Scouting Report: Charleston

Four days at the Charleston Civic Center can get exhausting, especially when it comes to finding things to do in between sessions. We’ve been veterans of this event for almost the entire time they have been holding them. We seem to believe that we have a solid idea of places to go, places to eat, and things to see in between the sessions of games.

Now for some of us, we’ll spend almost every day in Charleston and won’t miss a single session. Which is one of those things that you must do at least once in your life because if you do it right, you will never regret it. For others, you come up once or twice, depending on how your team is doing or who is playing. Either way, you will be spending some time in Charleston and would like to do something.

It’s a West Virginia tradition to make a trip to Charleston a full day event. It’s one of those things where you plan it out well in advance. Make a list of stores that you must go to and restaurants that you must try. If there was a dictionary that held the many different sayings and words that is in a West Virginians dictionary, “Going up to Charleston” would be on one of those pages in the book.

Here are some key things you need to know before heading to the State Basketball tournament.

State Basketball Tournament Session Schedule

Morning Session Games Start at: 9:30AM

Next Games start 20 minutes after teams leave the floor.

Evening Session Games Start at: 5:30PM

Next Game start 20 minutes after teams leave the floor.


Ticket Prices:

$8.00 General Admission

$9.00 Reserved Sections

*Note: New security procedures have been placed at the Civic Center, expect delays in entering the arena.


Where to Eat.


A classic favorite for myself is the ole reliable of Quaker Steak. A staple in a consistent place where the food is good, and the atmosphere is great. One of the reasons we loved to go there over the years is that it is typically not as busy, but the food is good and quick. It’s the perfect place to find some good wings, sit back, and watch the NCAA basketball tournament that is going on as well.


Adelphia is a place located in downtown Charleston. This is your late-night location or just a place to hang out. The atmosphere is awesome and there is a huge drink selection available. I’ve personally ranked their awarded winning chicken wings in my own top 10 of wings I have ever had. It’s a great place for a late-night spot, and I enjoy this place greatly!


Not the original but it’s still fantastic. A West Virginian Icon that is also located in downtown Charleston. These pies are known worldwide and people from all over ask me if I know about it when I travel outside of the state. The Charleston location is starting to build its own little reputation, and it’s starting to rival the original in Fayetteville. Go try this place, it’s worth the stop.


Things to Do:

  • The big one that everyone in the state does is go to the Charleston Mall and Town Center. It’s really the only true mall for many of the people in the state. It’s a can’t miss thing to be honest, and almost every person does it. Walking there in between games is the thing to do and with nearly every store that you can think of in the building, you can find whatever you are looking for. The kids love it, the parents love it, and it’s literally right across the street from the Civic Center.
  • Another huge shopping area with a ton of great restaurants and nearly anything that you are looking for. The shopping centers up by Corridor G is another place that is a crowd favorite during this time of year. A short 5-minute drive up the hill in Charleston will take you to these places that you can literally spend the entire day trying to hit each one if you choose to do so. It’s a good place to go especially on day 3 of the tournament if you want to get out of your hotel and move around a little.
  • A personal favorite of mine is the West Virginia museum. Tucked away over by the capital, the museum gives you a full and in-depth view of the history of the state. For many us, the pride we feel when we go in that building is almost second to none because it shows our past and how we got to where we are today. It’s fun going into the museum with your parents or grandparents and have them tell the stories of their past because the place really takes you back in time. It’s worth going over there and spending an hour to check out the entire place.
  • Take a stroll down Capitol Street! Located in the downtown area of Charleston, this place is loaded with many different shops and bars that you could go through. This small little stretch of street gives a unique time for nightlife and food options. With not only the State basketball tournament going on but the NCAA tournament going on, these places will be buzzing with people through the entire week. Highly recommend it for people wanting to take a taste of the nightlife of Charleston.


There are many different places that we considered in this scouting report. There are seriously too many that we could possibly list. We just hope that maybe this list will give you an idea of a place you never had or see something you never saw!


Any other recommendations please comment below to help other people out!

Tailgate Tuesday – A Memorial


Today. It is not an upbeat Tailgate Tuesday. This is in fact a Memorial for an American Monument, a real life meme, and an item that is gone but will never be forgotten on the internet.

It is to our understanding that the McDonald’s in Spencer has decided to cease making their infamous McD’s Pizza.

Being one of the last one’s in the world, it hurts us greatly, similar to watching the many animals of the rain forest go extinct. We literally watched an American legend come…and go.

It is our job, this new generation, to never forget the pure joy that the good employee’s of the McDonald’s in Spencer gave to us for many years. We must forever speak about the good times, the times that past, and the understand that the small feeling of nostalgia will forever have us longing for the past.

It’s times like these where we need to treasure what we have, what is present in front of us. For a split second take our eyes off the future and be grateful for what we have in our lives today.

So please and thank you. Please never forget about the icon that once roamed our great mountains. Also, thank you to those brave employees who gave us the pure joy for many many years.

On a somber note, till next time, keep eating…



Tailgate Tuesday

Hello, welcome to the 3rd installment of tailgate Tuesday here at Coalfields and Co. This week, we take on ‘Merican Classics that have become a staple of your world.  These thoughts have come from long studies that have spanned centuries that date all the way back to our forefathers. Always remember that at the center of your heart and soul, food holds a special place. We are here to help you find that revelation.


The American Dream:

When our forefathers created this great country, they dreamt of the opportunities that we have today. Imagine a world full of food and football. People tend to underestimate this part of the American dream but this is the backbone of what they believed the Constitution would accomplish. This American dream can create whatever hot dog your heart so desires. The world is full of possibilities, one where you can go simple or get as fancy as you may want. It’s a world full of grace and glory that only kings once knew of.

  1. The West Virginian – The home town classic is one that you may not realize is unique to outsiders but one that we hold dear to our heart. Slaw and chili with a nice line of mustard is the dog that we as West Virginian’s grew up on. It’s a shame that John Denver didn’t put a line in the great song about our dear creation.
  2. Queso Dog – Got a ton of queso for chips and dip? Put it to use on a dog. The unique flavor of queso cheese combined with the other ingredients that you may choose will completely flip your hot dog mindset upside down.
  3. Add Fries or Chips – Adding fries to a hot dog is like adding egg to a hamburger. Rarely seen, but when it’s done, it’s amazing. You just must trust me when you do this because it’ll seem weird at first, but the added crunch and saltiness will give your pallet a new dimension.



Another Merican Classic that tends to be overlooked. A good plate of nachos can change your day and possibly your life. I’ve had that happen to me on an occasion or two but it took a great plate of nachos to really open my eyes. There’s specific things that you can that will bring your nachos to the top of the food chain. Always remember, if you have a bangin’ plate of nachos, you give validity to your tailgate abilities.

  1. Chip Quality – The quality of the chip is important to creating a good set of nachos. A study chip that has its own little bit of flavor is incredibly important because it makes the chip versatile and can be used in the chip holder’s own way.
  2. Variety – Be organized with what you put on top of the nachos. Some people like more sour cream but others might hate it. Put the ingredients on the nacho’s platter in quadrants. That way you will always have your choice of what you want on each bite. Also, don’t hold back from being creative! Put some kind of meat on the nachos, be unique, change it up. Throw BBQ sauce on them, add shredded and nacho cheese. Creativity is also important when it comes to this.
  3. The Salsa – At the end of the day, the quality of the salsa will be the overwhelming force that will either put your plate over the finish line or hold it back. I’ve seen great nacho plates go to waste because the salsa just wasn’t any good or there wasn’t enough. Those two things will sink a plate quicker than a rock falling off a bridge. Pick and choose your salsa carefully, test it, with all the ingredients then make a decision on your salsa.


Thank you for reading this today and join us next week when we have an exclusive interview with “Fat Writer”. As he takes us on the journey to his happiness.

Tailgate Tuesday

Welcome welcome welcome to the newest edition of Tailgate Tuesday with all of us at Coalfields and Co. This week we have a the proper bangers to get you ready for the upcoming action this Friday. These are all essentials to make your gameday experience like no other and without further to do. Here is what you should do to make that happen.




The art of war by Sun Tzu is all about preparation and picking out the best place to fight your battle. This is no different with the selection of your pre-game meal.

TIP 1:

COMMUNICATE: Understand that without communication, you will not be able to get everyone on the same page. Scrambling at the last minute will get you no where and you’ll end up going to a crappy place and everyone hates you because you were in charge. Talk to the other people in your group, make them understand your vision, and then execute.

TIP 2:

PLAN AHEAD: Get ahead of the ball, do this tonight or in the morning. Get people moving in the right direction. TIME, PLACE, ACTION. Remember those key details while having this discussion, if there is a set time, at a set place, with good action, it’ll get you in the right mindset for the game. Prepare a pamphlet if need be, be prepared with backup plans just in case.

TIP 3:

DON’T HOLD BACK: Hype this up, get people excited for Friday. Make them anticipate what’s about to go down. Pull their emotions in a positive way to get them going. YOU AREN’T JUST EATING DINNER, YOU ARE EATING A FEAST!!

Always remember those three tips while planning your pre-game meal. Without proper preparation, you may end up going down the wrong path and get your Friday night off on the wrong step.


Top 5 Pizza Joints

Now this could be a heated discussion but one that we needed to have. Today, we are specializing in the Southern Part of the state on the best pizza restaurants in the area.

Pizza is the one food that anybody and everybody loves. Whether it was the pizza they offered at school lunch or the pizza that you made at your house. Pizza is a way of life for almost everyone I have ever crossed paths with. I wanted to tell you all about a few pizza spots that are not that known but are for sure worth the trip to have a pie. Now, I left off the chains, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar; I wanted to tell you more about the home-grown spots that are popping up.

  1. Moe’s

A new addition to the region but not that known. Located in Athens, this small American Greek restaurant offers a pie that was surprisingly good, real good. Not ever having their pizza before after eating there many of times, it caught me off guard when someone told me that it was from Moe’s. When I had it, the surprise on my face spoke volumes of what was occurring in my mouth. A very solid pizza, worthy of the number five ranking on our list.

4.Bellacino’s – A square pizza, a pizza that comes from the heart. What can you ask more of this excellent pizza that has some of the top sauce around? This pie isn’t for everyone as it has a more doughy touch but it’s execution is excellent. Now it isn’t truly square but a classic circle, but it’s carved in a unique style that is second to none.
3.Beckley Little League Concession Stand Pizza – A Southern WV classic is this little piece of heaven. Growing up on the little square pizza’s in the tinfoil is one memory that almost everyone can cherish. What kind of childhood did you have without this in your life? It almost made baseball bearable for the most part knowing you’d get one of these for free after the game


Coming back from the dead a few years ago and a switch in management shot this gem up to number two on my list. I was always a little skeptical of this place when it first opened but it has really taken off. It’s starting to become the place to go on a Friday night when you’re in Beckley. The pizza is excellent and do not, and I mean do not skip out on their mini pepperoni rolls.

  1. Pies and Pints

To finish off our list of Pizza joints in our area is the one and only Pies and Pints Pizzeria in Fayetteville. It is the original, and no matter what anyone tells you, the other ones that are open(Charleston and Morgantown), do not compare to the original. With a large selection of different pies and a large beer menu, this is the place to end your day whether you are exploring the Gorge or just need a night out.

Post Game Meal of the Week:


A throwback to the playing days is the McDonald’s Drive Thru. Nothing is better than the feeling of victory, and the taste of 6 double cheeseburgers at the end of the day. You absolutely can’t skip on that large fry and milkshake either. Guaranteed to be one of the worst things you could eat after a game, this meal is one that I have dreamed in a nostalgic filled nightmare. One where I wish I could go back and eat like that without getting fatter than a chipmunk in October.

The Concessions Report


The bangin’ item found on the menu’s around the state this week is the taco in the bag. First found in the Wyoming County town of Oceana. A taco in the bag is exactly what you think it is. This isn’t a meal for the higher classed schools that don’t understand creativity but one where you go back to your roots. For those schools that keep producing masterpieces like these, keep doing you fam.


And that’s our tips for what you should do on Friday before, during, and after the games. Wish you all the best of luck in your travels and don’t forget to get after it.

Tailgate Tuesday

To start off this series, we want to give the fans an opportunity to experience the near perfect game day. Now with the lights about to shine very bright here in the next couple of days, the worst thing you can do is not have an unbelievable meal before the game kicks off. Part of the experience of going to football games is the food (and other beverages) before the game even kicks off. Why else would you come to a game 3 hours before kickoff? I do feel like I am an expert in this field and would recommend these tips to the Pope himself. Throughout the season, I am going to mention some of the best places to eat, best tailgating tips, and the best places to go to after the game. That post game meal is just as important as the pre-game meal, at least for fans it is.


Let’s get this thing started, first off, let’s start with a tailgate tip that last the ages. Don’t be shy on the condiments. Now you’re saying what a terrible tip that is, and have no idea where I am going with this but the greatest of inventions come from the creativity of a situation. I am literally telling you to overdo it on the condiments. You see those three different kinds of cheese dip and you are not sure which one to get??? You get all three of those bad boys. Have you ever had queso on a hot dog? That’s your loss. Why in the world have you not picked up any ranch or honey mustard dressing? Are you even American? We live for these kinds of opportunities.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”


You are missing a perfect opportunity to take your tailgate experience to a completely different level. Don’t be shy on the condiments, embrace the condiments. Embrace the idea that people love dunking their food into different types of sauces. The condiments can give you victory or defeat on a gameday experience. You may only get one chance in life to lead a tailgate as the head chef. Don’t waste it.

Don’t feel like grilling before a game this Friday. Let me tell you about this place in Bluefield and it is a doozy. It’s called Big Whiskey BBQ Company and they will knock your socks off. There literally might not be an item on the menu that I wouldn’t recommend. I am seriously not joking about that, and I have had the majority of the items on the menu. That will be the place to be before the Beaver-Graham game this Friday and you will have to get there early to get a spot.


Items that you must get, and I mean must get:

  1. Burnt Ends – The tips of the brisket literally melt in your mouth like the snow in late December.
  2. Southside Nachos – These bad boys punch you in the mouth with flavor. Don’t be shy on the sauce, it’ll take you where you want to go.
  3. Chicken Wings – Just jump right in, probably taking the number one ranking of chicken wing in the state of West Virginia. Nationally ranked.

This list can go on forever and I don’t have enough time to really explain how good this place is. This is more of an experience than just a simple dinner. Even if you aren’t in Bluefield before the game on Friday. You need to slide down to the place at some point and time to go through this experience.

Let’s move on to the post game action, where the feeling of success or defeat is quickly drowned out by eating those emotions away. The first place is an American classic and one that is dear to my heart. This place goes by several names but it is most commonly known as Buffalo Wild Wings. Always open any time of year and at any time of day. There is no place better to escape after a game. The upbeat and loud atmosphere with the notion of greasy, fattening food is the perfect place to get over those post game blues.


I have spent many days and nights lounging myself in those hard wood chairs staring at the biggest projection screens your dreams could ever imagine. What food could I recommend to you? The wings obviously. They are bangin, and underrated in a sense to the quality of their existence. Two best flavors, Medium and Teriyaki, don’t @ me. Underrated items? The nachos and salsa. An American classic that can quickly evade even the best of restaurants, but BDUBS is quick on their toes and made it a quality dish to pre-game the post-game meal.


To end, you’re welcome, I know these tips are going to give you a new perspective on life and I wish you all the best in your eating adventures this upcoming Friday. Till next time.