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2023 North Marion Football Schedule

08/25 East Fairmont | VIEW

09/01 Preston | VIEW

09/15 Brooke | VIEW

09/22 @ Lincoln | VIEW

09/29 @ Fairmont Sr. | VIEW

10/06 @ Elkins | VIEW

10/13 Lewis County | VIEW

10/20 Herbert Hoover | VIEW

10/27 @ Roane County | VIEW

11/03 @ Liberty-Harrison | VIEW

2022 Recap

North Marion High School’s football team concluded an extraordinary season in the Class AA Semifinals, leaving their mark with a stellar 10-3 record. Under the expert guidance of head coach Daran Hays and the Huskies coaching staff the team’s performance on both offense and defense proved exceptional, leading to an unforgettable year for players and fans alike.

Offensively, the Huskies showcased their prowess, averaging an impressive 33 points per game. Fans were treated to exhilarating displays of agility, strength, and teamwork as the Huskies marched down the field. Equally impressive was the Huskies’ defensive unit, which allowed a mere 14 points per game. With a strong focus on discipline and strategy, the team demonstrated their ability to neutralize opposing offenses effectively. Throughout the season, they produced seven games where they allowed only a single score or less.

One of the season’s most memorable moments was the Huskies’ thrilling one-point victory over Roane County in the second round. The game showcased the team’s resilience and determination as they fought hard until the final whistle.

The North Marion football team’s remarkable season and their impressive journey to the Class AA Semifinals will be remembered as a magical chapter in the school’s sports history. The dedication, passion, and skill exhibited by the players, combined with the outstanding leadership of Coach Daran Hays, have undoubtedly left a lasting legacy for future generations of Huskies.

As the team reflects on their achievements, the North Marion community eagerly awaits the next season, hopeful that this extraordinary performance will inspire future successes and create a legacy of excellence in the years to come.


2023 Outlook

The North Marion Huskies football team is gearing up for an exciting and promising 2023 season under the leadership of head coach Daran Hays. Following an impressive semifinal appearance in the previous season, the Huskies are eager to build upon their success and aim for even greater accomplishments this time around.

With key returners in tight end Landon Frey, linebacker Casey Minor, and running back Aaron Hoffman, the Huskies possess a solid core of experienced players who will undoubtedly provide the team with the necessary leadership and skill to contend for a championship. Coach Hays has high expectations for his team, as they have shown tremendous potential and determination throughout their offseason preparations.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming season will be the Huskies’ encounters with three formidable opponents, which will serve as measuring sticks for their progress. The first challenging matchup will take place on the road against Fairmont Sr., a team known for their strong defensive prowess and offensive firepower. This game will provide the Huskies with an early opportunity to showcase their skills and establish their presence in the region.

Another critical fixture on the schedule is the home game against Herbert Hoover. The clash against Herbert Hoover will test the Huskies’ ability to adapt and make effective in-game adjustments, while also providing a gauge of their defensive capabilities against a formidable offense.

Roane County, another tough opponent, will visit the Huskies’ home turf in what promises to be an exciting matchup. The game against Roane County will undoubtedly feature intense competition, as both teams will strive to secure a significant victory that could potentially have playoff implications.

The North Marion Huskies’ semifinal appearance last year was a testament to their hard work, dedication, and team spirit. As they enter the 2023 season, the Huskies are driven by the desire to build on their previous success and exceed expectations. With key returners and a roster brimming with talent, they have the potential to make significant strides and contend for a championship title.

Football enthusiasts and fans of North Marion High School alike eagerly anticipate the kickoff of the 2023 season, eagerly awaiting the captivating battles that lie ahead. The Huskies are ready to face their rivals head-on and prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of high school football.

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