About Us

Who are we?

Our staff is extensive and continuously growing.  In some sense, we are a community media source.  All of us have broad experience with football in the Mountain State- ranging from high school players/coaches to college players/coaches.  West Virginia ball runs through our veins.


Why do we love West Virginia football?

The uniqueness and historical presence of football here is unmatched.  Rivalries spanning for decades, football teams keeping the smallest of towns together, the grit, and the modern-day battle between tradition and consolidation.  It’s exhilarating and amazing.


Why do we do it?

We noticed a void.  A void other states have where their teams and players are properly covered in-depth and year round.  This is not a slight to news stations, but they have other news and sports to cover.  We want to go as personal as we can.   We felt robbed when we played/coached- giving back to today’s players/coaches makes it worth our while.


What’s our goals?

We have already reached several of our goals: being a respected news/commentary source and hosting our first clinic.  We would like to form a network of debate, cohesion, and quality representative between every team around the state.  We want to tell these stories.  We want to shed the right light on this state’s ever growing history.


Contact Us

Got any ideas?  Any players?  Want to talk football?  Need information on one of camps/clinics?  Contact us at @CoalfieldsCo@gmail.com