[FINAL] 2020 C&C Ratings, SOS, & 2019-Change (All 113 Teams)

Concluding our coverage of the 2020 season is our final C&C Ratings, Strength of Schedules, and 2019-2020 Rating Changes. The Coalfields & Co. Rating (CCR) is a self-made mathematical formula that attempts to capture a team’s true ability outside of record and class. The goal is to be able to compare these ratings across classes and years. The formula is entirely objective as it takes account of strength of schedule, point difference per game (and the caliber of opponent), and a domination factor. Strength of Schedule is derived by the average CCR of a team’s opponents and the rating change is exactly as it sounds: the difference between their 2019 CCR and 2020 CCR.

Here is an estimation scale to get a grasp on what the ratings are attempting to tell:

80+ = AAA dominant champion

70+ = AAA title contenders / AA dominant champion

60 + = AAA playoff contenders / AA title contenders / A dominant champion

50+ = AAA bubble teams / AA playoff contenders / A title contenders

40+ = AA bubble teams / A playoff contenders

30+ = A bubble teams

20+ = Lowest tier

CRITICAL NOTE: The accuracy of our annual CCR’s is improved drastically during the postseason. Without the majority of playoff games being played, it is hard to conclude the concrete rankings the numbers provide. By no means are we attempting to declare one team better than another. Without all the games being played there’s no way to tell especially if the ratings are within five points of one another. Once again, these are mathematical ratings.

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