Top 5 WV Defensive Linemen in AA/A for 2020

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For our second off-season, we will be releasing to the public our Linemen & Combo Scout Sheet. It will not include the numeric ratings seen on the same sheets seen by college coaches but will use a color-coded guide. It will not have player’s academic and contact info- which will be seen by colleges.

What’s on it?

175 organized and evaluated 2021-2024 West Virginia Fullbacks, Tight Ends, Offensive Linemen, and Defensive Linemen.

Where can I see it?

You can download it by clicking the link below. It is an Excel file so it is best to viewed on a computer.

Do colleges have to pay?

No, colleges will not pay for our scout sheets. They will be sent an all-in-one scout sheet that includes further information to assist in the recruiting process.


Honorable Mentions

Connor Cunningham (Doddridge County) 2021

Paxton Shuman (Oak Glen) 2021

Ike Probst (Lewis County) 2021

Ty Roles (Meadow Bridge) 2021

5. Josh Alt

Alt was just as important as the offensive firepower in Pendleton County’s big 2019 season. Playing in Class A has allowed him to be incredibly conditioned for his size, and he keeps a high motor the entire game. His quick twitch and length allows him to set the edge on runs and really collapse the pocket off the edge. Alt should be a lock-in all-stater for his senior year.

4. Eric Smith

Smith has the most ‘growing into his body’ to do on this list. Possessing incredible length- his weight is catching up. Regardless, he had plenty of flashes of a high ceiling in 2019. He has great torque off the line of scrimmage and uses his size well. Under the Polar Bear coaching staff, he should continue to develop nicely and potentially have a huge breakout junior year.

TIE – 2. Ryan Duff

Duff might be the pound-for-pound strongest on the list. Working as the trenchmen for the Big Blacks in 2019, Duff was a constant disruptor. His shorter stature actually gives him an advantage in leverage and makes him hard to move. He is also quick off the snap and can be a game changer coming through the line with a great nose guard quick twitch.

TIE – 2. Drew Clendenin

Clendenin came onto the scene this past season as sophomore. He was really impressive regarding how well-rounded he was overall as a defensive lineman. His size is already developed with good speed and strength. He also had a knack not just to put the pressure on the run/pass but to additionally create turnovers and big plays. He will be a standout these next two years for Buffalo.

1. Jordan Brueck

Brueck is the biggest on the list and is definitely the hardest to move. Built by the respected Weir weight program, Brueck has been on our radar for awhile. In 2019, he really came into his own as a true-style three tech. His size is already there and if he can continue development with his flexibility and stamina, he could really land somewhere as a prospect.

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