Week Seven Fight Card


(Out of 77)

56 – Writer2
56 – Shotgun Writer
56 – Writer Out of Ink
52 – El Writer
52 – Third Writer
51 – Wide Writer




River View at Montcalm

River View and Montcalm came into 2018 with high hopes.  Both have yet to get a win past the halfway point.  The Generals fell to four straight teams out of Virginia and then to a red hot Van team.  River View has fell to out-of-states too but in recent weeks have put up honorable points against Man and Wyoming East.  Both of these teams are desperately searching for a morale building win, and someone will walk with it this Friday.

El Writer (River View)
Writer2 (River View)
Third Writer (River View)
Wide Writer (Montcalm)
Shotgun Writer (River View)
Writer OOI (Montcalm)

C&C Prediction: River View (38) Montcalm (7)



Clay County at Roane County

One week after losing their first game of the season to Independence, Clay County travels over to Roane.  Roane County has had a much better year than their winless 2017, and that has a lot to do with Danny Bush.  They have knocked off St. Marys and Braxton County.  Clay County’s 4-0 start was to unlikely candidates and showed dominance by two-way stars Joel Cruickshanks and Caleb Wynn.  Their strength of schedule won’t get them in at 7-3 (possibly) so every game from here on matters completely.

El Writer (Clay County)
Writer2 (Roane County)
Third Writer (Clay County)
Wide Writer (Clay County)
Shotgun Writer (Roane County)
Writer OOI (Clay County)

C&C Prediction: Clay County (28) Roane County (14)



Princeton at Ripley

Ripley has jumped out to 4-1 with the departure of their MSAC schedule.  Only an opening loss to Parkersburg South is their blemish.  The Vikings are led by playmaking backs Robert Evans and Josh Kay while Caydan Keeler is one of the top sackers in the state.  They will host a winless Princeton Tiger team that has hung around with Bluefield and Musselman for a bit behind the dual-threat playmaking of QB Ranson Graham.  The Tigers need a first win, and this could be the perfect trap game for Ripley.

El Writer (Ripley)
Writer2 (Princeton)
Third Writer (Ripley)
Wide Writer (Ripley)
Shotgun Writer (Ripley)
Writer OOI (Ripley)

C&C Prediction: Ripley (42) Princeton (21)



Greenbrier West at Pocahontas County

Not many expected Pocahontas County to be sitting at 3-3 after the loss of such a great senior class.  Now, they come into week seven controlling their own fate.  That opens the door for a secretly talented 1-5 Greenbrier West.  To put their losses in perspective, their last four falls came by 7 to Covington (VA), 6 to Webster County, 5 to Summers County, and 5 to James Monroe.  One score going another way each game and Greenbrier West comes into this game at 5-1.  Could they cut the late season run short?

El Writer (Greenbrier West)
Writer2 (Greenbrier West)
Third Writer (Pocahontas County)
Wide Writer (Pocahontas County)
Shotgun Writer (Greenbrier West)
Writer OOI (Greenbrier West)

C&C Prediction: Greenbrier West (35) Pocahontas County (24)




South Charleston at Woodrow Wilson

In AAA, the playoff race never seems quite over until seven losses.  South Charleston has held close early with several of the top teams in the state.  QB Shyleik Kinney has played noteworthy against stout competition and the Black Eagle defense has its moments with Drew Joseph and Zeiqui Lawton.  They are winless while Woodrow Wilson comes in with two wins against Greenbrier East and Riverside.  The Flying Eagles, before their bye week, went down to the wire with Hurricane.  With Cabell Midland, Capital, George Washington, and Bluefield left on the schedule- this one really matters.

El Writer (Woodrow Wilson)
Writer2 (South Charleston)
Third Writer (Woodrow Wilson)
Wide Writer (Woodrow Wilson)
Shotgun Writer (South Charleston)
Writer OOI (South Charleston)

C&C Prediction: Woodrow Wilson (17) South Charleston (14)



Hurricane at #3 Huntington

The last time these two butted heads, Hurricane almost had one of the biggest upset of the playoffs in 2017- falling on a two-point conversion.  Behind their talented line, Ty Wilcoxon has thrived but left the game last week injured.  Hurricane has their own talented runner, Christian Hill, who has put up big numbers no matter who they played.  With a capable defense, this one might get interesting for the Redskins and Highlanders.

El Writer (Huntington)
Writer2 (Huntington)
Third Writer (Huntington)
Wide Writer (Huntington)
Shotgun Writer (Huntington)
Writer OOI (Huntington)

C&C Prediction: Huntington (28) Hurricane (10)


Tyler Consolidated at #3 Williamstown

Williamstown has looked real good since their opening loss to Wheeling Central.  Donathan Taylor and Carter Haynes have been paramount in this five game winstreak as well as Kole Sutton- a ball hawk in the secondary.  Tyler has won three straight with the offensive duo of Griffin Phillips and Mark Rucker.  Their lone losses are to Ritchie County and Doddridge County.  Their Yellowjacket matchup starts another stint of tough games.

El Writer (Williamstown)
Writer2 (Williamstown)
Third Writer (Williamstown)
Wide Writer (Williamstown)
Shotgun Writer (Williamstown)
Writer OOI (Williamstown)

C&C Prediction: Williamstown (35) Tyler Consolidated (21)



#9 Morgantown at #10 Wheeling Park

Though Wheeling Park comes in with only one loss, it might sting more than all three of Morgantown’s.  Their last second, comeback foiling, loss was not to say that Alex Dunlevy did not show out his passing ability.  Morgantown’s three losses have came close and hard to good teams, and this looks to be a potential trap game for the possibly hungover Patriot program.  Expect a hogmolly battle in the pits, hard nose running, and well-timed passing by both mobile quarterbacks.

El Writer (Morgantown)
Writer2 (Morgantown)
Third Writer (Wheeling Park)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Park)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Park)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Park)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Park (38) Morgantown (32)




#8 George Washington at #7 Parkersburg

On the otherside, the Patriots and Big Reds come into Week Seven riding a good high.  George Washington impressed with a 24-13 win over Hurricane while Parkersburg, of course, held on to defeat an unbeaten Wheeling Park.  This game will feature two prolific quarterbacks, Grant Wells and Jake Johnson, and could have all the makings to be one of the most exciting games to see this week while also having a lot on the lines in terms of playoff points.

El Writer (George Washington)
Writer2 (George Washington)
Third Writer (Parkersburg)
Wide Writer (Parkersburg)
Shotgun Writer (George Washington)
Writer OOI (Parkersburg)

C&C Prediction: George Washington (43) Parkersburg (42)



Tolsia at #7 Mount View

Mount View, #1 in the SSAC ratings, will face their toughest test to date.  With stars allure such as Jesse Rose, Elijah Barner, Marqus Ray, and breakout runner Ty Powell- they have been rarely challenged.  Their speed will host a big Tolsia Rebel team.  The Rebels schedule does not get any easier so they need this win badly.  Devon Crum comes in as the Rebel star on offense and defense.  It will be a telling matchup between where both teams stand.

El Writer (Mount View)
Writer2 (Tolsia)
Third Writer (Mount View)
Wide Writer (Mount View)
Shotgun Writer (Tolsia)
Writer OOI (Mount View)

C&C Prediction: Mount View (42) Tolsia (17)



#6 Hedgesville at #5 Musselman

It’s been awhile since someone from the panhandle knocked off Musselman other than Martinsburg.  The Eagles looked prime to do so.  With one of their best lines in years, an improving defense, and the offensive trio of Owie Ash, N’iyjere Smith, and Malakai Brown- they look deserving as the #6 team in the state.  Musselman, led by Blake Hartman, is coming off a road win over Morgantown that was well earned.  A clash of styles, and a favorable playoff seed is what is up for grabs.

El Writer (Musselman)
Writer2 (Musselman)
Third Writer (Hedgesville)
Wide Writer (Hedgesville)
Shotgun Writer (Musselman)
Writer OOI (Hedgesville)

C&C Prediction: Musselman (28) Hedgesville (21)



#7 Weir at #1 Fairmont Senior

The Red Riders have picked up important wins against Petersburg and James Monroe.  Their blown loss to Keyser is indicative of playing without two-way star QB/DE Tyler Komorowski.  They have had to lean on Donovan Kirby all year especially since the injury.  Meanwhile, Fairmont Senior has decimated everyone in their path.  Connor Neal leads the Kennedy race alongside an incredible stable of backs and receivers.  We will see how big the gap truly is between #1 and everyone else.

El Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Writer2 (Fairmont Senior)
Third Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Wide Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Shotgun Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Writer OOI (Fairmont Senior)

C&C Prediction: Fairmont Senior (49) Weir (13)




Sherando (VA) at #1 Martinsburg

Besides Capital and Spring Valley or Spring Valley and Huntington, this game might hold the most overall talent from both sides on a West Virginia field this year.  The Bulldogs have proven to be every bit as good as last year and come into Week Seven one game away from setting the all-time winstreak record in West Virginia history.  Led by a two-QB system of Grant Harman and Elijah Banks, quick wideouts Jarod Bowie and Teddy Marshall, dual runners Dewayne Grantham and Naieem Kearney, and a sackmaster/special teams phenom RJ Barrett- these Bulldogs look to defeat Sherando by more than a last second field like in 2017.

El Writer (Sherando)
Writer2 (Martinsburg)
Third Writer (Martinsburg)
Wide Writer (Martinsburg)
Shotgun Writer (Martinsburg)
Writer OOI (Martinsburg)

C&C Prediction: Martinsburg (24) Sherando (20)


WV Prep Football Stat Leaders (Week Six)

** = not updated from prior week



1) 1805 – Will Hackney (Sissonville)
2) 1768 – Connor Neal (Fairmont Senior)
3) 1464 – Jake Johnson (Parkersburg)
4) 1423 – Grant Wells (George Washington)
5) 1409 – Daylin Goad (Mingo Central)
6) 1384 – Logan Holgorsen (University)
7) 1355 – Owie Ash (Hedgesville)
8) 1258 – Kole Puffenberger (Pendleton County)



1) 23 – Will Hackney (Sissonville)
2) 22 – Connor Neal (Fairmont Senior)
3) 21 – Kole Puffenberger (Pendleton County)
4) 17 – Nick Chaney (Oak Glen)
5) 16 – Jake Johnson (Parkersburg)
5) 16 – Logan Holgorsen (University)
5) 16 – Owie Ash (Hedgesville)
8) 15 – Daylin Goad (Mingo Central)


1) 1311 – Hunter America (Doddridge County)
2) 1251 – Ty Sturm (Parkersburg Catholic)
3) 1133 – John Covert (Winfield)
4) 1124 – Ghovan Davidson (Robert C. Byrd)
5) 1054 – Jake Bowen (Bridgeport)
6) 951 – Andrew Ritchea (Cameron)
7) 832 – Ty Wilcoxon (Huntington)
8) 829 – Donovan Kirby (Weir)



1) 23 – Hunter America (Doddridge County)
2) 18 – Jake Bowen (Bridgeport)
2) 18 – John Covert (Winfield)
4) 17 – Donovan Kirby (Weir)
5) 16 – Andrew Ritchea (Cameron)
5) 16 – Ty Sturm (Parkersburg Catholic)
7) 13 – Jordan Dempsey (Fayetteville)
8) 12 – Ghovan Davidson (Robert C. Byrd)


1) 733 – Mayson Miller (Sissonville)
2) 706 – Malakai Brown (Hedgesville)
3) 675 – Evan Parow (University)
4) 667 – Abe Farrow (Oak Hill)
5) 541 – Drew Hatfield (Mingo Central)
6) 540 – Timothy Thorne (Pendleton County)
7) 480 – Zach Taylor (Oak Glen)
8) 454 – Devin Hatfield (Mingo Central)



1) 12 – Abe Farrow (Oak Hill)
2) 10 – Mayson Miller (Sissonville)
2) 10 – Evan Parow (University)
2) 10 – Timothy Thorne (Zach Taylor)
2) 10 – Zach Taylor (Oak Glen)
6) 9 – Michael McGee (Richwood)
7) 7 – Jake Pitman (Fairmont Senior)



1) 8.5 – Dakota Meadows (Poca)
2) 8.0 – Sean Martin (Bluefield)
2) 8.0 – Josh Jackson (Oak Hill)
4) 7.5 – Ben Gribble (University)
5) 7.0 – Caydan Keeler (Ripley)
5) 7.0 – Nick Plumley (Man)
7) 6.5 – Jerrad Price (Lincoln County)
8) 6.0 – MULTIPLE

1) 89 – Hunter Williams (Independence)
2) 73 – Jestohn Moore (Morgantown)
3) 70 – Adam Murray (Wheeling Central)
4) 69 – JT Cooper (Hurricane)
4) 69 – John Covert (Winfield)
6) 67 – Joel Cruickshanks (Clay County)***
7) 65 – MULTIPLE


1) 7 – N’iyjere Smith (Hedgesville)
2) 6 – Bronson Skeens (Poca)
3) 5 – Caleb Wynn (Clay County)
3) 5 – Kole Sutton (Williamstown)
3) 5 – Timothy Thorne (Pendleton County)

1) 6 – Timothy McCutchen (Hurricane)
1) 6 – Finnegan Hall (Hedgesville)
2) 5 – Erick Bevil (Shady Spring)
4) 4 – Kaulin Parris (Bluefield)
5) 3 – Cameron Powell (Riverside)

We want to track these stats but will need help. Email us these stats at coalfieldsco@gmail.com. Thank you.


Best Performances
Passing Yards: 397 – Will Hackney (Sissonville) / Week Two vs Logan
Passing Touchdowns: 6 – Kole Puffenberger (Pendleton) / Week One vs Notre Dame
Rushing Yards: 452 – Hunter America (Doddridge) / Week Two vs Tyler
Rushing Touchdowns: 7 – Hunter America (Doddridge) / Week Two vs Tyler
Receiving Yards: 252 – Michael McGee (Richwood) / Week One vs Webster County
Receiving Touchdowns: 5 – Michael McGee (Richwood) / Week One vs Webster County

Southern Review – WEEK SIX



#2 and #3 Live Up

In a game that unfolded to be an absolute blockbuster, “AAA” powerhouses Spring Valley and Capital met in Charleston Friday night. Kerry Martin Jr. led his team down the field and Kalai Clark pounded in the first score of the game from the 2-yard line. Shortly after, Spring Valley engineered a drive of their own and Owen Chafin eventually capped it off with a touchdown to bring the Capital lead to 7-6 at the half. When the 3rd quarter began, Spring Valley began leaning on their experienced and talented offensive line, and it eventually payed off. Spring Valley was able to chew up a large majority of the clock as Graeson Malashevich found the endzone twice in the second half to extend the Spring Valley lead. Kalai Clark would rumble into the endzone late for another Cougar score, but the Timberwolves controlled the ball for the rest of the game and rolled out of Charleston with a big upset victory. (21-13)



MSAC Contenders

The undefeated Huntington Highlanders continued their campaign last week with a matchup against the winless South Charleston Black Eagles. As usual, Huntington began the game by feeding star running back Ty Wilcoxon. Wilcoxon racked up 86 yards in the first quarter, but suffered an ankle injury that sidelined him the rest of the contest. Head Coach Billy Seals then brought in Junior Diallo Mitchell to fill the void. Behind Huntington’s solid offensive line, Mitchell went for 126 yards and two touchdowns in the first half as the Highlander defense held the Black Eagles to -3 yards of 1st half offense. Huntington cruised the rest of the game and went on to earn the 37-14 win to stay unbeaten. Coming off a thumping from seemingly-unstoppable Highlanders, the George Washington Patriots travelled to Hurricane last week to battle a Redskin team that had won two straight. The Patriots, led by Senior QB Grant Wells, marched down the field with the first possession, but had to settle for a field goal. Following a Christian Hill touchdown for Hurricane, Isaac Isabell took the ensuing kick 94 yards to give the Patriots a 10-7 halftime lead. It was a battle in the second half, but a late Grant Wells touchdown propelled George Washington to the 24-16 win.



Top AA’s March

#2 Bluefield travelled across the border into Virginia to take on a well-coached Richlands squad.  The Beavers were held in account for most of the first half until a big Chandler Cooper to Ronnell Blevins pass followed up with a long JJ Davis run.   These plays piled on top of early scores and drives led by Juice Edwards and Arnold Martin.  The Beaver defense, led by breakout defensive end Sean Martin, swarmed and kept Richlands at 10 while they pounded their way to a 44-10 victory.  Cooper would finish with over 200 yards passing.  #6 Nicholas County also remains unbeaten after a shutout victory over Roane County.  Helped by defensive scores, Jared Sagraves scored through the air and on his feet for 292 yards and three total touchdowns.  Luke LeRose, a receiver, brought in over 200 yards of those passes and both passing touchdowns.  It was never much in question.  39-0.



Cardinal Clashes

In one of the most anticipated AA showdowns in Week Six, the #5 Poca Dots took on the #9 Sissonville Indians Saturday night at Laidley field.  Will Hackney put together another solid game with yards galore and many of them going to his trusty receiver Mayson Miller.  However, it was Poca’s QB Jay Cook that held the advantage.  Balancing on a stout defense, hard running by Ethan Payne, and playmaking snags by Bronson Skeens, the Dots took command early.  Though the Indians stayed within a score nearing the half, a hail mary second quarter-ending touchdown pass took the wind out of Sissonville.  After that, the Dots slowly pulled away as they did a week prior finishing with a 40-20 win.  Secretly climbing up the ranks in the Cardinal is Chapmanville, who has won three straight.  Behind Nick Collier, who rushed for 253 yards and three scores, the Tigers continued their winning ways easily over Herbert Hoover.  Dillon Renniger neared 100 yards while QB Chase Berry passed for 138.  They move to 4-2 with the 39-0 win.



Coalfields Single As Move Forward

Top tens Sherman and Fayetteville squared up in a muddy matchup.  Early on, Sherman showed their size advantage with quick stops and a 51-yard scamper by Seth Rinchich.  The game was stalemated in the mud until Jordan Dempsey began breaking big runs- finally scoring and bringing the game to 8-6 in the second.  Right before the half, JT Hensley would manage an explosive touchdown run.  He followed that up with another in the third as Fayetteville slowed on offense.  Another fourth quarter score had the Tide up 30-6 and only a late touchdown would bring it to 30-13 final.  Midland Trail held off a late resurgence by the AA Westside Renegades.  Going into the half up 20-0 after an Austin Isaacs pass and rush touchdown and also a Cordell Lesher touchdown.  Bradie Vance brought it with 12 but the Patriots kept them at a distance to finish with a 28-14 win,and stay undefeated.




Coming off a win at Buckhannon-Upshur the Spartans of Greenbrier East kept rolling with a 14-0 win over Allegheny, VA. Cabell Midland got back to .500 with a 17 point shutout of Riverside. The Independence Patriots got their second win of the year by defeating formerly undefeated Clay County. Oak Hill was able to come away with the 7 point win after a high scoring battle with Pikeview while Van dominated winless Montcalm. T round out our review, the Tolsia Rebels improved to 4-2 by edging South Harrison 32-14 and James Monroe handed “A” Greenbrier West their 5th loss of the season in a close contest.




AAA Player of the Week: Christian Hill (RB) Hurricane

AA Player of the Week: Abe Farrow (RB/WR) Oak Hill

A Player of the Week: JT Hensley (QB) Sherman

Northern Review – WEEK SIX




AAA Blowouts

#1 Martinsburg cruised to its 34th straight victory (tying the state record) behind a ferocious first quarter against outmatched Washington.  Early rushing touchdowns by Naieem Kearney set them up early while Elijah Banks tossed the pigskin for several scores beside Trey Sine who had a few touchdowns too- it was 55-0 at the break.  They would sit on a running clock in the second half to a 67-0 victory and undefeated record heading into their game against touted Sherando (VA).  Outdoing that, #8 Hedgesville traveled to Preston to deliver a whooping.  Four different Eagles scored in the first quarter while Malakai Brown and N’iyjere Smith added more points on the ground in the second to also have it 55-0 by the half.  They too would sit on a running clock to a 72-0 blowout.  Also up north, University had a well-timed rebound game against young St. Albans.  They came out hot, forcing five turnovers (scoring on two), while also having a catch/run score by Amir Richardson and two Logan Raber runs to be up 38-0 in the first quarter.  The Hawks would sail to a much needed 60-6 victory.



Offensive/Defensive Chess Matches

#6 Musselman and #9 Morgantown put another gritty classic in their yearly series.  The Applemen rolled into Pony Lewis Stadium and were stout defensively- holding the Mohigans to under 250 yards of offense.  An early score by Tre Beard III put them up 7-0 all the way to the third quarter when Ty Konchesky broke loose for a game tying touchdown.  Ethan Wilson scored Musselman’s go ahead score and despite three turnovers, they led 14-7 late.  Morgantown drove into the redzone deep in the fourth but fumbled inside the 5 which would seal their fate in the loss.  In another classic, but on the offensive side, Parkersburg hosted undefeated #5 Wheeling Park.  The Big Reds came out swinging scoring four straight possessions while forcing three takeaways.  Jake Johnson’s three touchdown passes had them with a huge 31-7 lead early.  Ensue 21 consecutive points by Wheeling Park going into the third thanks to three Alex Dunlevy passes of his own.  However, Johnson tossed two more to stretch the lead back to 44-28.  A kick return touchdown and safety breathed life into the Patriots, who fought back to tie it at 44 midway in the fourth.  Tyler Moler put the Big Reds up 50-44 with 5:00 to go.  Dunlevy led his team back to down the field and scored on 32-yard pass with 51.5 seconds remaining.  Parkersburg’s next drive was instantly halted with an interception- however, a roughing the passer call gave them one last shot.  With 6.5 seconds on the board, the Big Reds executed a hook and ladder perfectly for a dramatic walk off game winner to take home the 57-51 victory.



Easy and Tough Big Ten Battles

#1 Fairmont Senior traveled to worthy Big Ten opponent Elkins.  Connor Neal delivered as expected with nearly 200 yards passing and four touchdowns.  Despite some early promising drives by the Tigers, three interceptions on three pass attempts was the story of their offense.  The game was never much in question.  Daniel Romans rushed for 100 yards and a score, but it was not nearly enough in the 36-7 defeat.  #4 Bridgeport struggled moreso.  Despite jumping out to a 21-0 lead, Buckhannon-Upshur scored 28 straight points behind nearly 300 total yards and four touchdowns by Buccaneers QB Ryan Strader.  D’Andre Holloway had the early scores but it was Jake Bowen who they called on late in the fourth to not only score but get the 2-point conversion to put them up 29-28.  The Indians would hold on to the win and escape the second week in a row by the skin of their teeths.



Contenders Pull Through

Keyser moved to 4-1 as they took on winless AAA Hampshire.  Riding a steady high from back-to-back comeback victories, they were not challenged often.  Their usual ground game behind Brady Clay and Caden Biser had the Golden Tornado moving early and often. The game was never much in question as they sailed to a 48-6 win.  Robert C. Byrd had more on their plate with the hungry Lewis County Minutemen.  It was a defensive showdown in the first with both teams respected lines playing tough nose football.  It wasn’t until each team’s last possession in the first half that they would score- both dime passes by Xavier Lopez and Caden Rohrbrough.  The Eagle’s used top rusher Ghovan Davidson thoroughly in the second half where he tallied 168 yards alone.  Late scores and a 47-yard field goal Lewis County’s Jared Griffith had the game at 21-17.  The Minutemen had the ball on the Eagles’ 10 but failed to capitalize and would fall after stalling out.  Robert C. Byrd moves to 4-2 while Lewis County drops to 3-3.  #7 Weir got ready for their Week Seven Fairmont Senior matchup with out-of-state Union Local.  The Red Riders used Anthony DiMatteis at QB- moving Sebastian Spencer back to receiver who was standing in for injured Tyler Komorowski.  It proved fruitful with an efficient enough pass game to allow Donovan Kirby to thrive with 196 yards and three touchdowns.  Spencer had 104 and two scores too.  Weir would win 38-13.



#1 and #2 Roll

One week after an overtime loss to Morgantown, Linsly had to take on what appears to be an even tougher Wheeling Central.  The Maroon Knights defense was physical and disruptive early behind Vinny Mangino.  Two picks by Anthony Robbins set up the offense for Curtis McGhee III to hit Robbins for three total touchdown grabs.  Linsly struggled with penalties as well and didn’t get substantial points until late.  The Maroon Knights would go on to win impressively 31-14.  Pendleton County took on undefeated #9 Tucker County in what turned into a defensive chess match that was scoreless at the half and a combined teams’ totals of 169 yards.  In the second half, Pendleton County had an interception set them up for a Kole Puffenberger touchdown pass and two-point conversion.  Later on, Puffenberger had a long run that scored and put this defensive battle to rest 16-0.  #2 Doddridge County went into their matchup with Wirt County with state-leading rusher Hunter America on the bench due to disciplinary reasons.  The Bulldogs showed they are a team and QB Tanner Lett let loose with nearly 200 yards passing and several scores.  Up 29-0 as the second half started, America entered the game and proceeded to run for 138 yards and three scores in the third alone.  Wirt County only totaled 14 yards of offense in their 56-0 loss.



North West Single A Contenders

#10 Parkersburg Catholic remained unbeaten thanks to another stat packed performance by Ty Sturm.  Sturm, who scored on his first three touches, finished with 281 yards.  Valley (Wetzel) turnovers constantly turned into Sturm touchdowns through the second quarter.  Though the Crusader ground game kept their distance, the Lumberjacks still battled to the end including two fourth quarter scores.  It was not nearly enough in their 57-24 loss.  #3 Williamstown stretched their winstreak to five as well dominating St. Marys.  The Blue Devils actually held a 7-6 advantage in the second quarter but it was quickly diminished by Donathan Taylor and Carter Haynes, who begin rushing and passing for scores consistently.  Several big drives and important turnovers pushed this game heavily in the Yellowjackets’ favor.  They would go onto win 48-14.  Cameron, behind the Ritchea brothers, also took care of business with an obviously outmatched Paden City squad.



Several squads moved to wins in the northern side of the state as well.  John Marshall bounced back to get to 4-2 with a 34-0 goose egg of Buckeye Local (OH).  Petersburg, behind the efficient playmaking of Jacob Hartman, also shutout AA Philip Barbour in an impressive 41-0 outing.  Magnolia’s Patrick Mirandy was pivotal in a 35-0 shutout over Monroe Central (OH).  The Blue Eagles are now sitting happy at 4-2.  Ritchie County had a surprisingly dominant win over Ravenswood and sit at 4-2 also now.  Frankfort, for the first time in 2018, fell to Mountain Ridge (MD) 27-21.  The playoff pictures are starting to become clearer every week yet the field is incredibly wide open.



AAA Player of the Week: Jake Johnson (QB) Parkersburg

AA Player of the Week: Ghovan Davidson (RB) Robert C. Byrd

A Player of the Week: Anthony Robbins (WR/DB) Wheeling Central

Kennedy Watch Update (Week Six)

Gathering Attention

Ty Wilcoxon (RB) Huntington

Ty Sturm (RB) Parkersburg Catholic

Graeson Malashevich (ATH) Spring Valley




#5 Malakai Brown


Brown keeps performing.  The junior wide receiver even saw some carries this weekend and scored.  He didn’t get a large amount of touches because the Eagles dominated early and often in a 72-0 whooping on Preston.  Brown is having an incredible year but it’s hard to predict him as a Kennedy Winner with the odds stacked against receivers.  However, he is doing all he can.


#4 Hunter America


America did not play the first half against Wirt County but still ran for near 150 yards and three touchdowns all in the third quarter.  He still is among the top in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.  Very few AA and AAA players are putting crazy numbers so he will win in terms of prolific numbers.  It will be interesting seeing how much his stock goes up moving forward.


#3 Will Hackney


Hackney and the Indians lost their second game of the season- more than any player in the top five.  However, it was not much his fault as he still was a dual-threat statsheet stacker and scored 20 on the now #4 team in AA.  He is still very much in the race for the Kennedy but will need to not just have big games against the top 10 AA’s but also beat them.


#2 Kerry Martin Jr.


Few can doubt Martin Jr.’s value.  The Cougars lost by one score to the #2 team in the state.  He was held in check the majority of the night.  His numbers are what the offense needs, but he will most likely be passed up by some huge AA or A performers.  It will be interesting seeing how prolific he becomes into the final games and into the postseason.


#1 Connor Neal

FairmontSeniorPolarBearsNeal continues to be the favorite for the Kennedy.  He made lightwork of a Big Ten opponent tossing for nearly 200 yards and four touchdowns in less than four quarters.  His efficiency has been staggering.  He gets yet another statement game next week as they host Weir.  For now, this is Neal’s to lose.

Week Six Fight Card

Writer’s Standings

(Out of 64)

50 – Writer2
47 – Shotgun Writer
47 – Writer Out of Ink
45 – El Writer
45 – Third Writer
45 – Wide Writer



Valley (Fayette) at Meadow Bridge

There are a lot of similarities between these two squads.  Both face some of the lowest enrollment numbers in their school history which has consolidation looming over their heads.  However, this age old rivalry gets played at least one more time.  Valley (Fayette) has started out winless under some new faces at important skill positions.  Their five losses have to came to teams with a combined loss total of three!  Meadow Bridge, behind two-way horse Caleb Richmond, has fell to similarily tough opponents and even pulled a 14-0 win over Clay-Battelle.  An age old classic.

El Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Writer2 (Meadow Bridge)
Third Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Wide Writer (Valley)
Shotgun Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Writer OOI (Meadow Bridge)

C&C Prediction: Meadow Bridge (19) Valley (9)


(A) Moorefield at Berkeley Springs

Moorefield definitely had the breakage of their lengthy losing streak coming.  This small but hard hitting team led by Matt Jenkins and all-state kicker Atikilt Tamiru finally broke the barrier in big fashion in Week Four getting their first win in years.  Now, they take on a struggling AA program that has not won under a freshly hired head coach.  With two out-of-states, Frankfort, Petersburg, and Keyser- the Indians road so far has not been easy.  Who comes out on top in this battle of attempted turnarounds?

El Writer (Berkeley Springs)
Writer2 (Berkeley Springs)
Third Writer (Moorefield)
Wide Writer (Berkeley Springs)
Shotgun Writer (Moorefield)
Writer OOI (Berkeley Springs)

C&C Prediction: Berkeley Springs (21) Moorefield (7)



Lincoln at East Fairmont

Lincoln escaped with a 3-0 win to start the year against Braxton County.  Since then, they have been outscored 119-12.  Obviously struggling to replace their star QB of years’ past, they have leaned on RB/LB Hunter Moore.  He will be vital as they take on an equally struggling East Fairmont.  The Bees held close in their first two games with Elkins and Grafton but no such fate for Bridgeport and North Marion.  For both, this is the more even of matchups they will face this year and important potential win.

El Writer (Lincoln)
Writer2 (Lincoln)
Third Writer (Lincoln)
Wide Writer (East Fairmont)
Shotgun Writer (Lincoln)
Writer OOI (East Fairmont)

C&C Prediction: Lincoln (13) East Fairmont (0)



Nitro at Logan

Neither of these teams is having the year they wanted but also there have been plenty of positives behind both coming under new head coaches.  Nitro has held their own with several including a close loss to AAA St. Albans and even a big win over Herbert Hoover.  Logan’s lone win comes to Single A Man, however, they have put up 30+ points back-to-back weeks against Poca and Winfield.  Both rely on star athletes: Zhantei Calloway for Nitro and Chucky Felder for Logan.

El Writer (Nitro)
Writer2 (Logan)
Third Writer (Logan)
Wide Writer (Logan)
Shotgun Writer (Logan)
Writer OOI (Logan)

C&C Prediction: Logan (55) Nitro (35)





#5 Wheeling Park at Parkersburg

Nothing is better than two traditional big dogs going at it.  This produced a big win last year and now, it has the potential to do the same.  Parkersburg, who has losses all from top ten teams, needs a win and a win badly.  Wheeling Park has rolled this year behind the ground game of Alex Dunlevy and Kenya Robinson.  Their stellar defense will need to be as tough as usual to slowdown all-state back Tyler Moler and ever-improving QB Jake Johnson who has found a better rhythm thanks to the return of Brenton Strange.  We’re excited for this one.

El Writer (Parkersburg)
Writer2 (Wheeling Park)
Third Writer (Parkersburg)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Park)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Park)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Park)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Park (38) Parkersburg (28)



Lewis County at Robert C. Byrd

What do Lewis County and Robert C. Byrd have in common?  Several things actually.  Both have only lost to powerhouses Fairmont Senior and Bridgeport.  Both have huge linemen up front.  Both have experienced quarterbacks with all-state runningbacks.  And both need this win desperately in terms of quality points.  AA is a menace to reach the postseason so you bet your tail this one matters.  Will Robert C. Byrd shake the hangover of a bruising and heartbreaking Week Five loss?

El Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Writer2 (Robert C. Byrd)
Third Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Wide Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Shotgun Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Writer OOI (Robert C. Byrd)

C&C Prediction: Robert C. Byrd (44) Lewis County (13)


#6 Sherman at Fayetteville

One loss between both of these.  Both were shutouts against top tier Single A’s.  Though everyone has bragged on Sherman’s big line, the Pirates defense has handled everyone’s offense quite well.  JT Hensley of the Tide has been phenomenal with his feet this season but not up to the amount of Jordan Dempsey.  For both Single A’s looking for the ever important home field advantage in the playoffs, this is the game to scoop plentiful points.

El Writer (Sherman)
Writer2 (Fayetteville)
Third Writer (Fayetteville)
Wide Writer (Fayetteville)
Shotgun Writer (Sherman)
Writer OOI (Sherman)

C&C Prediction: Fayetteville (30) Sherman (27)



Linsly (WV) at #1 Wheeling Central

One week after squaring up with AAA Morgantown, Linsly Prep based out of Wheeling now takes on Wheeling Central.  The Cadets got the better of the Maroon Knights in 2017 and now the favor looks to be returned.  Wheeling Central, led by reigning Huff Award winner Adam Murray, has given up seven points all season.  Co-op’ing with a dynamic offense including Curtis McGhee III and Braden Price- Linsly will have their hands full after an overtime loss a week prior.

El Writer (Linsly)
Writer2 (Linsly)
Third Writer (Wheeling Central)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Central)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Central)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Central)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Central (14) Linsly (10)





#9 Tucker County at Pendleton County

Tucker County reaches the midway point undefeated and #2 in the SSAC Ratings.  How legitimate are they?  Their biggest win to date seems to be their opener over Pocahontas County.  A strong run game and statistically sound defense is what leads this bunch.  Sound they must be taking on the aerial duo of Kole Puffenberger and Timothy Thorne.  This Wildcat squad has fallen twice- once out-of-state and once close to one-loss AA Petersburg.  This can be the point pile Pendleton needs or just another message to the state by Tucker County.

El Writer (Tucker County)
Writer2 (Pendleton County)
Third Writer (Tucker County)
Wide Writer (Pendleton County)
Shotgun Writer (Tucker County)
Writer OOI (Pendleton County)

C&C Prediction: Pendleton County (49) Tucker County (28)



#6 Musselman at #9 Morgantown

Both these top ten programs saw big wins in Week Five.  Musselman ran away from Princeton behind a five-score day by Blake Hartman whereas the Mohigans pulled away an overtime win over Linsly Prep.  Dual-threat QBs, big offensive lines, speedy backs and slots, and a lot of points are on the line.  This annual matchup is usual very unpredictable, and we expect something wild to perhaps happen again.  We’re interested to see which team shows up.

El Writer (Morgantown)
Writer2 (Morgantown)
Third Writer (Morgantown)
Wide Writer (Morgantown)
Shotgun Writer (Musselman)
Writer OOI (Musselman)

C&C Prediction: Morgantown (35) Musselman (13)



George Washington at #7 Hurricane

Hurricane finds themselves in a better position than George Washington thanks to a dominant win over Cabell Midland.  Neither team has fallen to a program that isn’t top five quality, and now the two will clash.  The Redskins defense has slowed up mostly everyone with the exception of Capital.  Few have slowed Grant Wells and his dual threat scoring ability.  This one could be the difference between a 7th seed and a 14th seed.

El Writer (Hurricane)
Writer2 (Hurricane)
Third Writer (Hurricane)
Wide Writer (George Washington)
Shotgun Writer (Hurricane)
Writer OOI (Hurricane)

C&C Prediction: Hurricane (29) George Washington (22)



#5 Poca at #9 Sissonville

Few outside of Poca High School would have the Dots walking into Sissonville undefeated.  After a very impressive runaway win over Mingo Central, they must take on another high-flying offense that has Will Hackney and Mayson Miller.  The Dots have two big names too: Bronson Skeens and Ethan Payne.  We expect yet another Cardinal shootout with the winner making a statement within the rankings.

El Writer (Poca)
Writer2 (Sissonville)
Third Writer (Poca)
Wide Writer (Poca)
Shotgun Writer (Poca)
Writer OOI (Poca)

C&C Prediction: Poca (54) Sissonville (41)





#2 Spring Valley at #3 Capital

Well, it’s here folks.  Our first rendition of the king of the MSAC and who will appear to be the biggest threat to the king up in the north.  Capital has played closer than wanted with several teams but have impressed nonetheless with their ability to make plays in any facet of the game.  That flexibility will be needed for the top-tier offensive line of the Timberwolves and relentless ground game.  However, behind their two-QB system, they seemed to have found a passing game as well.  Who knows how this one goes.

El Writer (Spring Valley)
Writer2 (Spring Valley)
Third Writer (Spring Valley)
Wide Writer (Capital)
Shotgun Writer (Capital)
Writer OOI (Spring Valley)

C&C Prediction: Spring Valley (42) Capital (21)

WV Prep Football Stat Leaders (Week Five)

*** = not updated from prior week

1) 1570 – Connor Neal (Fairmont Senior)
2) 1548 – Will Hackney (Sissonville)
3) 1409 – Daylin Goad (Mingo Central)
4) 1344 – Logan Holgorsen (University)
5) 1251 – Grant Wells (George Washington)
6) 1179 – Kole Puffenberger (Pendleton County)
7) 1088 – Owie Ash (Hedgesville)
8) 1079 – Nick Chaney (Oak Glen)


1) 21 – Will Hackney
2) 20 – Kole Puffenberger
3) 18 – Connor Neal (Fairmont Senior)
4) 15 – Logan Holgorsen (University)
4) 15 – Daylin Goad (Mingo Central)
6) 14 – Nick Chaney (Oak Glen)
7) 13 – Grant Wells (George Washington)
8) 12 – Owie Ash (Hedgesville)



1) 1173 – Hunter America (Doddridge County)
2) 970 – Ty Sturm (Parkersburg Catholic)
3) 935 – Ghovan Davidson (Robert C. Byrd)
4) 882 – Jake Bowen (Bridgeport)
5) 847 – John Covert (Winfield)
6) 801 – Ivan Vaughn (Cabell Midland)
7) 746 – Ty Wilcoxon (Huntington)
8) 738 – Desmond Fluarty (North Marion)


1) 20 – Hunter America (Doddridge County)
2) 15 – Jake Bowen (Bridgeport)
3) 14 – Donovan Kirby (Weir)
4) 12 – Jordan Dempsey (Fayetteville)
4) 12 – Ty Sturm (Parkersburg Catholic)
6) 11 – Ghovan Davidson (Robert C. Byrd)
6) 11 – John Covert (Winfield)
8) 10 – Ivan Vaughn (Cabell Midland)



1) 631 – Evan Parow (University)
2) 629 – Mayson Miller (Sissonville)
3) 622 – Malakai Brown (Hedgesville)
4) 541 – Drew Hatfield (Mingo Central)
5) 540 – Timothy Thorne (Pendleton County)
6) 494 – Abe Farrow (Oak Hill)***
7) 454 – Devin Hatfield (Mingo Central)
8) 440 – Zach Taylor (Oak Glen)


1) 10 – Timothy Thorne (Pendleton County)
2) 9 – Zach Taylor (Oak Glen)
2) 9 – Michael McGee (Richwood)
2) 9 – Mayson Miller (Sissonville)
2) 9 – Abe Farrow (Oak Hill)
6) 8 – Evan Parow (University)



1) 7.0 – Caydan Keeler (Ripley)
1) 7.0 – Nick Plumley (Man)
3) 6.5 – Jerrad Price (Lincoln County)
3) 6.5 – Ben Gribble (University)***
5) 6.0 – RJ Barrett (Martinsburg)
6) 5.0 – MULTIPLE


1) 69 – John Covert (Winfield)
2) 67 – Joel Cruickshanks (Clay County)
3) 65 – Hunter Williams (Independence)***
4) 61 – Jestohn Moore (Morgantown)
5) 58 – Christian Evans (University)
6) 54 – Adam Murray (Wheeling Central)
7) 52 – MULTIPLE

1) 6 – Bronson Skeens (Poca)
2) 5 – Elijah Posey (Fairmont Senior)
2) 5 – Caleb Wynn (Clay County)
2) 5 – Kole Sutton (Williamstown)
5) 4 – Grant Harman (Martinsburg)
5) 4 – N’iyjere Smith (Hedgesville)
5) 4 – Tanner Walls (Lincoln County)


1) 5 – Timothy McCutchen (Hurricane)
1) 5 – Finnegan Hall (Hedgesville)
1) 5 – Erick Bevil (Shady Spring)
4) 4 – Kaulin Parris (Bluefield)