Top 5 AA/A Defensive Backs in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions. Some players have been adjusted to another position due to scheming and likelihood of change in college.

Honorable Mention

42 – Braeden Murray (Sissonville) 2022

44 – Luke Robinette (Frankfort) 2023

51 – Riley Watkins (Wheeling Central) 2023

TIE – 3. Kayson Nealy

Nealy adds to an already highly experienced and athletic skill group for Fairmont Senior. He provides a great burst and dominant speed at the Class AA level and is sure to be a reliable playmaker on offense and defense. His footwork and technique are very sound and is a solid product of a proven coaching staff. Nealy will be a common name as Fairmont Senior look to repeat as champs.

TIE – 3. Luca DiLorenzo

DiLorenzo was a borderline Big Board player as a sophomore but has now cemented his ranked within the top five. A big thing that stands out for him is his hip speed. He is highly agile and plays with good leverage- very important skills as a cornerback. He obviously is well-coached too. We expect to see him make that big tenth grade to eleventh grade production jump.

TIE – 3. Malakai Woodard-Jones

Woodard-Jones has produced for the Generals since his days as a ninth grader. The two-way playmaker has solid size and good athleticism to accompany it. He plays the ball quite well in the air and has no issue coming up to support on the run. His hip speed is not quite as agile as others on this list but his straight-line speed is fantastic- giving him an awesome coverage radius at safety.

2. Nathan Harper

Harper is returning back to Herbert Hoover after a season with George Washington. Over the past two seasons, at both schools, he has proven himself to be a talented wide receiver and safety. He is arguably one of the most athletic prospects in AA with excellent quickness and jumping ability. The Huskies seem to be trending in a great direction and Harper’s addition makes them all the more talented.

1. Evan Dennison

Dennison is one of the versatile talents in the state with the ability to play quaerterback, runningback, wide receiver, cornerback, and safety. With a lot of offensive and defensive production graduated, he has a perfect recipe for a breakout year. He checks all the boxes with size, strength, speed, and explosiveness. He could have been ranked on offense but we chose defense because his agility and ball-play were stellar at corner. Dennison is a must-follow in 2021.

Keep An Eye Out

Wheeling Central’s Riley Watkins (2023) narrowly missed the Top 5 but should be a Class A standout. He is by-far the hardest hitting player in the class. Frankfort’s Luke Robinette (2023) had a statistically excellent sophomore season and should have an even better junior year. Midland Trail’s Robert Ruffner (2022) was our 2020 Class A Breakout Player of the Year and should be a standout linebacker/safety for the Patriots yet again.

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