BREAKING: Coalfields & Co. Expanding into Kentucky Prep Football

At Coalfields & Co. we are proud of our accomplishments the last three years. Our goal was to help bring West Virginia prep football talent to the spotlight by assisting in recruiting exposure and making the overall experience unforgettable. We have cemented a blueprint that delivers on both of these metrics.

One regret was when players from neighboring states would contact us asking for similar help, we had to omit them from our work due to the sole focus on West Virginia. Now that we have built a successful infrastructure in the Mountain State, we believe it is the right time to look into bringing another state into our work.

We have chosen Kentucky as the location of our expansion. Firstly, before all else, this does not change anything for West Virginia coverage. Expect nothing less- actually, expect more. West Virginia is our roots, and we hope an expansion will benefit West Virginia players as well. Ranking and discussing West Virginia players in a vacuum is less effective than putting them head-to-head with other state prospects.

Kentucky was chosen for several reasons. First, it has great football and is relatively under recruited. Sound familiar? Secondly, the Bluegrass State shares many social similarities with a high-level of diversity between big cities and rural mountains. Thirdly, the overall size difference is larger but not an incredibly huge jump.

We are excited to bring our ideas and work to the Kentucky forefront. However, we completely understand that we are not well-versed in the Kentucky prep football culture (and we won’t pretend to be for sometime) like we are in West Virginia. We also do not want to spread our team so thin that our work suffers. So, for the first time ever, we are opening up two positions to join our team for Kentucky-based applicants.

Though we are committed to expanding into Kentucky, we are not limiting ourselves with a deadline. The move could be slow, fast, in one month, or in one year. We want to have the right team in place to appropriately keep our product up to standard and move into a foreign region properly.

We plan to be thorough and tedious with whom we bring on. There is no set timeline on when we will begin expanding as we are not willing to rush finding the perfect hire. If you or someone you know would be a great fit for the job- click the “Join Our Team” tab and apply.

Get excited!

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