round out the talented roster of the Big Reds. Their dedication and commitment to the team’s success will be crucial as they aim to make their mark on the field.

While the road ahead is not without challenges, the Parkersburg Big Reds are a storied program with a rich history. With the clear progress they have shown under Coach Matt Kimes’ leadership, it is evident that they are on their way back to greatness. The team’s upgraded facilities, combined with the experience and talent of their returning starters, provide a solid foundation for success in the 2023 season.

As the season unfolds, football enthusiasts and fans of the Big Reds can expect an exciting brand of football from this determined and driven team. With their sights set on growth, the Parkersburg Big Reds are poised to make their mark and reclaim their place among the state’s top football programs.

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