OFFICIAL: C&C’s 2010’s WV Class AAA All-Decade Team


It is with great honor we present our selected Class AAA All-2010’s team. The selection process was as thorough and thought out as possible. This included voting done by qualifying coaches and polling done by the public. We used every snippet of stats and memoirs to make the best decision possible. However, comparing players who played at different times is never going to be 100% fool-proof so please share your opinion on who should have made the team. Enjoy!


Tyson Bagent

6’3″ 215 lbs

Martinsburg (2014-2017)

Bagent was an all-time great for the historical 2010’s run for Martinsburg. As quarterback he led them to two consecutive undefeated seasons and a 2017 team argued as one of the best in state history. He was a clean, efficient passer with a big arm that utilized the talent around him. While winning several awards including the 2017 player of the year and C&C’s 2017 AAA Offensive Player of the Year, he finished his career with nearly 8000 passing yards and 112 touchdowns. He would sign to play at Shepherd where he has had an electric college football career.


Ryan Switzer

5’10” 185 lbs

George Washington (2009-2012)

Switzer is a household name in West Virginia. As an agile all-purpose player, he was incredible from his freshman season and on. His speed, vision, and overall playmaking ability led him to one of the most decorated careers in state history with two Kennedy Awards, All-American bids, 8000 all-purpose yards, and 103 touchdowns- also leading the Patriots to the state championship in 2012. He would go on to have an all-american career at North Carolina and be drafted in the fourth round by the Dallas Cowboys.

Kashaun Haley

5’11” 180 lbs

Capital (2011-2014)

No player embodied the return of the Capital football program quite like Haley. After a stint of uncharacteristic non-title runs, Haley put his mark on the Cougar history book. With an impressive junior season under his belt, he would have a legendary senior campaign that included 1700 rushing yards, 27 touchdowns, one of the best offenses in state history, being the first West Virginia team to beat Martinsburg in years, and a lopsided state championship win. All this would award Haley as a Kennedy Award winner in 2014.

Wide Receivers

Elijah Bell

6’3″ 205 lbs

Wheeling Park (2012-2015)

Bell’s senior season was one for the books. With the tall athletic wide out, the Patriots went on their first title run in school history. With Bell leading the way they defeated Capital to cap their undefeated year. He finished that year with 1214 yards and 17 touchdowns, West Virginia’s Offensive Player of the Year, and the Randy Moss Award. He would play for North Carolina A&T and become their best receiver in school history.

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Jarod Bowie

5’8″ 165 lbs

Martinsburg (2016-2019)

No player possessed agility quite like Bowie in the 2010’s. A rare three-year starter in the midst of Martinsburg’s dynasty- Bowie never lost a game in his high school career with four state titles. His senior year was a great exclamation point with over 2,000 all-purpose and 24 touchdowns- six of which were punt returns. His speed allowed him to be absolutely dominant every down as a receiver and one of the best returners in state history. He signed to play at Concord University.

Brenton Strange

6’4″ 215 lbs

Parkersburg (2015-2018)

The lengthy Strange was the inaugural cover athlete on C&C’s first ever preseason magazine. This was no mistake as he spent four seasons being one of the best all-around players in the MSAC. Possessing a rare mixture of height, speed, agility, and a three-way playmaking ability- Strange would be a dominant power receiver and defensive player. His senior year would mark Parkersburg’s first playoff win in over a decade. Strange would go onto play for Penn State.

Offensive Linemen

Darnell Wright

6’6″ 330 lbs

Huntington (2015-2018)

Wright is one of the highest recruited players in state history. Possessing every metric needed to be a dominant lineman- size, strength, and quick feet- he was a multi-year top linemen in the state. Wright paved the way for some devastating rushing offenses and was apart of several huge playoff wins and semifinal appearances for the Highlanders. In 2017 he won C&C’s AAA Lineman of the Year and the sportswriter’s Stydahar Award. With offers from every major college, he chose to attend the University of Tennessee.

Doug Nester

6’6″ 305 lbs

Spring Valley (2015-2018)

Nester was another historically high-recruited Mountain State player. With pure size and grit, he led one of the best offensive lines in state history to three consecutive state championship appearances. He would also win the 2018 C&C AAA Offensive Lineman of the Year as well as the sportswriters’ Stydahar Award. After a legendary career, he would sign to play football at Virginia Tech.

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Riley Locklear

6’5″ 290 lbs

Spring Valley (2013-2016)

Locklear was one of the early prime prospects coming from the Huntington area. Tall, slender, and with great feet, he was a multi-year dominating force on the offensive line. With his leadership across the line, the Timberwolves would reach their first state championship in school history. Locklear would also win the Stydahar Award that season. He would go onto play for the Tennessee Volunteers.

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Billy Ross

6’5″ 315 lbs

Huntington (2013-2016)

Ross was a body mover in the trenches all of high school. With naturally gifted size and strength, he quickly became a notable recruit across the nation. During Ross’ career, the Highlanders made it to the semifinals and to a state championship game. In 2016, Ross’ senior year, he would be awarded the top lineman in the state. He would sign to play at the University of North Carolina.

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Wyatt Milum

6’7″ 280 lbs

Spring Valley (2018-2020)

Milum makes the only AAA player still playing at the time of this list’s released. His journey has been one of quick acceleration. Starting his sophomore year as a tight end, within several months he held an offer from nearly every college in America. He had pristine length, elite athleticism, and a true mean streak. In his last two years, he has appeared in a state championship and semifinal. He currently is committed to play for West Virginia University.

Offensive Utility

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Tyrhee Pratt

6’2″ 195 lbs

Capital (2012-2015)

Pratt’s four-year reign as Capital’s quarterback was one of legend. When he began, the Cougars had not made it past the second round since 1999. Every year the dual-threat quarterback with slashing speed and high-powered arm improved. After a semifinal appearance his sophomore season, he would lead Capital to their first title in over two decades. His senior year, they fell one short but Pratt collected the Kennedy Award. In the entire 2010’s no other AAA defeated Martinsburg. Pratt did twice.

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Cedric Brown

6’2″ 185 lbs

Martinsburg (2009-2012)

Brown was apart of the generation in which kickstarted Martinsburg’s legendary run. As a wide out capable of running every route type and do so with high-level speed and athleticism, he became an all-american for Martinsburg. In his final three seasons from 2010 to 2012, Martinsburg would lose one game and win the first three state championships in school history. Brown was crowded with first-team honors and awards. He would go on to play for the University of Charleston.


Evan Staley

6’1″ 185 lbs

Hampshire (2012-2015)

Staley’s ability to gain AAA notoriety from one of the smallest and most rural schools is proof in itself. Staley was a multi-tooled specialist that was incredible during his time as a Trojan. This included a career field goal long of 54 yards as well as a career punting average over 42 yards. His greatest attribute was his consistency through it all. In 2015 he was awarded the top specialist in the state. Staley would sign and have a highly successful career kicking for West Virginia University.

Defensive Linemen

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Tavis Lee

6’2″ 245 lbs

Martinsburg (2014-2017)

Lee was a dominating force for three years. Captaining one of the best defenses in state history, Lee did not lose a game his junior and senior season. In that stretch he recorded nearly 20 sacks playing usually only one half per game. In 2016, he would captain the all-state and win the sportswriters’ Huff Award. Lee’s muscular frame mixed with explosive burst gave him an opportunity to play for West Virginia University.

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Reese Donahue

6’4″ 260 lbs

Cabell Midland (2012-2015)

Donahue was a wrecking machine as his time being a Scarlet Knight. Lumbering over offensive lines partnered with big-man athleticism, he recorded 27 sacks in his final two seasons. His senior year he would become the first player to simultaneously win the the Stydahar Award and Huff Award. This level of performance allowed him to go onto start multiple years at West Virginia University.

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Eugene German

6’4″ 250 lbs

Martinsburg (2009-2012)

German left a lasting legacy with the Bulldogs. From his sophomore to senior season, Martinsburg would win their first three state titles while only losing one game. German was a big piece in their success as a highly athletic big man that was a two-way star. His ferocity awarded him the 2012 Hunt Award. German would sign to play for UNC-Charlotte.

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Jalen Hesen

6’2″ 255 lbs

Martinsburg (2014-2017)

Hesen was regarded as the heart of the the 2016 and 2017 state championship Martinsburg teams- two teams considered among the best ever. Hesen’s presence on the defensive line was one of constant disruption and playmaking. Nothing signified this more than his outstanding performance in the 2017 state title game. Hesen collected multiple all-state honors and went on to play for Shepherd University.


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Owen Porter

6’2″ 220 lbs

Spring Valley (2014-2017)

Porter was pivotal in Spring Valley’s surge to the top in the late 2010’s. As a two-way grinder, Porter helped lead the Timberwolves to back-to-back state runner-up appearances. His senior year was especially noteworthy as he tallied 135 tackles and 13.5 sacks. Porter’s hard-nosed and explosive play style won him C&C’s inaugural AAA Defensive Player of the Year. He would sign to play with Marshall University.

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Dorian Etheridge

6’3″ 210 lbs

Capital (2013-2016)

Etheridge finished his Capital career appearing in two semifinals and two state championships (winning one). His quick twitch and ability to cover ground made him an excellent open field tackler and coverage man. His hitting ability was devastating as well. He would be awarded many accolades in his time as a Cougar. Etherige went on to have a highly successful career at the University of Louisville.

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Elijah Wellman

6’3″ 235 lbs

Spring Valley (2009-2012)

Few athletes were as crushing on both sides of the football as Wellman. With superior size and strength, his speed followed as well. His senior year alone he rushed for 1600 yards while recording 124 tackles on defense. This allowed him to lead the Timberwolves to their first playoff victory in school history while also winning the 2012 Huff Award. Wellman would go on to be a career starter as fullback for West Virginia University and play for the Washington Redskins.

Defensive Backs

Derrek Pitts Jr.

6’1″ 165 lbs

South Charleston (2013-2016)

Pitts was as explosive as they come in the 2010’s. His ability as a safety was incredible with an immense coverage radius and a fearlessness to come up and make a tackle. He appeared in two quarterfinals and one state championship during his time as a Black Eagle. He recorded nearly 350 tackles and was known for his ability to score off turnovers or special teams. Pitts owns the 2016 Carl Lee Award and would have collegiate stints at West Virginia University and Marshall University.

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Grant Harman

5’11” 190 lbs

Martinsburg (2016-2018)

Harman is apart of the rare club of athletes who never lost a game in high school. A three-time first team all-state choice, Harman was exceptional in every facet of the game. His senior year he transitioned to quarterback to cap a three-peat for Martinsburg. Harman’s career tallies are staggering with 3000+ all-purpose yards with 50+ touchdowns, offensively, and 129 tackles with 18 interceptions, defensively. He would win C&C’s 2018 AAA Career Performance Award.

Cody Mitchell

6’2″ 225 lbs

Point Pleasant (2012-2015)

Mitchell was a phenom during his time as a Big Black. He was tall, strong, fast, and explosive. This allowed him to excel on defense and as a runningback on offense. During his four years, Mitchell would only lose five career games. His senior year Point Pleasant would make it to state semifinals. That year, Mitchell collected player of the year honors by totaling more than 2500 offensive yards and 46 touchdowns. He would sign and play at Marshall University.

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Teddy Marshall

6’1″ 180 lbs

Martinsburg (2016-2019)

From 2016 and on, Martinsburg set the all time winstreak record while winning four state titles. Marshall was a three-time all-stater on these legendary teams from his sophomore on. He had great length, speed, and an uncanny ability to play the ball. Marshall was pivotal as a lockdown corner as well as a slashing wide receiver on offense. In 2019, Marshall would be apart of a joint-award for C&C’s AAA Career Performance Award.

Defensive Utility

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Kerry Martin Jr.

6’1″ 175 lbs

Capital (2015-2018)

Martin was a starter for his entire career in the MSAC. As a do-it-all quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back- Martin’s career accolades are dense. He appeared in one state title game and three semifinals. On offense he finished right under 9500 career yards and 126 touchdowns. Defensively, he had double digit takeaways and multiple defensive touchdowns. Martin would go on to play for West Virginia University.

JJ Roberts

6’0″ 170 lbs

Cabell Midland (2016-2019)

Roberts was a three-time all-state performer for Cabell Midland. Quick, explosive, but most notably- hard hitting. He was a problem for opposing offenses dating back to being a sophomore. After disappointing playoff runs his first three years, Roberts took over at quarterback and helped lead the Scarlet Knights to 13-1 season and state title runner-up. Roberts has signed to play for Wake Forest University.


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Grant Wells

6’1″ 195 lbs

George Washington (2015-2018)

Wells was a four-year playmaking machine for the Patriots. As a quarterback, he had a rocket arm and athletic legs. One of his most notable moments was upsetting defending champs, Wheeling Park, in the playoffs as a sophomore in 2016. His senior year he tossed for over 2500 yards and 22 touchdowns. However, Wells was also recognized as an outstanding punter by being named all-state as such as a sophomore and junior. He averaged over 42 yards per punt over his career. He would go on to attend Marshall University.

Head Coach

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Dave Walker

129-7 (8 State Championships)

Martinsburg (1997-2019)

Of every selected position on all three all-decade teams (93 total across three classes), this one was by far the easiest. Walker had the greatest coaching run in state history at the highest level. This included two separate four-peats. He departed the Bulldogs in the middle of the longest winstreak in state history. In all the 2010’s, Martinsburg never lost a regular season game to a West Virginia opponent. Their only two in-state playoff losses came on the road. Walker also had four big three award winners in the 2010’s. It is likely we will never see a decade of dominance like Coach Walker’s Martinsburg in the 2010’s ever again.

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