Top 5 AAA Specialists in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions. Some players have been adjusted to another position due to scheming and likelihood of change in college.

Honorable Mention

45 – Brayden Scott (Capital) 2023

45 – Connor Mollohan (Woodrow Wilson) 2023

46 – Braden Bragg (Greenbrier East) 2022

TIE – 4. Ethan Vargo-Thomas

For consecutive years Vargo-Thomas is among the top specialists in AAA and the state. In 2021 he hit on 100% of his field goals including a long of 37 yards. He also assisted the offense further by hitting on 83% of extra points. Vargo-Thomas tripled as a useful punter and breakout all-conference safety last season. He has a lot of time to continue getting better as he is only a junior.

TIE – 4. Scout Arthur

Arthur comes into the list with a top five punting average for returning specialists. At nearly 40 yards per punt, this makes his field-flipping abilities excellent for high school ball. It would not be surprising to see that number exceed 40.0 yards per punt as a senior. Arthur also produces at other positions and is an overall great athlete.

3. Reilly Bubb

Bubb was a very underrated specialist in 2021. He was a notable kicker but an even more accomplished punter. He averaged a state-best 42.3 yards per punt for the Eagles. If he properly continues down this path of development, he could end up with an incredibly high punting average worthy of grabbing collegiate attention. Bubb is an eastern panhandle statistical standout to keep an eye on.

TIE – 1. Oren Humphreys

Humphreys fought through a hip injury in 2020 to still put up some of the best numbers in West Virginia as only a sophomore. He notched some solid field goals with his only misses coming due to blocks. He hit on 90% of his extra points and even averaged around 40.0 yards per punt. He was the most productive overall specialist in Class AAA during the 2020 season.

TIE – 1. Hayden Pack

Pack had a wide range of successes for the Cardinals as a junior. He hit on three field goals with a state-long of 44 yards. On top of this he also kicked 93% on extra points for an offense ranking towards the top in scoring. His stats are solid and increased greatly from a year before. Pack should see even more improvement as a senior.

Keep An Eye Out

Bridgeport’s Taylor Thomas (2023) and Ripley’s Carter Cochran (2022) didn’t get many field goal opportunities but were both 100% on extra points (with over 15 attempts). University’s John Coleman (2024) was 100% on field goals and 83% on extra points. South Charleston’s Chase Edwards (2022) hit on 91% of extra points for the highest scoring offense in the state. Washington’s Jimmy Williams (2022) is among the top longsnappers in West Virginia.

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