West Virginia’s Top 25 Defensive Linemen for 2023

Featured photo by Christopher Davis

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2023 WV Prep Football Showcase

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, C&C will be hosting our first annual WV Prep Football Showcase! This West Virginia-exclusive event will see the best of the best compete with colleges in attendance! Invites are being sent out through the months of March and April so keep an eye out!

C&C VERIFIED: Plans to participate in the 2023 WV Prep Football Showcase

SPORT/INJURY: Would participate but cannot due to another sport or injury

Players that excel at less competitive positions will be ranked within those groups to maximize player recognition. Our college scout sheet reflects all of a player’s positions, however.

173Rashad ReidMartinsburg6’12802024
270Aydin FlemingMartinsburg6’22302024
367Jamie RiedelLinsly6’22852024
467Quintin GoinsJefferson6’32252024
563Trevor BigelowFairmont Senior6’42252025
662Kiyou JacksonHuntington5’112902024
761Buddy MarcumTug Valley6’42252024
858Derek CroghanWheeling Park6’32802024
958Aidan SparksBridgeport6’12102024
1056Durell JohnsonHedgesville6’42252024
1155Aaron ClarkHurricane6’22802024
1254Troy WoolastonMusselman6’32002024
1354Jaden FranciscoBluefield6’32752025
1453Zavier PollardMusselman6’12352025
1552Phophet GuillaumeSpring Mills6’32302025
1652Beau FordBridgeport6’02452024
1752Wes Brown Jr.Bridgeport5’102752025
1850Markell JonesHuntington6’31952024
1950Brody CottrillLinsly6’32102025
2049Isaiah Osafo-MensahWashington6’22402025
2148Drake LanhamHurricane6’32252025
2248Braylen RyderCabell Midland6’22452024
2347Melique LewisUniversity6’12602024
2446Caleb KuhlWinfield6’22052024
2546Aryn McPhersonHuntington6’33202026

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