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2023 Montcalm Football Schedule

09/01 @ Twin Valley (VA) | VIEW

09/08 Paden City | VIEW

09/08 @ Craig County (VA) | VIEW

09/29 @ Hundred | VIEW

10/05 @ Phelps (KY) | VIEW

10/13 @ River View | VIEW

10/20 Meadow Bridge | VIEW

10/27 Richwood | VIEW

11/03 Bland County (VA) | VIEW

2022 Recap

In a season marked by triumph and an indomitable spirit, the Montcalm Generals football team had a truly magical year in 2022. Despite narrowly missing out on the playoffs, their exceptional performance on the field demands recognition and celebration. Head Coach Adam Havens and his dedicated staff deserve all the credit in the world for leading their team to an impressive 8-2 record and showcasing a brand of football that will be remembered for years to come.

The Generals were a formidable force, averaging an astonishing 27 points per game while conceding a mere 12 points per game on average. These numbers reflect their dominant presence on both offense and defense, establishing themselves as a team to be reckoned with in their league.

Under the guidance of Coach Havens, the Generals kicked off the season in spectacular fashion, storming through their opponents with an unbeaten 8-0 record. Their relentless drive and exceptional teamwork were evident in every game, captivating fans and instilling a sense of pride within the Montcalm community.

One standout moment that defined the team’s extraordinary season was their resounding victory over Meadow Bridge. The match not only showcased the Generals’ talent and determination but also demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges and emerge victorious in the face of adversity. It was a victory that will forever be etched in the memories of the players, coaching staff, and fans alike.

While the last two games of the season resulted in losses, it does not diminish the incredible accomplishments of the Montcalm Generals throughout the year. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and the remarkable statistics they achieved are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit.

Looking back at their achievements, the Montcalm Generals have every reason to be proud of what they accomplished in the 2022 season. Their remarkable performance has left an indelible mark on the school’s football legacy and will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of athletes.

While the playoffs may have eluded them, the Montcalm Generals’ magical year will forever be etched in the annals of their football program’s history. With memories of their extraordinary achievements still fresh, the team now looks forward to new challenges and opportunities, with the knowledge that their remarkable 2022 season has set a standard for greatness that will inspire generations to come.


2023 Outlook

Heading into the 2023 season, the Montcalm Generals, led by head coach Adam Havens, are determined to build upon their successful 2022 campaign and make a deeper playoff run. With several key players returning and a few promising newcomers, the Generals are poised to showcase their talent and make a mark in the competitive world of high school football. Despite a slight adjustment in the schedule, which currently stands at eight games, the Montcalm Generals are focused on making every opportunity count.

One of the standout players to watch for in the upcoming season is running back Jayden Price. Price, a dynamic and explosive runner, emerged as a key contributor last year and is expected to carry the bulk of the offensive load this season. With his speed, agility, and impressive vision, Price has the potential to be a game-changer for the Generals.

In the trenches, offensive lineman Dylan Simpson will play a vital role in creating opportunities for the Generals’ offense. Simpson’s strength, technique, and leadership abilities make him an anchor for the offensive line. His ability to open up running lanes and provide solid pass protection will be crucial in the team’s success.

Under center, quarterback Jaylen Younger possesses a strong arm and excellent decision-making skills. Younger’s ability to read defenses and deliver accurate passes will make him a valuable asset for the Generals’ aerial attack. Supported by wide receivers Logan Carver and Tristen Cline, the passing game looks set to flourish, offering multiple options for Younger to target downfield.

Carver and Cline, both possessing great hands and impressive route-running abilities, have the potential to create matchup nightmares for opposing defenses. Their speed and agility make them difficult to cover, and their chemistry with Younger could be a significant factor in the team’s offensive success.

As the Montcalm Generals prepare to embark on the 2023 season, the team’s goal remains unchanged: to surpass last year’s accomplishments and make a strong playoff push. With a potent combination of talent, leadership, and coaching expertise, the Generals are well-positioned to make a statement on the field.

Fans can anticipate an exciting and action-packed season as the Montcalm Generals take on their rivals. With Coach Havens leading the way, supported by star players such as Jayden Price, Dylan Simpson, Jaylen Younger, Logan Carver, and Tristen Cline, the Generals are ready to leave a lasting impact on the high school football landscape.

So mark your calendars and get ready to witness the Montcalm Generals’ journey to success in the 2023 season. The team’s determination and talent make them a force to be reckoned with, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goal of glory on the gridiron.

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2023 Montcalm Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • City: Montcalm
  • County: Mercer
  • Superintendent: Mr. Edward Toman
  • Principal: Ms. Beth Stone
  • Assistant Principal: Mr. Justin Lightfoot
  • Athletic Director: Adam Havens
  • Head Coach: Adam Havens
  • Assistant Coaches: Drew Brock, Steven McClannahan
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Kim Williams
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Mandy Fink
  • Cheerleaders: Mary Graham, Julie Thomason, Tori Sizemore, Lexi Jennings, Lillian Parks, Kylee Clark, Kiley Minnix, Maddie, Hicks, Kyleigh Johnson, Michaela Petrulis, Emily Littleton, Bella Blankenship
  • Nickname: Generals
  • Band Director: Zack White
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers: Dalton Hall, Josh Shrewsbury, Lisbon Bosard
  • Statistician: Gavin Nave
  • Video: Courtney Havens and Bridgette McClannahan
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    0 RB/ SS Logan Carver 12 5’11

    1 WR / DB Tristan Pendergrass 11 5’10

    2 RB / OLB Tyler Stevenson 10 5’10

    3 WR / DB Trent Nunn 12 5’9

    5 WR / CB Trevor Kennett 12 5’10

    6 WR / S Tristen Cline 11 5’11

    7 QB / FS Landin Clower 10 6’1

    8 RB / OLB Isaiah Fink 11 5’10

    9 WR Nick Hart 10 5’7

    11 RB / FS Jayden Price 12 5’10

    12 DE Jordan Price 10 5’10

    14 TE / OLB John Hall 12 5’10

    15 QB Jaylen Younger 11 5’10

    20 WR / DB Korbin Nunn 10 5’10

    21 FB / MLB Jeremy Shrewsbury 10 5’10

    23 DE Jerran Pendry 9 6’1

    31 DE Ryland Parks 12 6’2

    50 T / N Logan Coburn 12 5’9

    52 T / DE Jordan Lusk 10 5’10

    54 T Fischer Herring 10 5’6

    55 T / N Landyn Casey 10 6’1

    60 T / N Xavier Willis 9 6’4

    61 G / ILB Blake Justice 9 5’8

    62 C Deacon Blankenship 11 5’9

    64 T Noah Carver 11 6’4

    66 G Dawson Sizemore 10 6’3

    74 T Thomas Kitts 9 6’2

    75 C Brady Mangus 9 5’7

    77 T Dylan Simpson 11 6’3

    79 Logan Lusk 11

    90 G / OLB Tyler Hagerman 9 6’0