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2023 Greenbrier East Football Schedule

08/25 @ Point Pleasant | VIEW

09/01 @ Woodrow Wilson | VIEW

09/08 Bluefield | VIEW

09/15 Allegheny (VA) | VIEW

09/29 @ Princeton | VIEW

10/06 Oak Hill | VIEW

10/13 @ Ripley | VIEW

10/20 @ Parkersburg South | VIEW

10/27 Princeton | VIEW

11/03 Lincoln County | VIEW

2022 Recap

Greenbrier East Spartans football team had an eventful 2022 season, finishing with a 4-6 record that fell short of their aspirations. While the team faced its fair share of challenges, Coach Lee’s leadership ensured that the Spartans remained competitive throughout the season. Although they faced setbacks, notable victories over Hampshire, Ripley, and Robert C. Byrd demonstrated their potential and determination.

The season kicked off with high hopes, but early on, the Spartans encountered a series of obstacles that tested their resolve. Despite the struggles, Coach Lee and his staff remained committed to developing their players’ skills and instilling a winning mentality.

One of the standout moments of the season came when the Spartans faced off against Hampshire. In a dominating contest, Greenbrier East showcased their resilience and determination, securing a hard-fought victory. The win not only boosted the team’s morale but also served as a testament to their ability to overcome adversity.

Another bright spot in the season came with the triumph over Ripley. The Spartans exhibited exceptional teamwork, executing their game plan flawlessly. It was a performance that showcased the team’s potential and offered a glimpse of what they were capable of achieving when firing on all cylinders.

Perhaps the most significant victory of the season came in the form of a resounding win over Robert C. Byrd. The Spartans dominated from start to finish, demonstrating their prowess in all facets of the game. This triumph served as a statement victory for Greenbrier East and left no doubt about their ability to compete against formidable opponents.

While the Spartans’ overall record may not reflect the team’s full potential, the 2022 season for Greenbrier East was not without its bright moments. Coach Lee’s guidance and the team’s unwavering determination were evident in their victories over Hampshire, Ripley, and Robert C. Byrd.

As the Spartans reflect on their season, they will undoubtedly learn from their struggles and look to build upon their successes. With a talented roster and the invaluable experience gained throughout the year, Greenbrier East is poised to come back stronger in next season.

2023 Outlook

Excitement is brewing in Fairlea as the Greenbrier East Spartans gear up for the upcoming 2023 football season. With the addition of former college player Ben Neal to the coaching staff and a series of facility upgrades, the Spartans are poised to make their mark on the gridiron this year.

One of the most significant changes happening at Greenbrier East High School is the completion of a brand new field house, set to be finished just in time for the start of the season. This state-of-the-art facility will provide the team with top-notch training amenities, further elevating their game. Additionally, new turf is being installed, ensuring an enhanced playing surface that will undoubtedly benefit the players’ performance.

Under the guidance of Coach Ben Neal, the Spartans are expected to reach new heights. As a former college player at Alderson-Broaddus,Neal brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the coaching staff. Tagged along with an established and decorated coaching staff being led by Ray Lee, the quality of coaching will be phenomenal.

Leading the charge for the Spartans are senior offensive lineman Aiden Cole and defensive back Jake Pate. Both players have demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership qualities, making them invaluable assets to the team. Their experience and dedication will be vital in setting the tone for the rest of the squad.

In addition to the key players mentioned, the Spartans boast a strong roster. Offensive lineman James McCraw, defensive back Abram Wickline, quarterback Brody Hamric, tight end Grant Burdette, and wide receiver Nate Suttle all bring their unique skills and contributions to the team. With this talented lineup, the Spartans are well-positioned to compete against tough opponents.

Last season, the Spartans showed promise despite their youth. Now, with the majority of the starting lineup returning, the team has gained valuable experience. That youth is going to have to step up as running back Ian Cline has transferred out. They will rely on unknowns to take over this role on the offensive side of the ball. This experience will undoubtedly prove crucial in close games, enabling the Spartans to come out on top and secure their spot in the playoffs.

Looking at their schedule, they seemed well matched for plenty of their games this fall. Tough ones with Bluefield and Parkersburg South. Ultimately, the two game series with Princeton may be the determining factor between them reaching the playoffs or not.

The Greenbrier East Spartans are determined to make a lasting impact on the 2023 football season. With their upgraded facilities, the addition of Coach Ben Neal, and a roster of talented and experienced players, the team has all the ingredients for success. Football fans in Fairlea eagerly await the kickoff, as they are confident that the Spartans will once again be a force to be reckoned with on the field.

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2023 Greenbrier East Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AAA
  • City: Lewisburg
  • County: Greenbrier
  • Superintendent: Jeff Bryant
  • Principal: Ben Routson
  • Assistant Principal: Briana Windon, Neil Jones, David Vincent
  • Athletic Director: Joseph Hodge
  • Head Coach: Ray Lee
  • Assistant Coaches: Aaron Baker, Eric Canterbury, Jake Harper, Davis Solak, Lefty Smith
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Kevin Workman, Bob Haas, Becky Baker, Travis McClintic
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Jessie Surgeon
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Spartans
  • Band Director: Jim Allder
  • Team Doctor: Steven Vess, D.O., Belinda Smith, D.O.
  • Managers:
  • Statistician: Scott Voglesong
  • Video: Joe Sharp
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg


    Hudson Smith 11


    Owen Romero 10


    Owen Romero 10

    Deandre Toliver 10



    Robert Fugate 9










    1 WR/DB KADEN STONE 10 5’8 140

    3 WR/DB NATHAN SUTTLE 10 5’9 145

    6 WR/DB BRAYDEN BROWN 10 5’9 135

    7 QB/DB BRODY HAMRIC 10 6’1 145

    9 TE/LB ABRAM WICKLINE 12 5’8 135

    15 WR/DB LANDON VANFOSSON 12 5’10 137

    23 TE/LB GRANT BURDETTE 10 6’2 170

    28 RB/LB WESTON PENCE 12 5’5 155

    33 RB/LB CARTER HAMILTON 12 5’7 167

    34 RB/LB LOGAN VANFOSSON 10 5’7 135

    35 WR/LB ROBERT BENNETT 12 6’2 165

    48 WR/DB REMINGTON HEFNER 10 5’4 125

    50 OL/DL RHETT BAKER 11 5’5 230

    52 OL/DL AIDEN COLE 12 5’7 180

    53 OL/DL Austin Roberts 12 6’0 205

    54 OL/DL GAGE BLEVINS 10 5’10 210

    55 RB/LB JAMES MCCRAW 12 5’5 160

    56 OL/DL ASHTON MENTZ 11 5’5 240

    57 OL/DL CODY WOOD 12 5’8 210

    58 OL/DL PAYTON RITTER 10 5’7 215

    59 OL/DL Richard BOWYER 11 5’8 240

    60 OL/DL ZAYIR LEE 10 5’8 205

    62 OL/DL BLAKE DOWDY 11 6’2 240

    70 OL/DL DREW MCCALLISTER 10 5’8 215

    72 OL/DL SAMUEL WRIGHT 12 6’0 220

    76 OL/DL GARON WISEMAN 12 6’0 220

    78 OL/DL HARRY VANCE 10 5’11 260

2023 Greenbrier East Seniors

*Photographer: Eli Morgan – Fly304