Top 5 WV Defensive Linemen in AAA for 2020

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For our second off-season, we will be releasing to the public our Linemen & Combo Scout Sheet. It will not include the numeric ratings seen on the same sheets seen by college coaches but will use a color-coded guide. It will not have player’s academic and contact info- which will be seen by colleges.

What’s on it?

175 organized and evaluated 2021-2024 West Virginia Fullbacks, Tight Ends, Offensive Linemen, and Defensive Linemen.

Where can I see it?

You can download it by clicking the link below. It is an Excel file so it is best to viewed on a computer.

Do colleges have to pay?

No, colleges will not pay for our scout sheets. They will be sent an all-in-one scout sheet that includes further information to assist in the recruiting process.


Honorable Mentions

Andrew Vickers (St. Albans) 2021

Mari Lawton (South Charleston) 2023

Deacon Paivanas (Hurricane) 2021

5. Jayson Barnett

Barnett did a rare feat which is making a name for yourself as a freshman in the MSAC. Despite his smaller size, he needed gameplanned for. His quick twitch was hard to handle for many interior linemen. Barnett did have his downs facing large, strong lines but moving forward as he develops, he should be a constant force in the middle of the defensive front.

TIE – 3. Justin Waybright

Waybright has been a name to know since his sophomore season. He is strong, fast, and plays the game hard. The Big Reds rely on his ability to pressure off the edge and set the corner on runs. His size and speed could allow colleges to move him around at linebacker/defensive line positions. Waybright is a great prospect to take note of for 2020.

TIE3. Chris Hudson

Hudson rose up during his eleventh grade year to become known as one of the prototypical ends in AAA. He definitely has the height and length to stretch the edge. Hudson had several of his biggest games against top competition and in the playoffs. If he can add some weight to dominate the run game just as much, Hudson could really come into his own.

2. Nemo Roberts

Roberts was poised to breakout his sophomore season and did so to help lead Cabell Midland to the Super Six. Though a tad shorter, he has high-end speed and explosion. He is a wrecker against the offensive line and must be taken note of every snap. This leverage and speed also makes him a great offensive lineman as well. Roberts will only be a junior.

1. Zeiqui Lawton

Lawton is no surprise to be #1 here. He has been an all-state level player since his freshman year. He possesses it all: speed, size, strength, and technique. This has allowed him to pick up many division one offers including West Virginia and Oregon. Lawton’s athleticism also allows him to double as a dominating runningback. His senior year should be exciting.

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