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2023 Capital Football Schedule

08/25 Parkersburg South | VIEW

09/01 Hurricane | VIEW

09/15 St. Albans | VIEW

09/22 Huntington | VIEW

09/29 @ Cabell Midland | VIEW

10/06 @ Riverside | VIEW

10/13 Spring Valley | VIEW

10/20 @ Parkersburg | VIEW

10/27 George Washington | VIEW

11/03 @ South Charleston | VIEW

2022 Recap

The 2022 season was undoubtedly a challenging one for the Capital Cougars football team, as they finished with a 3-7 record. Struggling to find their rhythm, the team faced numerous obstacles throughout the year. However, amidst the difficulties, the Cougars managed to uncover some positive aspects, particularly their ability to secure victories against Riverside and South Charleston.

The Capital Cougars football team experienced a tough year on the field, with an average of only 15 points scored per game, while conceding an average of 38 points. It was undoubtedly a testing time for the team, but they showed resilience and determination to stay focused despite the unfavorable results. The coaching staff, along with the team’s leadership, encouraged a positive mindset and emphasized the importance of growth and development throughout the season.

One of the bright spots in the midst of a challenging season was the youthfulness of the team. The Capital Cougars had a very young roster, which presented opportunities for players to gain valuable experience. The team’s coaching staff recognized this and focused on nurturing the talent and potential within the team. The wins over Riverside and South Charleston served as a testament to the team’s resilience and ability to compete against tough opponents. These victories provided the Cougars with a sense of accomplishment and motivation moving forward.

The 2022 Capital Cougars football team endured a difficult year, finishing with a 3-7 record. Despite the challenges, they showcased resilience and perseverance, finding victories against Riverside and South Charleston. With a young and promising roster, the Cougars have a solid foundation to build upon, and their experiences from this season will undoubtedly contribute to their future success on the gridiron.


2023 Outlook


The Capital Cougar football team is determined to bounce back from a challenging year and make their mark in the playoffs once again. Head coach Mark Mason and his players are gearing up for an intense season, working hard to regain their winning form. With a talented roster that includes standout players like offensive lineman Tajai Davis and defensive lineman Tucker Van Meter, the Cougars have the potential to dominate the field. However, they face a demanding schedule right from the start, with matchups against Parkersburg South and Hurricane posing significant challenges.

The success of the Cougars extends beyond one player. Tajai Davis, an imposing force on the offensive line, will play a vital role in providing protection for the quarterback and opening lanes for the running backs. Davis’s strength, technique, and football intelligence make him an anchor of the offensive line, crucial to the team’s offensive success.

Tucker Van Meter, a dominant force on the defensive line, possesses a combination of size, speed, and technique that allows him to wreak havoc in opposing backfields. Van Meter’s disruptive presence will undoubtedly put pressure on opposing quarterbacks and disrupt offensive strategies.

Despite the determination of the Capital Cougars, they face a daunting schedule right from the beginning. Opening the season against Parkersburg South and Hurricane, two tough opponents, will undoubtedly test their mettle. These early matchups will set the tone for the team’s resilience and determination as they fight to establish themselves as contenders once again. However, the challenging schedule serves as a motivation for the Cougars to prove their worth and demonstrate their improvement over the past year.

The Capital Cougar football team is ready to make a strong comeback in the 2023 season. With standout players like Tajai Davis and Tucker Van Meter, the team possesses the talent and drive to return to the playoffs. While the road ahead won’t be easy, the Cougars are prepared to face any challenges that come their way. As the season unfolds, football enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly anticipate watching the resurgence of the Capital Cougars on the gridiron.

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2023 Capital Football Roster

Senior Football Roster

  • Class: AAA
  • City: Charleston
  • County: Kanawha
  • Superintendent: Dr. Tom Williams
  • Principal: Larry D. Bailey
  • Assistant Principal: Angela S. Cruikshank, Daniel D. Ramezan, Ryan Carter
  • Athletic Director: Kyle Root
  • Head Coach: Mark Mason
  • Assistant Coaches: Larry Moore,Steve Lanham, JR Kinney, Dwayne Wiliams, Shane Healy
  • Sports Medicine Staff: : Alex Stratton
  • Cheerleading Coaches: Kristie Kinney
  • Cheerleaders:
  • Nickname: Cougars
  • Band Director: Eric Staats
  • Team Doctor: Matt Bradley, Jenni Johnson
  • Managers: Tony Harris, Mike Carpenter, Daryl Denson, Jacob Dorst
  • Statistician: Robbie Scott
  • Video: Don Todd
  • Head Coach Information
  • Players

    # Pos. Name Gr Ht Wt Avg

    Latreal Bell 9

    2 David Robinson 9

    3 Camdyn Harris 10

    4 Jermer Smith 10

    5 Damian Johnson 10

    6 Jalaori Clark 10

    7 Fernado Valdivia 10

    8 Dylan Fink 10

    9 Jamal Dotson 10

    10 Jamari Smith 10

    11 Sydnee Lester 10

    13 Christian Robinson 10

    15 Njar Mitchell 10

    20 Levi Lewis 9

    22 Jayson Mitchell 12

    25 Ethan Andrews 9

    26 Keyshawn Brown 9

    27 Zion Christian 9

    28 Brayden Satterfield 9

    32 Jarvis Newman 9

    33 Zane Livingston 10

    34 Alex Asafa Rhodes 9

    42 Dylan Burkes 10

    47 Jordan McCalister 11

    50 Silas Cavender 9

    52 Corey Harvey 10

    54 Elias Cottrell 11

    56 Kevin VanMeter 11

    57 Tomas Cintron 10

    58 Mike Smith 9

    65 Elijah Crowley 12

    66 Amaje Somerville 11

    70 Ryshad Clay 9

    71 Justin Carruthers 9

    77 Khalid Khalid 11

    78 Matthew Hudson 10

    82 Jerry Shelton 9

    88 Trisdon Ciampanella 12