Top 5 AAA Offensive Linemen in WV for 2021

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*NOTE: To help spread the love, players will be listed at only one position. So some players who might qualify as a Big Board caliber player here will be ranked at another position. The scout sheet we send to colleges has all players and all their positions.

Honorable Mention

53 – Shane Roberts (Spring Valley) 2023

56 – Jaiden Evans (Morgantown) 2022

58 – Wyatt Minor (Bridgeport) 2023

5. Corbin Turney

Turney will go into his senior season as a four-year starter for the Hawks. This depth of varsity experience has benefitted him greatly. Always possessing good size, his footspeed and aggression have really progressed well over three years. There is a little bit of a flexibility deficit and some struggle with blocking quicker linebackers, but this is evident for many high school linemen. He is a great prospect and his process should be reflect that.

4. Jacob Wickline

Wickline was an interesting name going into 2020 and has confirmed his level of play by 2021. At 6’4″ 275 pounds, he has already reached that standard for a next-level player. His film reflects that he can move well with this size which is crucial. Within Greenbrier East’s offense, he has had many chances to improve in both pass blocking and working up field. This blend of gifts has gotten him some big-time looks including serious interest from Central Michigan.

3. Evan Ferguson

Ferguson has started since his sophomore season which is extra impressive at Spring Valley. He has seen time at multiple positions including guard and center. In 2020, he really came into his own at center and it appears to a good fit for him on the next level. He is very muscular and thick which gives him a lot of leverage and power within the tackles. Unsurprisingly, he also has excellent technique, habits, and discipline that should house him with plenty of scholarships by next February.

TIE – 1. Max Wentz

Wentz was pointed out as Huntington’s next top linemen as a freshman, and he has since lived up to the expectations. Since then, he has grew to just around 6’4″ and a properly built 265 pounds. His technique kick-step drop at the tackle position is probably the smoothest within the state. He also showed a lot of variability in the types of blocks he can make on film. Simply, he is just a very solid lineman who can continuously improve over time. Wentz could definitely end up with some FCS-level offers.

TIE – 1. Xavier Bausley

Bausley joins a fellow MSAC lineman as the #1 blocker in the state. His skillset is much different though. He has pure mass that can move very well. At 6’5 and 310 pounds, few (if any) defenders won’t be locked down permanently if he gets a hold of them. What has needed the most development was his footspeed and overall flexibility- and though it still has a ways to go- he has shown incredible growth and a sign that he can continue getting better. Once again, he is entirely capable of garnering some FCS-levels offers or higher.

Keep An Eye Out

Joining Bausley is a promising guard in Nijil Amburgey (2022) who helps cement a fantastic front for the defending champs. Morgantown has a pair of tall, lanky tackles who are very interesting through evaluations with Jaiden Evans (2022) and Cornel Brown (2022). Nearby, Johns Evans (2023) and Gavin Powroznik (2023) join Turney to really give University one of the most experienced fronts in AAA. Finally, as Wentz begins his final chapter at Huntington, the next Highlander OL great looks like Robby Martin (2024).

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