C&C’s 2021 Preseason Magazine Cover Tournament: Round Two (VOTE NOW)

It is that time again. May marks time for the yearly slugfest of C&C’s Preseason Magazine Cover Tournament. Our West Virginia Prep Football Insider has become an enormous hit across the state and making it on the cover is something special. While we analyze, evaluate, and rank Big Boards ourselves- BUT we let the cover be in the hands of our followers and the state!

The Process

It is a 32-team single elimination tournament. The vote-in round consists of 12 2020 non-playoff qualifiers (teams with multiple 2021 Big Board prospects of a certain ranking). The state has one week to vote what four teams are the last ones in the entire 32-team bracket. After that, every round is the same: teams will face off 1v1 and whichever receives more votes will be victorious and move onto the next round until one remains. The initial 28 teams already in the tournament qualify by having multiple Big Board prospects and made the playoffs in 2020. Seeding was decided by the number and ranking of Big Boards prospects.

The team who wins will be on the cover of our magazine and have a special article included. The two highest placers belonging to the other two classes (whatever they may be) will also have special articles in the magazine for them.

Prior magazine cover teams will not be in the tournament (Ravenswood, Poca, and Oak Glen). Teams that have already won prior special articles by being their highest placing in the class will be bypassed if they do not win the entire contest but are the highest placing in their class yet again (Parkersburg South and Man). They still can win the overall cover, however.

Voting Rules

In past years, we have spotted people cheating by those voting more than once. Our software tracks IP addresses and adjusts the percentage based off any multiple votes from the same IP address. There is no way to cheat. If there is ever a quick change in percentages in a short amount of time- it is the filtering of repeat votes and proper correction. Vote once. We completely recommend to share the poll with as many people as possible to win! Have fun but don’t cheat!

Round Two


Ryker Brown, Jacorian Green, Amir Hairston

Greenbrier East

Monquelle Davis, Jacob Wickline, Garrett Bennett


Ismael Borrero, Chase Hager, Brogan Brown


Atticus Goodson, Cyrus Goodson, Trey Bowers


Sam Bradfield, Gabe Ryan, Seth Healy


Braxton Todd, Hudson Clement, Jacob Barrick

Mingo Central

Dylan Glasscock, Garrett Runyon, Norman Kennedy


Bryson Singer, Carter King, Austin Fleming

Point Pleasant

Evan Roach, Josh Towe, Zander Watson

Ritchie County

Ethan Haught, Gus Morrison, Gavin Bell

Robert C. Byrd

Jeremiah King, Aidan Morris, Evan Warne

South Charleston

Trey Dunn, Mari Lawton, Mondrell Dean

Spring Valley

Jace Caldwell, Corbin Page, Evan Ferguson

St. Albans

Elijah Edge, Kam Wells, Ashton Spangler

Wheeling Park

Jacob Stewart, Colton Thomas, Nate Shelek


Colton Melrose, Trevor Oates, Rickie Allen


*if you are unable to vote on your phone through a Twitter/Facebook link, vote via computer or go to our website through safari/browser!

South Charleston or Mingo Central?

  • South Charleston (51%, 1,263 Votes)
  • Mingo Central (49%, 1,213 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,476

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Point Pleasant or Bluefield?

  • Point Pleasant (51%, 960 Votes)
  • Bluefield (49%, 928 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,877

Loading ... Loading ...

Martinsburg or Greenbrier East?

  • Martinsburg (52%, 624 Votes)
  • Greenbrier East (48%, 586 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,210

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Williamstown or Wheeling Park?

  • Williamstown (60%, 634 Votes)
  • Wheeling Park (40%, 423 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,057

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Independence or Spring Valley?

  • Spring Valley (52%, 510 Votes)
  • Independence (48%, 476 Votes)

Total Voters: 986

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Ritchie County or Keyser?

  • Ritchie County (56%, 626 Votes)
  • Keyser (44%, 494 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,120

Loading ... Loading ...

Robert C. Byrd or Hurricane?

  • Hurricane (63%, 717 Votes)
  • RCB (37%, 420 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,137

Loading ... Loading ...

St. Albans or Parkersburg?

  • St. Albans (52%, 1,134 Votes)
  • Parkersburg (48%, 1,048 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,182

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