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2023 Meadow Bridge Football Schedule

08/25 Van | VIEW

09/01 @ Richwood | VIEW

09/08 @ Midland Trail | VIEW

09/15 @ Bath County (VA) | VIEW

09/29 Gilmer County | VIEW

10/06 @ Clay-Battelle | VIEW

10/13 @ Summers County | VIEW

10/20 @ Montcalm | VIEW

10/27 Sherman | VIEW

11/03 Craig County (VA) | VIEW

2022 Recap

Meadow Bridge High School’s football team faced a challenging 2022 season, but showed resilience and growth as they navigated a tough schedule. With a final record of 2-8, the Wildcats demonstrated their potential and laid the groundwork for future success.

The team’s season began with high hopes, aiming to overcome their youthful roster. Despite a difficult start, Meadow Bridge managed to secure two victories, defeating Richwood and Webster County. These wins showcased the team’s determination and ability to rise to the occasion.

Offensively, the Wildcats faced their fair share of struggles, averaging 15 points per game. However, their commitment and hard work were evident in close encounters against formidable opponents. A heartbreaking overtime loss to Montcalm and a narrow 6-point defeat to Gilmer County displayed Meadow Bridge’s competitive spirit and their ability to challenge more experienced teams.

Defensively, the Wildcats fought hard but often found themselves on the back foot, giving up an average of 28 points per game. Nevertheless, they consistently demonstrated their resilience by limiting their opponents’ scoring opportunities and putting up a fight until the final whistle.

One of the most promising aspects of the Meadow Bridge team was their young roster. With a number of underclassmen gaining valuable experience on the field, the future looks bright for the Wildcats. The challenging 2022 season served as a valuable learning curve, and the team’s potential for growth is undeniable.

Looking ahead, the Meadow Bridge football team is poised for success. With a foundation built on the experiences gained last season, the Wildcats will continue to improve and develop as they strive for greater accomplishments on the gridiron. The future holds great promise for this young and determined team, and fans can eagerly anticipate the growth and success that lies ahead for the Meadow Bridge Wildcats.


2023 Outlook

The Meadow Bridge Wildcats are gearing up for an exciting football season under the guidance of Head Coach Dwayne Reichard. With a strong ground game and a roster boasting several experienced players, the team is poised to make a mark in the upcoming 2023 season.

The Wildcats will rely heavily on their offensive line, which boasts a group of returners who have developed cohesion and chemistry over the past season. Led by the versatile and tenacious Blake Bennett, who excels on both the offensive and defensive lines, the Wildcats’ offensive front will provide the foundation for a robust ground attack.

In the backfield, Meadow Bridge is fortunate to have two capable running backs in Kaiden Sims and Trip Roles. While young, these athletes have shown tremendous potential and are expected to take on significant roles in generating offense for the team. Their speed, agility, and vision make them exciting players to watch this season.

Furthermore, the Wildcats will benefit from the leadership and skill of Brycen Sawyers, a versatile player who will contribute both as a tight end and defensive back. Sawyers’ ability to make crucial plays on both sides of the ball will be instrumental in maintaining the team’s success.

Meadow Bridge is set to build on their achievements from the previous season, as they welcome back 14 starters to the roster. This continuity will provide a solid foundation for the team, allowing for improved coordination and efficiency on both sides of the ball.

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, the Wildcats have identified several key games on their schedule that will serve as crucial tests of their mettle. Matchups against Van, Bath County, and Summers County are anticipated to be highly competitive and will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the team’s season.

Under Coach Reichard’s guidance, the Meadow Bridge Wildcats are eager to showcase their growth and talent on the football field. With a formidable ground game and a group of dedicated players, the team is poised to make a splash in the upcoming season.

Football enthusiasts and fans alike should mark their calendars and keep a close eye on the Wildcats this season. As they take the field with determination, skill, and a hunger for victory, the Meadow Bridge Wildcats are ready to leave a lasting impression in the 2023 football campaign.

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2023 Meadow Bridge Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • County: FAYETTE
  • Superintendent: Gary Hough
  • Principal: Stacy White
  • Assistant Principal: Samuel Wood
  • Athletic Director: Dwayne Reichard
  • Head Coach: Dwayne Reichard
  • Assistant Coaches: Charles Redden, Steve Hambrick, Jeff Pugh, Seth Tabor
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Kristin Zickafoose, Chasity Ballenger
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Julie Adkins
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Wildcats
  • Band Director: Dr. Travis Riddle
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers: Charity Reichard, Korey Reichard, Meredith Fleshman
  • Statistician: Zachory Yates
  • Video: Amanda Reichard
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    10 QB/DB Tony Martin 10 5’8 141

    12 RB/LB River Gwinn 9 5’4 114

    15 QB/DB Braydon Thomas 11 5’8 140

    17 RB/DE Thomas Gipson 9 5’6 142

    18 RB/LB Kaiden Sims 10 6’1 195

    21 WR/DB Gage Gwinn 10 5’7 124

    22 WR/DB Eric Bragg 12 5’10 140

    23 RB/DB Trent Roles 9 5’10 160

    26 QB/DB Walter Lizotte 12 5’9 130

    31 TE/DE Bow Wykle 9 6′ 195

    33 RB/LB Trip Roles 10 5’10 205

    34 TE/DB Zachary Cox 11 5’10 165

    36 RB/DE Andrew Crowe 9 5’10 133

    41 RB/DB Brycen Sawyers 12 6’1 184

    45 RB/DB Alexander Bennett 11 5’9 152

    51 OL/DL Jadon Butcher 11 6′ 273

    55 OL/DL Tucker Pugh 10 5’8 191

    58 OL/DL Blake Bennett 12 6’1 245

    63 OL/DL Leland Vandall 10 5’7 281

    65 OL/LB Kolby Simmons 10 5’10 188

    68 OL/DL Marshall Pugh 10 6’4 213

    70 OL/DL Silas Adkins 11 5’5 199

    72 OL/DL Spencer Killen 10 5’4 135

    73 OL/DL Ashton Davis 10 6’2 230

    75 OL/DL Charles Bragg 11 6’5 339

    77 OL/DL Timothy Bragg 9 6’3 260

    78 OL/DL Hunter Newby 9 5’7 191

    79 OL/DL Corbin Maehr 11 6′ 282

    85 RB/DB Isaac Black 9 5’6 124

    88 WR/DB Keaton Rozell 9 5’5 125