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2023 Buckhannon Upshur Football Schedule

08/25 Bridgeport | VIEW

09/01 @ Ripley | VIEW

09/08 @ Philip Barbour | VIEW

09/15 @ Elkins | VIEW

09/22 Morgantown | VIEW

09/29 University | VIEW

10/06 Lewis County | VIEW

10/13 @ Oak Hill | VIEW

10/20 @ Grafton| VIEW

10/27 Preston | VIEW

2022 Recap

The Buckhannon-Upshur football team concluded their 2022 season with an impressive display of improvement and a commendable winning streak. Despite a 5-5 record, the Buccaneers showcased resilience, determination, and growth throughout the season. Finishing the season on a 3 game win streak that included two shutouts.

Under the guidance of their head coach,Zach Davis, the team made significant strides compared to the previous year, increasing their win total and igniting hopes of a potential playoff spot. Only in his second year in Buckhannon, the program showed growth and progress. A narrow one point loss to Lewis County in the middle portion of the season may have cost them the playoff berth.

Although narrowly missing out on a playoff spot, the Buckhannon-Upshur Buccaneers made their mark on the 2022 season. With an improved win total, a late-season surge, and dominant defensive performances, they showcased their potential for future success. With a solid foundation laid by the coaching staff, the Buccaneers are poised for a promising future, leaving fans excited and eagerly anticipating the upcoming seasons.

In conclusion, the Buckhannon-Upshur football team’s 2022 season was characterized by significant improvement, a strong finish, and an impressive defense. Their resilience and determination were evident in their three consecutive victories, highlighting their potential for future success. As the team looks ahead to the 2023 season, they aim to build upon their achievements and continue their upward trajectory, with the goal of making a deep playoff run.

2023 Outlook

The Buckhannon-Upshur football team is gearing up for an exciting and promising season this fall. With high expectations of reaching the playoffs, the team, led by third-year coach Zach Davis, is determined to continue their upward trajectory of success. The roster features several impact players who are poised to make a significant difference on both sides of the field. Additionally, their challenging schedule, including matchups against Morgantown, Bridgeport, and University, will test their mettle. Notable games against Oak Hill and Lewis County will also be crucial in determining their playoff prospects.

The Buckhannon-Upshur football team boasts a talented roster filled with key players who will be instrumental in their success this season. Luke Yardley, a senior, is a versatile player who excels at running back and linebacker positions. His experience and leadership will be invaluable to the team. Wyatt Morris, a junior, is another dynamic player who will contribute both as a running back and linebacker, providing speed and agility on the field.

Seniors Ryan Kelley will not only be a standout offensive lineman but a team leader in the captains role. With other seniors Bryson Johnston, Blake Runyon, and sophomore quarterback Dawson Tenney. The four will be the leaders to lead them back to the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

On the offensive and defensive lines, Bear Metheney, a junior, will anchor the team with his impressive skills as an offensive and defensive lineman. His strength and tenacity will be vital in creating opportunities for the offense and disrupting the opposition’s game plan. Joining Metheney is Daren Daugherty, another junior who will provide additional strength and stability in the trenches.

Daniel Hedrick, a junior, is yet another player to watch. As a running back and linebacker, he possesses excellent vision and tackling ability. Hedrick’s contributions on both sides of the ball will be crucial for the team’s success this season.

The Buckhannon-Upshur football team faces a formidable schedule this year, featuring several tough opponents. The matchups against Morgantown, Bridgeport, and University will test the team’s mettle and provide them with an opportunity to prove their worth against top-tier competition. These games will serve as crucial measuring sticks and will help gauge the team’s readiness for the playoffs.

While every game is important, a few matchups stand out as particularly significant for the Buckhannon-Upshur football team. The game against Oak Hill presents an opportunity as a playoff game, as a win here could be the determining factor of reaching the playoffs. Likewise, the game against Lewis County will carry playoff implications and could determine the team’s postseason fate. These key games will require exceptional performance and execution from the entire team.

The 2023 Buckhannon-Upshur football team, under the guidance of coach Zach Davis, enters the upcoming season with high expectations. With a roster featuring impact players such as Luke Yardley, Wyatt Morris, Bear Metheney, Daniel Hedrick, and Daren Daugherty, the team is well-positioned to succeed. The challenging schedule, including matchups against Morgantown, Bridgeport, and University, will test their abilities and provide an opportunity to showcase their talent. As the team looks to secure a playoff berth, key games against Oak Hill and Lewis County will be crucial in their pursuit of postseason success. Buckhannon-Upshur football fans have every reason to be excited about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

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