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2023 Doddridge County Football Schedule

08/25 St. Marys | VIEW

09/01 @ Wahama | VIEW

09/08 Gilmer County | VIEW

09/15 @ Ravenswood | VIEW

09/22 Ritchie County | VIEW

10/06 South Harrison | VIEW

10/13 @ Tygart Valley | VIEW

10/20 East Hardy | VIEW

10/27 @ Williamstown | VIEW

11/03 @ Tyler Consolidated | VIEW

2022 Recap


The 2022 Doddridge County Bulldogs football team had an impressive season, solidifying them as one of the top programs in the state. Under the leadership of Coach Bob Burnside, the Bulldogs displayed great performances that ultimately earning a well-deserved spot in the Single A Semifinals.

With a remarkable record of 10 wins and 3 losses, the Bulldogs showcased their prowess on the field, consistently delivering strong performances throughout the season. Despite facing formidable opponents, they navigated a challenging schedule with remarkable tenacity and skill.

A defining characteristic of the Bulldogs’ success was their formidable defense, which proved to be a brick wall for opposing teams. Throughout the season, the defense recorded an impressive total of six shutouts, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to keeping opponents off the scoreboard. In three additional games, they allowed only a single score, showcasing their defensive prowess and ability to stifle opposing offenses.

The 2022 season marked the Bulldogs’ fourth appearance in the Single A Semifinals in the past five years, a testament to the program’s consistency and commitment to excellence. Their consistent presence at this stage of the playoffs highlights their position as a perennial contender and a force to be reckoned with in West Virginia high school football.


2023 Outlook


As the 2023 high school football season approaches, the Doddridge County Bulldogs are gearing up to make their mark once again. With an impressive track record of reaching the semifinals in four out of the last five years, the Bulldogs are poised to face new challenges with a young and ambitious team.

With only eight starters returning from last season’s roster, the Bulldogs will have to rely on their strong junior varsity (JV) program to develop new talent and prepare them for the intensity of Friday nights. Fortunately, the team’s JV system has a history of nurturing players and ensuring a smooth transition to varsity level. The sophomore class, in particular, is bursting with talent and eager to showcase their abilities on the field.

Undoubtedly, this year’s Bulldogs squad is the youngest in recent memory. While the lack of experience may pose a challenge, it also presents an opportunity for fresh faces to emerge as key contributors. The coaching staff is confident that the team’s enthusiasm and determination will make up for any lack of experience, fostering a hunger for success that will drive the Bulldogs forward.

The upcoming season will undoubtedly put the Bulldogs to the test, as they are scheduled to face six teams that reached the playoffs last year. These challenging matchups will provide the perfect proving ground for the young squad, allowing them to measure their progress and showcase their resilience against top-tier competition. You see matchups right off the bat with St. Marys that will give an idea of how quickly they have grown up. The last three weeks of the season are particularly tough, as they welcome East Hardy at home, but go on the road to Williamstown and Tyler Consolidated. This is a tough schedule but that ultimately gets them prepared for the playoffs each year.

Leading the way for the Bulldogs are a group of dedicated seniors who have been instrumental in shaping the team’s culture and work ethic. Seniors Kale Hart, Ethan Cross, Brandon Hileman, Jacob Dehaven, and Seth Cass will provide crucial leadership both on and off the field, setting an example for their younger teammates and guiding them through the rigors of the season.

While the seniors provide invaluable experience, the spotlight will also fall on several rising stars who are expected to make significant contributions this fall. Landon Thomas, Talyn Snyder, Calob James, and Braden Murphy have caught the attention of coaches and fans alike with their exceptional skills and determination. Their performances will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the Bulldogs’ success this season.

As the Doddridge County Bulldogs embark on the 2023 campaign, they face a unique set of challenges. Despite a lack of experience and a significant turnover in the roster, the team’s strong JV program and talented sophomore class provide a foundation for optimism. With the guidance of their senior leaders and the emergence of promising young players, the Bulldogs are ready to defy expectations and make their presence felt on the gridiron once again. Fans should keep a keen eye on this determined team as they strive to leave their mark on the upcoming season.

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2023 Doddridge County Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: A
  • City: West Union
  • County: Doddridge
  • Superintendent: Mr. Adam Cheeseman
  • Principal: Mr. Scott Cochran
  • Assistant Principal: Mrs. Karla Ezell
  • Athletic Director: Mr. Scott Robey
  • Head Coach: Bobby Burnside
  • Assistant Coaches: David Burnside, Jeremy Ross, Paul Burnside, Chris Hilvers, Clayton Lagasse, Tim Curtis
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Steph Stemple, Dr. Dan White and John T. Travis ATC,MS,PT
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Kim Ahouse, Larresa Glaspell
  • Cheerleaders: Anna Trent, Olivia See, Alexis Ellis, Emma Beaver, Madison Curran, Isabella Holtz, Kristina Smith, Jeonah Underwood, Audrey Blake, Aliyah Bonnell, Alexia Hileman, Gracie Landers, Olivia Mayle, Savana Myers
  • Nickname: Bulldogs
  • Band Director: Tracy Alfred
  • Team Doctor:
  • Managers: Jadon Ahouse, Caleb Skaggs
  • Statistician: Jack Jones
  • Video: Ryan Thomas & Bill Stewart
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    1 QB/DB Brandon Hileman 12 5’9 150

    3 QB/DB Brysen Dixon 10 5’7 135

    4 RB/LB Brandon Davis 9 5’8 150

    5 RB/LB Brycen Eidel 10 5’11 150

    6 WR/DB Landon Thomas 10 6’2 185

    7 WR/DB Kristian Eidel 11 6’4 170

    8 WR/LB Jacob Dehaven 12 6’2 180

    9 WR/DB Sage Landis 12 6’1 170

    10 WR/DB Leland Pumphrey 11 5’8 140

    11 WR/DB Jerod Trent 10 5’11 145

    12 QB/DB Evan Cross 9 6’1 170

    15 WR/DB Donald Dotson 11 5’9 155

    16 RB/LB Heston Hayes 9 5’11 150

    18 WR/DB Aiden James 11 5’9 140

    20 RB/LB Landen Pumphrey 11 5’9 145

    21 RB/LB Trace Berryman 10 5’10 145

    24 RB/LB Talyn Snyder 11 5’10 170

    25 RB/LB Seth Cass 12 5’8 160

    34 WR/DB Kaden Huffman 12 5’5 130

    35 FB/DL Brayden Elliott 12 6’0 185

    43 RB/LB Noah Wekseth 9 5’8 150

    44 RB/LB Kendall Huffman 12 6’0 190

    50 OL/DL Samuel James 10 6’1 205

    51 OL/DL Joseph McCombs 10 5’11 200

    52 OL/DL Waylon McCombs 11 6’0 195

    54 OL/DL Braden Murphy 11 6’1 270

    56 OL/DL Justin Sandy 12 6’0 240

    58 OL/DL Michael Doty 11 5’9 170

    59 OL/DL Ty McCloud 10 6’4 195

    60 OL/DL Jason McKinney 9 5’8 160

    62 OL/DL Savion Johnson 11 6’1 171

    64 OL/DL Blake Mitchell 10 6’0 165

    66 OL/DL Caleb James 10 5’9 171

    68 OL/LB Blaine Ash 9 5’11 180

    69 OL/DL Mason McKinney 9 5’8 153

    70 OL/DL Cameron McCombs 12 6’0 280

    72 OL/DL Ethan Cross 12 6’2 245

    73 OL/DL Declan Ferrell 9 6’4 310

    77 OL/DL Kale Hart 12 6’2 300

    78 OL/DL Brenden Lattea 9 6’0 260

    79 OL/DL Thane Gum 10 5’11 205

    84 WR/DB Jacob Riffle 9 5’9 156

    88 WR/DB Chase Sandy 10 5’6 130

    89 WR/DB Joshua DeHaven 10 6’0 160

2023 Doddridge County

*Team Photo – Bobby Burnside