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2023 Buffalo Football Schedule

09/02 @ Petersburg | VIEW

09/08 Poca | VIEW

09/15 Greenbrier West | VIEW

09/22 Mount View | VIEW

09/29 Reedsville Eastern (OH) | VIEW

10/06 @ Nitro | VIEW

10/13 @ Tolsia | VIEW

10/20 @ Man | VIEW

10/27 @ Van | VIEW

11/03 Wahama | VIEW

2022 Recap

The Buffalo football team wrapped up their 2022 season with a disappointing 3-7 record, struggling to find consistency throughout the campaign. With an offense that fluctuated between explosive highs and frustrating lows, the team’s scoring average of 30 points per game showcased their potential, but their defensive struggles were equally evident, conceding an average of 39 points per game.

One of the defining moments of their season came in a heart-wrenching 30-28 loss to Van late in the year. It was a closely contested matchup that showcased the team’s competitiveness and the potential they possessed.

Offensively, the Buffalo team was a tale of two extremes. There were games where their explosive potential shone through, with the ability to put up 50 or more points on the scoreboard. These games demonstrated the team’s offensive firepower and playmaking ability. However, there were also instances where their struggles were evident, with difficulties in surpassing the 20-point mark. On the defensive side of the ball, the team faced significant challenges. The average of 39 points per game conceded is indicative of a defense that struggled to contain opponents consistently.

In conclusion, the Buffalo football team’s 2022 season was characterized by inconsistency. Their boom-or-bust offense showcased their potential to put up high scores, but their struggles to break the 20-point mark hindered their success. The defense also faced significant challenges, giving up an average of 39 points per game. The team’s close loss to Van highlighted their competitiveness but also their inability to consistently finish strong. Moving forward, the team must address their weaknesses and strive for greater consistency if they aim to improve their fortunes in the seasons to come.


2023 Outlook


The Buffalo Football Team is gearing up for an action-packed 2023 season, with hopes of rebounding from a challenging 2022 campaign. Led by head coach Bob Mullet, the team is eager to showcase their improved skills and determination on the field. With a roster boasting standout players such as wide receiver Chris Williams and running back Bryce Downey, Buffalo is poised to make a strong impact in their upcoming matches.

Headlining the offense, wide receiver Chris Williams is a force to be reckoned with. His exceptional speed, agility, and ability to create separation make him a potent weapon in Buffalo’s passing game. Williams will undoubtedly be a key target for the team’s quarterback, using his precise route-running skills to make critical plays in crucial moments.

The backfield will be spearheaded by running back Bryce Downey, a versatile and explosive player. With his agility, vision, and breakaway speed, Downey has the ability to turn routine plays into game-changing moments. His ability to find gaps in the defense and make quick decisions will be crucial to the success of Buffalo’s ground game.

However, it’s not just the key players who will shape Buffalo’s season. Offensive lineman Trenton Luikart and Dylan Johnson, along with defensive lineman Cade Allman, will play pivotal roles in providing protection, opening up running lanes, and ensuring defensive stability. Additionally, keep an eye out for running back Gunner Fertig, whose versatility and knack for finding the end zone make him a valuable asset to the team.

Buffalo’s schedule for the 2023 season presents a significant challenge. The team will kick off their campaign against formidable opponents such as Petersburg, Poca, Greenbrier West, and Mount View. These early matchups will test their mettle and set the tone for the rest of the season. Games against Nitro, Man, Van, and Wahama also loom large on the horizon, demanding the team’s unwavering focus and determination.

Under the guidance of head coach Bob Mullet, the Buffalo Football Team has honed their skills and developed a resilient mindset. With a roster filled with talent, both on offense and defense, Buffalo is poised to take on the challenges that await them in the upcoming season. As the players take the field, they carry the hopes and expectations of their devoted fans, eagerly awaiting a triumphant comeback story in 2023.

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