Top 5 AAA Quarterbacks in WV for 2021

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Honorable Mention

54 – Chase Edwards (University) 2023

57 – Murphy Clement (Martinsburg) 2024

57 – Maddex McMillen (Woodrow Wilson) 2022

TIE – 4. Sammy Roberts

Roberts’ first year starting for Jefferson gave him the chance to put some legitimate film out. As a junior he finished among the leaders in passing yards and touchdowns for AAA quarterbacks. He was able to display a wide variety of passes and appeared to perform well with all. His size gives him good leverage when passing providing acceptable arm strength and power. Roberts is a good prospect that has experience in a modernized offense which should make him attractive at the next level.

TIE – 4. Ismael Borrero

Borrero was another quarterback with little varsity film heading into 2020. The clips he did have up turned out to be indicative of his abilities as he too finished among AAA passing leaders. He does not have over the top accuracy, power, or mobility but instead possesses a well above-average skill for each. This makes him quite a well-rounded quarterback capable of most passes with the occasional ability to extend plays. Borrero should take another leap in all areas with a year of starting now under his belt.

TIE – 4. Gavin Lochow

Lochow is yet another quarterback who got his first starting snaps last year- as a sophomore, however. He is quite athletic and is used plenty on designed QB runs. He has a natural ability running the football incorporating creative moves and ending on gritty extra yards. His passing skill is well along and should get better. Lochow’s greatest asset appears to be his overall ability to extend plays and make something out of nothing. A worthwhile rising junior.

3. Grant Cochran

Cochran has become the centerpiece for the Princeton air raid. After coming off a record-breaking freshman campaign, the 6’4 sophomore upped the ante further and led the Tigers to a playoff birth. He most definitely has the frame and decent enough athleticism. He has a talent throwing the football but does require some more time to polish his mechanics and push his ceiling higher. With two years ahead, it seems completely possible for his problems to be mostly fixed.

2. Bryson Singer

Singer has put up more yards in the past two seasons than any other player in AAA. He is the definition of a dual threat as his rushing yards come often from designed passes. Of the Top 5, he is by-far the most athletic- standing at 6’3 and with the capability of outrunning the entire secondary. His passing is mostly strong, being able to hit many passes with accuracy and velocity. Singer is a uniquely gifted prospect that could play quarterback in college but it would not be surprising if bigger schools saw him as a potential star at wide receiver.

1. Trey Dunn

Dunn had about as perfect of a sophomore season as one can have. He led the entire state in yards per game and touchdowns per game. South Charleston had the #1 offense and went on to claim the AAA state championship. It is no surprise he is the #1 quarterback but it is not based off his stats or accomplishments but rather his film. He has excellent mechanics throwing the ball allowing him to make a variety of passes from inside or outside the pocket. Coinciding with this is a true ability to tuck and run for big plays. Dunn’s ceiling is incredibly high and college interest should prove that in the next two years.

Keep An Eye Out

Martinsburg has a trio of passers all proven performers with likely starter Murphy Clement (2024), Ezra Bagent (2023), and Tanner Triplett (2024). Bridgeport’s Cam Cole (2022) was our 2020 “AAA” Breakout Player of the Year and did so by rushing for over 1,500 yards- he will be a great athlete to follow. Cabell Midland’s Ryan Wolfe (2023) falls into this same category as a very good athlete playing quarterback on a run-centric offense. Finally, Wheeling Park will be on the search for their next great quarterback and rising junior Brett Phillips appears that he might be just that.

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