Top 5 AA/A Linebackers in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions. Some players have been adjusted to another position due to scheming and likelihood of change in college.

Honorable Mention

40 – Aidan Morris (Robert C. Byrd) 2022

40 – Jace Dalton (Fairmont Senior) 2022

41 – Logan Phalin (Independence) 2022

5. Trevor Oates

Oates had a breakout year for Williamstown in 2020. Though most remember his utility running the ball on offense, we felt his skillset will be more used on the defensive side for the next level. He has good height and weight and can move pretty well. At the outside position, he doesn’t seem to hesitate much coming up and holding the edge. His coverage ability appears good but there’s no way to simulate higher level speed and schemes in Class A. Oates is a solid prospect with the frame that can handle improvements in several areas.

4. Jordan Harvey

Harvey is the highest ranked inside linebacker on the list. He is a bit light in the hips but also has two years to continuing getting bigger and stronger. The quick standout, and very important one, is that he gets downhill fast and with purpose. He appears to play hard but borderline out of control at times but these are all teachable things with time and experience. Harvey passes many of the early tests of a good linebacker and must continue developing speed, size, control, and pass coverage.

3. Evan Warne

Warne is a nightmare for most tackles. Not because of brute force but because of his agility. He really utilizes quickness, leverage, and flexibility to put pressure on the quarterback. This athleticism comes in handy as he plays well out in space too. Of course, the big knock is his size and ability to handle bigger blockers in the future. He has a versatile option of becoming more of a box safety-type player which is advantageous.

2. Germaine Lewis

Lewis comes in at #2. Many could argue he could be ranked as a Top 5 runningback but we thought his linebacker film really showed a lot. He is put together very well and moves fluidly. He checks multiple boxes in terms of aggression, downfield play, and sure-tackling. What really stands out is his ability to make plays. No other linebacker made the variety of fumbles or interceptions that Lewis did and colleges are always looking for playmakers. He is exactly that and is only rising junior.

1. Ryker Brown

Brown could be ranked in a number of places: quarterback, wide receiver, or defensive back. Linebacking seems to come natural to him and his former skill position talents translate well on the second level. He has grown a lot since a sophomore, now roughly 6’3 nearing 200 pounds. This is ideal size as a collegiate prospect and his film shows just how much he can do. He makes strong, technical tackles and is obviously excellent in coverage with his cornerback experience. Brown will shine as the quarterback this year but we think colleges will see him as an elite defender- either way, a top talent in AA.

Keep An Eye Out

Few players had more takeaways and big plays on defense than Liberty-Raleigh’s Logan Doddrill (2022). The rising senior was a playmaking machine and should continue to be so in 2021. Weir’s Gage Hawkins (2023) is a rising junior and should continue a strong lineage of good Red Rider backers. Finally, joining Oates for Williamstown is Rickie Allen (2023). The two share similar roles as foundations in the run offense but also notable linebackers.

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