Top 5 WV Offensive Linemen in AA/A for 2020

For our second off-season, we will be releasing to the public our Linemen & Combo Scout Sheet. It will not include the numeric ratings seen on the same sheets seen by college coaches but will use a color-coded guide. It will not have player’s academic and contact info- which will be seen by colleges.

What’s on it?

175 organized and evaluated 2021-2024 West Virginia Fullbacks, Tight Ends, Offensive Linemen, and Defensive Linemen.

Where can I see it?

You can download it by clicking the link below. It is an Excel file so it is best to viewed on a computer.

Do colleges have to pay?

No, colleges will not pay for our scout sheets. They will be sent an all-in-one scout sheet that includes further information to assist in the recruiting process.


Honorable Mentions

Ian Baker (Grafton) 2021

Caleb Allawat (Nitro) 2022

Austin Rowan (Lewis County) 2021

5. Derick Flack Jr.

Paving the way for the Beavers’ dominant ground game was a huge tackle. Flack is by far the largest athlete on this list and lets defenders know it. Once he gets his hands on you, he has great foot drive and can completely displace even the biggest defenders. With his size and strength, if his foot speed can quicken, he could be a dominant tackle in all facets of the offense.

4. Myles Rice

Rice is another prospect that will surely start gaining attention. He has very mold-able size right above 6’2 and 260 pounds. The offense he plays in allows him to practice moving a lot in space. Of all linemen on the list, he perhaps moves around the best. He has been well-coached and if he continues development in the weightroom, he will be a hot recruit going into his senior year.

TIE – 2. Leewood Molessa

Molessa was right up there as the most crushing blocker in Class A in 2019. He has great size for a next level guard and has sneaking athleticism. His ability to play two-ways allows him to have an incredibly high motor. Molessa also plays with a mean streak that allows him to not just blow linemen off the ball but bury them into the dirt. Expect him to be the best lineman in Single A this year.

TIE – 2. Devin Hill

Bridgeport had its fair share of great linemen last year on their path to winning the state title. Hill is the lone returning big name on the front. He was well known last year and lived up to his top 10 ranking by using his thick frame to just brutalize defensive linemen. In the trenches, Hill is an old-school interior lineman that will fire off with great leverage over and over. The traditional run game will continue behind him.

1. Aidan Green

Many folks most likely haven’t heard Green’s name. With a star-studded Polar Bear team, it is hard to get too much attention. However, Green gained our attention with his perfect size and his ability to move around. As pass protector, his length and technique gives him an incredible ceiling. He also handles well coming down on linebackers. With some more work in the weightroom, he could really soar as a prospect.

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