Top 5 AA/A Runningbacks in WV for 2021

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*Fairmont Senior RB Germaine Lewis will be ranked at another position

Honorable Mention

45 – Josh Moody (Man) 2023

45 – Jamari Bass (Weir) 2023

46 – Jaeon Flack (Bluefield) 2022

5. Evan Roach

Roach comes into his third year with the Big Blacks having played nearly every position there is on offense (and defense). Last season Roach saw time at quarterback, wide receiver, and runningback. He has developed agility and burst physically and the fact he has been a key point on offense since his freshman years shows his progression of field vision. He is only a junior so he has plenty of time to increase his size and further along his speed and explosiveness. As a traditional utility do-it-all player, Roach is among the best in the state.

4. Amir Hairston

Hairston was on the radar coming in as a freshman last season which is not a common occurrence. He found a way to get touches for the runner-up Beavers and made the most of them. He displayed an ability to follow his blocks, plant, and get north. Hairston’s speed and creativite running is far along for a rising sophomore. His ceiling is very high and as his body matures closer to 200 pounds- he will be an elite runningback in the state before his senior year.

3. Dylan Ours

Ours is another rising sophomore that made the most of his touches on a talent-ridden offense. Already being close to 200 as a freshman, it is likely that Ours’ role on the next level will be that of an H-back which is worth noting when comparing ratings with other traditional runningbacks. Regardless, he has a tremendous smashmouth aspect with the coupling ability to break off big runs from the interior. He will be a perfect compliment to the advanced Fairmont Senior pass game in the next three years.

2. Jeremiah King

King has been known around the state since his freshman season. This statewide attention doesn’t come for no reason as King has posted several 300+ yard rushing performances as well as some 400+ yarders too. His ability to do this comes from a good set of core attributes (speed, agility, and strength) and a very advanced toolkit of tackle-avoiders. He has a instinctual knack for busting off big gains. The only thing bringing down his rating is his size which could be an issue translating on the next level with his running style. Still, an undoubted record-breaking back.

1. Atticus Goodson

The first thing that jumps out on film for Goodson is the clear division of speed for him and the defenders. If he gets into an opening, he is likely to outrun his opponents. The fact that he is 220 pounds doing this is causation for a stellar high rating of 75. He has produced (leading the state in multiple categories) in bulk as well. Due to his ever increasing physical development, he too will most likely find himself being an athletic H-back on the next level or even a potential linebacker. A premiere talent.

Keep An Eye Out

Pointed out in the Honorable Mentions- Jaeon Flack (2022) adds a finesse burst to Bluefield’s offense and will surely be a huge part of their offensive gameplan again. Ryan Simms (2022) of Liberty (Raleigh) is another scatback-type that has been on our radar for several years. He is quite fast and has impressive agility with his downside being his size (5’7 155 lbs). Lincoln’s Antwan Hilliard (2023) has flourished as their three-down back since a freshman and if he can find a way to get a bit bigger- could end up being a Top 15 runningback. Finally, Frankfort’s Peyton Clark (2022) should take over a big role in their offense despite being a tad short but physically developed. A tough, smart runner.

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