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2023 Gilmer County Football Schedule

08/25 Calhoun County | VIEW

09/01 Ritchie County | VIEW

09/08 @ Doddridge County | VIEW

09/15 Tucker County | VIEW

09/29 @ Meadow Bridge | VIEW

10/06 @ Ravenswood | VIEW

10/13 @ Webster County | VIEW

10/20 @ Wirt County | VIEW

10/27 Wahama | VIEW

11/03 @ South Harrison | VIEW

2022 Recap

Gilmer County’s 2022 football season proved to be a trying time for the team, as they finished with a 3-7 record. Struggling to find consistency on both sides of the ball, the team faced formidable opponents throughout the season, resulting in an average of just 15 points scored per game while conceding an average of 38 points.

Despite the difficulties faced, the Gilmer County football team demonstrated moments of resilience and showcased their potential in two notable victories over Webster County and Meadow Bridge. These triumphs provided a much-needed boost of confidence and displayed glimpses of what the team is capable of achieving when firing on all cylinders.

Throughout the season, the team encountered numerous obstacles, both on and off the field. Injuries to key players affected the team’s depth and forced younger and less-experienced athletes into pivotal roles. The coaching staff worked tirelessly to adapt game plans and foster a sense of unity among the players, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and resilience.

Offensively, the team struggled to find a consistent rhythm, resulting in their low average scoring output.  The offensive line, despite being undersized compared to their opponents, exhibited determination and fought valiantly in the trenches. On the defensive end, the team faced considerable challenges against formidable offenses. Giving up an average of 38 points per game is indicative of the uphill battle they faced.

As the dust settles on the 2022 season, the Gilmer County football team can reflect on their journey and look towards a brighter future. With determination and a renewed focus, they have the potential to bounce back and create a more successful campaign in the upcoming years.


2023 Outlook


The Gilmer County Titans are gearing up for an exciting season under the guidance of their new head coach, Ben Hall, an esteemed alumnus of the school. With last year’s 3-7 record still fresh in their minds, the Titans are determined to bounce back and make their mark on the gridiron.

Hall, who brings a wealth of experience and passion for the game, aims to inject a fresh energy into the program. Having experienced success during his own playing days, he is well-aware of the challenges ahead. Nevertheless, Hall is confident that with hard work and dedication, the Titans can overcome any obstacle they face.

One of the key areas where the Titans are looking to make an impact is their roster. While some of the players may be relatively unknown, there are a few standout names to keep an eye on. Leading the charge is running back Colton Hall, a dynamic athlete with a knack for finding the end zone. With his speed and agility, Hall is poised to become a pivotal playmaker for the team this season.

On the offensive line, the Titans will rely on the strength and leadership of Skylar Hulse. As a key component of the offensive front, Hulse will be instrumental in creating openings for the running game and providing protection for the quarterback. His experience and tenacity will set the tone for the Titans’ offensive line, instilling confidence in the rest of the team.

However, the success of the Titans will not solely rest on the shoulders of Hall and Hulse. As the season progresses, more players are expected to step up and make their presence felt. The team’s commitment to hard work and teamwork will be the driving force behind their progress, with players rising to the occasion and surprising opponents.

The Titans face a challenging schedule, with games against formidable opponents such as Doddridge County, Tucker County, and Wahama. These matchups will undoubtedly test their mettle and provide opportunities for growth. Coach Hall and his staff have meticulously prepared the team for these battles, instilling in them the values of resilience and determination.

As the season unfolds, fans and supporters alike will be eagerly watching the Titans’ progress, hoping for a resurgence that will restore the pride and glory of Gilmer County football. With the talent and dedication within the team, coupled with the guidance of Coach Ben Hall, the Titans are primed for a memorable season ahead.

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