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2023 Hedgesville Football Schedule

08/25 @ Wheeling Park | VIEW

09/01 Keyser | VIEW

09/08 @ Hampshire | VIEW

09/15 @ Herbert Hoover | VIEW

09/22 @ Washington | VIEW

09/29 @ Jefferson | VIEW

10/06 Liberty (MD)  | VIEW

10/13 Musselman | VIEW

10/27 Martinsburg | VIEW

11/03 @ Spring Mills | VIEW

2022 Recap

The Hedgesville Eagles football team faced a challenging 2022 season, ending with a 5-6 record and an unfortunate loss in the first round of the playoffs to Parkersburg South. Despite the setbacks, the team showcased moments of resilience and determination that hint at a promising future.

Throughout the season, the Eagles averaged 21 points per game, a respectable offensive output.  Their key win over Spring Mills proved pivotal in securing a playoff berth and demonstrated their ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most. However, the team faced significant challenges on the defensive side of the ball, surrendering an average of 37 points per game.

In the first-round playoff matchup against Parkersburg South, the Eagles fought valiantly but ultimately fell short. Despite the loss, the team displayed commendable effort and resilience until the final whistle.

Furthermore, the experience gained from reaching the playoffs will be invaluable for the younger players, who will likely step into leadership roles next season. With the right guidance and improvements, the team has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

In conclusion, the 2022 season proved to be a mixed bag for the Hedgesville Eagles football team. While they faced adversity, their key win over Spring Mills showcased their ability to rise to the occasion. The team’s offensive prowess was commendable, but defensive weaknesses ultimately cost them crucial victories. However, with a dedicated coaching staff and talented players, the Eagles have the foundation to build upon for future success. As they focus on refining their strategies and shoring up their defense, Hedgesville can look forward to a brighter future on the gridiron.

2023 Outlook

As the summer heat begins to wane and the scent of freshly cut grass fills the air, football fever is already sweeping through Hedgesville. The Hedgesville Eagles, led by head coach Matt Faircloth, are gearing up for what promises to be an exciting and transformative 2023 season. With a strong core of returning starters and several talented newcomers, the Eagles are poised to make a significant impact on the gridiron this fall.

At the helm of the Eagles’ offense will be quarterback Dalton Harper, whose strong arm and exceptional decision-making skills have positioned him as a true leader on the field. Harper will have a talented group of receivers at his disposal, including the promising addition of Gavin Young, whose speed and agility will undoubtedly bolster the team’s passing game. With the solid combination of experience and fresh talent, the Eagles’ offense is expected to soar to new heights in the upcoming season.

Defensively, the Eagles boast a formidable lineup, anchored by defensive ends Josh Barrett and Durrell Johnson, whose relentless pursuit of opposing quarterbacks has made them defensive powerhouses. Joining their ranks is Aydin Fleming, a highly regarded transfer and one of the top defensive players in the state. Fleming’s arrival is sure to provide an immediate impact, fortifying the Eagles’ defensive line and bolstering their run-stopping abilities.

Linebacker Eston Allen brings his athleticism and exceptional tackling ability to the heart of the defense, while Xavier Kirk, a talented defensive back, will strive to shut down opposing passing attacks. The defensive unit, as a whole, looks poised to be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Under Coach Faircloth’s guidance, the Hedgesville Eagles have been meticulously preparing for the upcoming campaign. The team’s dedication, combined with their talent and experience, has set the stage for a remarkable year. With 15 returning starters, the Eagles possess the knowledge and cohesion necessary to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

As the season opener approaches, anticipation and excitement are building in Hedgesville. The community eagerly awaits the first snap, the first touchdown, and the first roar of the crowd. With a talented roster, experienced leaders, and a renowned coaching staff, the Hedgesville Eagles are ready to soar to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on the 2023 high school football season.

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2023 Hedgesville Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AAA
  • County: Berkeley
  • Superintendent: Ron Stephens
  • Principal: Ron Lyons
  • Assistant Principal: Jason Haderer, Angie Milliman, Carissa Tress
  • Athletic Director: Joy Vandine
  • Head Coach: Matt Faircloth
  • Assistant Coaches: Mike Quinn, Jeremy Simon, Zac Kerns, Daniel Hogbin, Taylor Hoeltje, Jeff Hamlin, Justin Wailther, Richard Harper, Charles Gaines, Ethan Simon
  • Sports Medicine Staff: :
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Sabryn Franklin, Bittany Rodia
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Eagles
  • Band Director: Cory Hamerick
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers:
  • Statistician: Bill Whittington
  • Video:
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    Jayda Reckner 12

    Aydin Fleming 12

    Jazir Spruce 12

    Joshua Peyton 12

    Donovan Young 11

    Josh Barrett 11

    Hunter Major (Drury) 11

    Brice Xion 11

    Za’Ki Bryant 11

    Spencer Haines 11

    Tyshaun Jackson 11

    Gavin Young 11

    Scott Laidlow 11

    Dominick Shaffer 10

    Gabriel Areizaga 10

    Tryston Whaples 10

    Tristin Frye 10

    Woodrow Smith 10

    Hayden Major 10

    David Hoffmaster 10

    Zachary Uccellini 10

    David Bowers III 10

    David Hoffmaster 10

    Tristan Bradley 10

    Dylan Hunt 10

    Brandon Merchant 10

    Hayden Major 10

    Anthony Gautreaux 10

    Noah Ferrell 10

    Logan Wilson 10

    Woodrow Smith 10

    Preston Wiles 9

    Garrett Zollinger 9

    Connor Bennett 9

    Edward Lee 9

    Levi Allen 9

    Lucas Byrd 9

    Michael Monkelban 9

    1 Demonte Martin 11

    4 Dalton Harper 11

    5 Ein Wolfe 12

    6 Chaz Collier 11

    7 Jacob Young 11

    9 Durrell Johnson 12

    14 Zacharias Crosco 12

    23 Brett Pedersen 11

    31 Jacob Care 11

    32 Ramsey Button 11

    34 Silas Grove 11

    38 Nathaniel Noe 12

    51 Conner Eggert 11

    52 Levi Faircloth 11

    54 Connor Quinn 12

    64 Nazaiah Newman 11

    65 Ethan Lee 11

    68 Dawson Derby 11

    70 Kolby Gray 12

    75 Kyler High 12

    84 Gentry Jackson 12

    88 Cristifer Fogel 11