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2023 Bluefield Football Schedule

08/25 Graham (VA) | VIEW

09/01 @ Princeton | VIEW

09/08 @ Greenbrier East | VIEW

09/15 Woodrow Wilson | VIEW

09/29 Independence | VIEW

10/06 PikeView | VIEW

10/13 @ Grayson County (VA) | VIEW

10/20 @ Oak Hill | VIEW

10/26 Giles (VA) | VIEW

11/03 @ James Monroe | VIEW

2022 Recap

In a rollercoaster season that tested their resolve, the Bluefield Beavers football team displayed unwavering determination and grit. The journey began on a rough note, with the team stumbling to a disappointing 1-5 record. However, what followed was a remarkable turnaround that showcased their true potential.

Despite the early setbacks, the Beavers refused to be deterred. With unwavering commitment and a renewed focus, they rallied together and embarked on an impressive four-game winning streak, earning them a spot in the AA playoffs. The team’s resilience and unity were evident as they overcame the odds and defied expectations.

Unfortunately, their playoff run was cut short in a tightly contested game against Independence, where they fell just short of victory. Nonetheless, the Beavers left an indelible mark on the season, proving that they were among the best teams in AA.

With a closer examination of their performance, it becomes clear that the Bluefield Beavers possessed a potent offense. Scoring an average of 28 points per game, they showcased their ability to move the ball efficiently and find the end zone. The team’s offensive prowess was fueled by skilled playmakers and a well-coordinated game plan that capitalized on their strengths.

Defensively, the Beavers were not without their challenges. Allowing an average of 26 points per game, they faced formidable opponents who tested their defensive capabilities. However, their ability to hold their ground and limit their opponents’ scoring opportunities demonstrated their resilience and determination on both sides of the ball.

Looking back on the season, it is evident that the Bluefield Beavers had the potential for an even deeper playoff run. With a better draw and some fortune on their side, they might have been able to make a compelling push towards the championship game in Wheeling.

As the Beavers reflect on the 2022 season, they can take pride in knowing that they were one of the best teams in AA. Their journey, though challenging, has laid a strong foundation for future success, setting the stage for continued growth and an even more formidable presence on the field.


2023 Outlook

The 2023 Bluefield Beaver football team is gearing up for an exciting season under the guidance of the legendary head coach Freddy Simon. With a solid core of returning players from last year’s successful campaign, the Beavers have their sights set on the state championship. Led by key players such as wide receiver RJ Hairston, running back Amir Hairston, defensive lineman Jaden Francisco, linebacker Gerard Wade, and linebacker Ty Patton, the team is poised to make a strong run this fall. Additionally, the team’s lighter schedule may provide an advantage, allowing them to stay healthy and maintain their competitive edge throughout the season. One particular highlight to look forward to is the anticipated showdown against Independence, which promises to be an electrifying game in Bluefield.

One of the Beavers’ most exciting offensive threats is wide receiver RJ Hairston. With his exceptional speed, precise route-running, and reliable hands, Hairston has the potential to dominate opposing defenses. His explosiveness and ability to create separation make him a formidable target in the passing game. Meanwhile, in the backfield, running back Amir Hairston brings a combination of power, agility, and vision, making him a force to be reckoned with on the ground.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Beavers boast a formidable line of defense. Defensive lineman Jaden Francisco is a disruptive force in the trenches, consistently wreaking havoc in the opponent’s backfield. His strength, quickness, and relentless pursuit of the ball carrier make him a nightmare for opposing offensive lines. Linebackers Gerard Wade and Ty Patton provide leadership and tenacity, anchoring the defense with their exceptional tackling skills and ability to read the game.

Bluefield’s schedule for the upcoming season is relatively lighter compared to previous years. This could prove to be an advantage for the Beavers, as it allows them to manage their players’ workload and potentially minimize injuries. With a well-balanced slate of games, the team has an opportunity to gain momentum and build confidence as they navigate the season.

The 2023 Bluefield Beaver football team, under the guidance of legendary coach Freddy Simon, is primed for success this season. With key players returning and an exciting roster, the Beavers have their sights set on the state championship. Led by standout athletes such as RJ Hairston, Amir Hairston, Jaden Francisco, Gerard Wade, and Ty Patton, the team possesses the talent and depth required to make a deep postseason run. The lighter schedule this year presents a favorable opportunity for the Beavers to remain healthy and maintain their competitive edge. Furthermore, the highly anticipated game against Independence is one that should not be missed, promising a thrilling display of skill, passion, and determination. Bluefield fans and football enthusiasts alike have plenty to be excited about as they rally behind their team in pursuit of championship glory.

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