#SaveTheSeason – Buy C&C Masks Now!


Right now in West Virginia we still have the opportunity for a season. We can thank each other for being safe and responsible in limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus these past few months. The challenges are not over and precautions still need to be taken. #SaveTheSeason goes beyond being able to have sports but also to signal a unified effort to return to normalcy and the things we love all while being safe. We hope everyone can continue to follow the guidelines to ensure we get to have all the great recreational things we enjoy. Thank you for support and let’s save the season the right way.

  • Sleek behind-the-ear design with adjustable banding
  • Ergonomic silicon bead design for adjusting
  • Durable/wash-tested outer layer fabric
  • Comfortable, breathable inner layer/100% cotton

with heavy demand, we expect to have masks sent out late August / early September


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