Top 5 WV Defensive Backs in AAA for 2020

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For our second off-season, we will be releasing to the public our Linemen & Combo Scout Sheet. It will not include the numeric ratings seen on the same sheets seen by college coaches but will use a color-coded guide. It will not have player’s academic and contact info- which will be seen by colleges.

What’s on it?

175 organized and evaluated 2021-2024 West Virginia Fullbacks, Tight Ends, Offensive Linemen, and Defensive Linemen.

Where can I see it?

You can download it by clicking the link below. It is an Excel file so it is best to viewed on a computer.

Do colleges have to pay?

No, colleges will not pay for our scout sheets. They will be sent an all-in-one scout sheet that includes further information to assist in the recruiting process.


Honorable Mentions

Trevin Carter (Musselman) 2021

JT James (Hurricane) 2022

Jaedan Hammack (University) 2023

Jackson Fetty (Cabell Midland) 2022

TIE – #5 Shyleik Kinney

Kinney has been all over the field for the Black Eagles for some time now. An accomplished quarterback and also a standout receiver, Kinney has a multitude of abilities. His body is well-developed which makes him a great, stern fitter inside the box. His former quarterback play definitely helps his football IQ which gives him the extra edge of instinct to be a great closing safety.

#4 Chandler Schmidt

Schmidt battled some injuries but still showed glimpses of the ability we saw from him as a true freshman. Possessing linebacker size coinciding with top-notch athleticism which allows him to be a great basketball prospect as well- Schmidt is a natural athlete. He is a great player inside the box, leveraging his size, and can handle himself in passing situations too.

#4 Josiah Honaker

Honaker is poised for a premiere senior season. The lengthy corner works his size well and has a knack for high-pointing passes. His hips are still in development but as a raw prospect, he has a very high ceiling. Honaker will also be a stat sheet-filling wide receiver this fall for Princeton’s air raid. We are excited to see what he can do with another year under his belt.

TIE – #2 Brody Brumfield

Brumfield was poised to be a horse for Spring Valley in 2019, and he delivered. He has elite agility and jumping ability. He was a consistent runningback for the Timberwolves and made a huge impact on defense. His quick twitch and closing ability made him a great force in the center of the field. Brumfield is also tough-nosed and isn’t scared to come down and clean up.

TIE – #2 Sincere Sinclair

Sinclair is a natural defensive back. He grips onto any receivers coming into his zone. Playing in space, he probably is the fastest straight-line player on the list. Combining all of these gifts makes Sinclair one of the best safeties in the entire state. He is also a talented and well-used wide receiver.

#1 Anthony Smith

You can exhale Martinsburg fans. Smith was on the C&C radar as a junior and lived up to our expectations. He possesses all the physical gifts of speed and agility but really just has that playmaking factor. This allowed him to excel as one of the best wide receivers in West Virginia but also truly as a ball hawk safety. He continues a strong defensive back tradition at Martinsburg.

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