WV 2000s Class AAA All-Decade Team (VOTE NOW)

Last off-season we had the honor of forming the official 2010’s all-decade teams for each class. Every off-season we look for a historical project to pursue, and it appeared that we should continue forming official all-decade teams. So, that it is exactly what we plan to do.

2010’s AAA All-Decade Team | 2010’s AA All-Decade Team | 2010’s A All-Decade Team

Over the next three months we will select and announce teams of 30 players (11 offense + 3 utility, 11 defense + 3 utility, 1 kicker, and 1 punter) and one coach for all three classes. We are glad to have built a highly experienced committee of eight coaches per class from all regions (equal representation) to help vote for these teams. There is no concrete criteria but obviously high school accomplishments by team and individual are priority with some emphasis on statistical excellence and collegiate success also.

As we begin these projects, please let us hear your voice. Dig deep and think about the best players from 2000-2009 and let us know below via survey:


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