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2023 Logan Football Schedule

08/25 @ Man | VIEW

09/01 Sissonville | VIEW

09/15 @ Poca | VIEW

09/22 Winfield | VIEW

09/29 Clay County | VIEW

10/06 Scott | VIEW

10/13 @ Nitro | VIEW

10/20 Chapmanville | VIEW

10/27 @ Wayne | VIEW

11/03 @ Herbert Hoover | VIEW

2022 Recap

The Logan Wildcats football team experienced a rollercoaster season in 2022, marked by both exhilarating triumphs and unfortunate setbacks. Despite finishing with a 6-5 record and bowing out in the first round of the playoffs, the Wildcats demonstrated tremendous growth and resilience throughout the season, rekindling the spirit of their passionate fan base.

However, injuries plagued the Wildcats as the season progressed, causing a decline in their performance during the latter part of the campaign. Despite the challenges, the team never lost its fighting spirit, demonstrating unwavering determination on the field. Their ability to remain competitive, even in the face of mounting difficulties, showcases the team’s character and the dedication of its players.

One cannot overlook the significance of the Wildcats’ accomplishment in making the playoffs for the first time since 2013. This achievement alone speaks volumes about the progress they made throughout the season. The team’s early success, starting the season with an impressive 5-1 record, ignited the hopes of their supporters and set the stage for a memorable season.

Under the guidance of their dedicated coaching staff, led by Head Coach Gary Mullins, the Wildcats instilled a strong work ethic and unity among the players. Their commitment to improvement and growth was evident in the way they played each game. While the season didn’t end as they had hoped, the Wildcats’ journey to the playoffs serves as a foundation for future success.

Looking ahead, the Wildcats have laid the groundwork for continued improvement and success. With a strong core of talented players, bolstered by the experience gained from their playoff run, the team is poised to build upon their achievements in the coming seasons. By addressing the challenges that emerged during the 2022 season, the Wildcats will be well-equipped to face future obstacles head-on.

In summary, the Logan Wildcats football team’s 2022 season was a mix of triumphs and setbacks. While injuries may have hindered their progress towards the end, their accomplishments, including reaching the playoffs after nearly a decade, should not be overshadowed. With their determination and growth mindset, the Wildcats are positioned for a promising future as they continue to make strides towards excellence on and off the field.


2023 Outlook

As the 2023 football season approaches, the Logan Wildcats are gearing up for another season under the guidance of head coach Gary Mullins. With the departure of 18 seniors from last year’s team, the Wildcats find themselves relying on a young and inexperienced roster. However, Coach Mullins remains optimistic, believing that his talented group of players will rise to the occasion and make a mark on the field.

Leading the Wildcats’ charge will be a handful of key players who possess the necessary skills and leadership qualities to guide the team. Wide receivers Rylee Jones and Chance Lewis are expected to provide a spark on offense, utilizing their speed and agility to create scoring opportunities. On the defensive side of the ball, linebacker Kieran Tolliver and defensive lineman Landon Moore will anchor the unit, bringing a combination of strength and tenacity to the field.

While the team may be young, a group of promising sophomores who possess remarkable talent. Defensive lineman Rob Ball, linebackers Preston Kovach and Braxton Wolford, and running back Caden Justice are all expected to play crucial roles in the Wildcats’ success. With their determination and natural abilities, these rising stars have the potential to make significant contributions on both ends of the field.

The quarterback position remains up for grabs as Drew Berry and Adam Baisden compete for the starting role. Both athletes have shown dedication and a strong work ethic, vying to lead the Wildcats’ offense. As the season progresses, their performances in practice and pre-season games will undoubtedly shape Coach Mullins’ decision.

Although the team faces challenges due to its relative lack of experience, the goals for the Logan Wildcats remain unchanged. Winning the County championship, achieving a winning season, and securing a spot in the playoffs continue to be the primary objectives. The coaching staff is instilling a sense of belief and discipline in the players, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and continuous improvement.

As the Wildcats take to the field, fans can expect an exciting and dynamic brand of football. The team’s youthful energy combined with the leadership of key players and the talent of rising stars promises an exhilarating season ahead. While challenges lie in their path, the Logan Wildcats are determined to overcome them and make their mark in the 2023 football season.

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2023 Logan Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AA
  • City: Logan
  • County: Logan
  • Superintendent: Jeff Huffman
  • Principal: Kelly Stanley
  • Assistant Principal: Melissa Dalton, Susan Adkins
  • Athletic Director: Susan Adkins
  • Head Coach: Gary Mullins
  • Assistant Coaches: Nick Booth, Jason Davis, Bo Frye, Les Goldie, Justin Stivason, Brant Williams, Kevin Moore
  • Sports Medicine Staff: :
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Alice Akers, Erica O’Briant, Katie Adkins, Michelle Akers
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Wildcats
  • Band Director: Austin Campbell
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers: Bellamy Mullins
  • Statistician: Gary Mullins Sr.
  • Video: Rick Slack
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    1 WR/DB Caden Justice 10 5’8 155

    2 WR/DB Colten Green 9 6’1 175

    3 WR/DB Rylee Jones 12 5’11 165

    4 WR/DB Brayden Likens 12 5’9 145

    5 WR/DB Julius Clancy 12 6’2 175

    6 WR/DB Chase Hatfield 12 6’0 150

    7 WR/LB Gavin Maynard 12 6’3 160

    8 QB/DB Paxton Conn 10 5’11 160

    9 WR/DB Braxton Wolford 10 5’11 160

    11 QB/LB Adam Baisden II 10 6’2 165

    13 WR/DB Mason Spence 10 6’0 150

    14 RB/DB Chanc Lewis 10 5’8 175

    15 WR/DB Braydon Craddock 10 5’7 150

    16 RB/LB Kevin Farmer 9 5’9 145

    17 WR/DB Garrin Hatfield 10 5’3 125

    18 WR/DB Ashton Jones 12 6’0 160

    19 WR/DB Kieran Tolliver 11 6’1 165

    21 WR/DB Aiden Workman 10 6’0 170

    22 OL/DL Jaxon McClung 10 6’0 190

    23 WR/DB Terrindez Bryant 9 5’8 135

    24 WR/DB Zayden Sherod 11 6’2 160

    28 RB/DB Elijah Ranson 12 5’9 145

    29 WR/DB Randal Nash 11 5’9 145

    44 OL/DL Braxton Carroll 12 6’0 210

    51 RB/LB Jermiah McNeely 12 5’7 200

    52 OL/DL Landon Moore 11 6’1 210

    54 OL/DL Carl Hensley 12 5’8 245

    55 OL/DL Caleb Burgess 10 5’11 210

    56 OL/LB Bryce Lester 12 5’11 190

    60 OL/DL Brock Baisden 11 5’11 205

    61 OL/DL Jack Ball 9 6’0 240

    64 OL/DL Jaxon Mullins 9 6’0 260

    66 OL/DL Braxton Napier 10 6’0 240

    68 OL/DL Maliq Freeman 10 5’10 235

    70 OL/DL Rob Ball 10 6’0 245

    71 OL/DL William Tomblin 11 5’10 240