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2023 Nicholas County Football Schedule

08/25 @ Oak Hill | VIEW

09/01 @ Shady Spring | VIEW

09/08 Wyoming East | VIEW

09/14 Lincoln | VIEW

09/29 @ Midland Trail | VIEW

10/06 @ Braxton County | VIEW

10/13 @ Westside | VIEW

10/20 Independence | VIEW

10/27 James Monroe | VIEW

11/03 Pikeview | VIEW

2022 Recap

In the fall of 2022, the Nicholas County Grizzlies football team took to the field with determination, showcasing their remarkable skills and unwavering spirit. Despite their ultimate loss in the first round to Frankfort, the Grizzlies’ impressive season left a lasting impact on fans and opponents alike.

With a final record of 7-4, the Grizzlies demonstrated their resilience and talent throughout the season. Led by Head Coach Gene Morris, the team consistently displayed an offensive prowess that left their adversaries in awe. Scoring an average of 33 points per game, the Grizzlies’ offensive line proved to be a formidable force, breaking down defenses and lighting up scoreboards.

However, it was not just their offensive prowess that earned them recognition. The Grizzlies’ defense was equally formidable, surrendering only 15 points per game. Their ability to stifle opposing offenses and make crucial stops showcased their commitment to excellence on both sides of the ball.

The season began on a high note, with the Grizzlies securing an impressive 6-1 record. Notable victories against Shady Spring and Lincoln demonstrated the team’s strength and solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the region. Fans were thrilled by the team’s dominant performances and eagerly anticipated each game.

Unfortunately, the Grizzlies’ postseason journey ended in a nail-biting loss to Frankfort, with a final score of 14-0. Despite the disappointment of falling short in the playoffs, the team’s overall performance throughout the season was a testament to their skill and determination.

Looking ahead, the Grizzlies have laid a solid foundation for future success. With a talented roster and experienced coaching staff, the team has the potential to build upon their achievements and continue to thrive in the coming seasons.

In the hearts of their supporters, the Nicholas County Grizzlies will always be remembered for their thrilling victories, impressive offensive displays, and unwavering determination. The 2022 season may have ended with a bittersweet taste, but it also brought immense pride and admiration for the remarkable athletes who represented the Nicholas County community with distinction.


2023 Outlook


The Nicholas County Grizzlies football team is gearing up for an exciting 2023 season, fueled by the determination to build upon their playoff appearance from last year. Under the guidance of Head Coach Gene Morris, the Grizzlies are prepared to take the field with a young roster, showcasing a fresh wave of talent that could prove to be a game-changer.

With several new faces set to make an impact, the Nicholas County Grizzlies will rely on the expertise of their key players to lead the team. Wide receivers Jaxson Morriston and Grayson Kesterson bring speed and agility, poised to electrify the field with their dynamic playmaking abilities. Their ability to create separation and make crucial receptions will undoubtedly be pivotal for the team’s success.

In the backfield, running back Coltin Browning will be a force to reckon with. Possessing a combination of power and finesse, Browning is expected to be the workhorse of the Grizzlies’ ground attack. His ability to break tackles and find gaps in the defense will be crucial in driving the team’s offensive production.

On special teams, kicker Johann Villasenor is a name to remember. Villasenor’s accuracy and powerful leg will play a vital role in securing valuable points for the Grizzlies, whether it be through field goals or successful extra point attempts.

Additionally, tight end Colton Burkhammer brings a strong presence on both offense and defense. His size and athleticism make him a reliable target in the passing game, while his physicality and skill set on defense provide an added advantage for the Grizzlies.

As the season unfolds, the Nicholas County Grizzlies will face several key matchups against playoff contenders. Games against Lincoln, Independence, and James Monroe loom large on their schedule, providing crucial tests for the young team. These matchups will undoubtedly serve as measuring sticks for their growth and determine their playoff aspirations.

The Nicholas County Grizzlies’ football program has shown tremendous potential in recent years, and with their promising young talent and experienced coaching staff, the 2023 season holds great promise. Fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the kickoff, eager to witness the determination, skills, and relentless spirit that the Grizzlies will bring to the gridiron this fall.

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