C&C’s 2010’s All-Decade Team Snubs (VOTE NOW)

It has been with great pleasure that we have spent the past three months revisiting the best players of the decade. As we said in the prior articles, we did our absolute best to collect eligible coach votes, popular opinion, and every statistic we could find. Each team was boiled down to 28 players + one coach. 14 were offense, 14 were defense. Of those 14, there were two utilities. With ten years of all-state players to work from, it was incredibly hard to not leave worthy names off. 30 looks a lot cleaner than 28 so we are giving our followers the final two selections for each team (one offense, one defense). Our selected teams are visualized below. The survey to vote for the biggest snub is below that. We will premiere the complete all-decade teams in our 2020 West Virginia Prep Football Insider!

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